Welcome to Italy

Italy is the country we’ve visited most frequently on our travels. The love affair started back in 2003 when we made our first trip overseas, returning again for a month in 2011 and twice in 2012. There should be no surprise as to why this is – it’s beauty is far reaching, and the food – THE FOOD! We love to visit but could never live there, it would be far too dangerous for our health.

Posts on Italy…




  • This may be the most beautiful place in the world we’ve ever been. And a perfect place to just let go. It all ends in Amalfi Italy.





  • We had two weeks to spare in Italy and landed in Umbria by default. What we didn’t know was how truly captivated we would be. It stands as a true testament to the diversity of Italy. This is our tour of Umbria.
  • The original plan was to work for a few hours in the morning and then leave for an afternoon of exploring, but a reader’s email about Piano Grande Italy changed it all.

Cirque Terre – Five Towns

  • Though it didn’t make the first cut, the Cinque Terre, Italy photos are a testament to it coming through as our second choice.


  • Small, off-beat destinations are where it’s at. The tiny city of Modena, Italy affirms that claim.


General Posts

  • And finally, as usual, we summed up our month long exploration of Italy in December 2011 with our favourite photos-turned-postcards from Italy.
  • There are some things about our life and work that can be awfully frustrating. Italy showed us how glorious, beautiful, and wi-fi-dependent (for now) our life really is.
  • Travel has been such a tremendous gift to us and we wanted to pass it on, but he ended up giving us so much more. He let us get to know him all over again – The Nephew Trip
  • It isn’t the first time we’ve put together a set of postcards for Italy, and it probably won’t be our last. This is postcards from Italy two!