Welcome to Ireland

Oh, bonny Ireland. We visited for the months of July and August in 2011 and traveled to many of its beautiful corners. And the funny thing is, we didn’t appreciate it fully until after we left. It wasn’t until we explored more of Europe that we realized how truly special and unique the Emerald Isle is. It is elevated in our minds as a place we could even see ourselves settling down in one day (if that ever happens)!

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  • Our first day in the country and we stumbled upon the Dublin Pride Parade. A perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.
  • Our further exploration of Dublin was hampered by two ailments: Dalene’s bum leg and Pete’s bad sight. But we did the best we could!
  • We tried couchsurfing for the very first time in Dublin, and loved it!
  • Near Dublin is Guiness Lake, whose dark brown color and white sandy shore make it resemble Ireland’s most famous brew.
  • Guiness Lake can be found in County Wicklow amidst the mountains, and our road trip there cured what ailed us.


House-sitting in County Meath

  • We had the pleasure of taking care of a manor that dates back to the 10th century. Take a tour of both inside and the outside!
  • We fortunately found ourselves near the small town of Trim, which is off the tourist path and quite beautiful.
  • Our neighbor graciously led us on a tour of some lesser known sites in the county, making us feel like ‘secret agent tourists’.
  • One of our favorite stories from Ireland, about a man and his roses.
  • The Clonmacnoise ruins are beautiful, but it was just one ruin too many.

Cashel and Cahir

Cliffs of Moher


Ring of Kerry

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