Welcome to Germany

We both have strong German heritage, so it is a shame that we have spent so little time there. We feel like it is not a country to be taken lightly, and we need to just pick a couple of months out of our travel calendar and explore it from head to toe.

So far, we’ve only visited it at its head (Hamburg), one toe (Munich), and a brief stay somewhere in the middle (Berlin). As you can see, we have much more to do!

Posts on Germany…


  • We were restricted by a visit of only one week to Berlin but we managed to capture amazing photos of the major sites. Here are our best postcards from Berlin.
  • From all-inclusive resorts to living like a local in Berlin, this is the history of our travel evolution in Germany.
  • No wonder Berlin was awarded UNESCO’s City of Design. It is a canvas for artists! Here are a few of our favorite Berlin street art pieces.
  • The Berlin wall forced a physical, political, and psychological barrier. People were separated from their families, their jobs and many other things we take for granted. And they are still picking up the pieces today.
  • The Berlin Holocaust Memorial may not seem like much, until you place yourself directly in it. Here is why.
  • We both saw Berlin in a very different ways. One from the hotel bed and the other one wandering alone.



  • We enjoyed 9 days house-sitting in Munich, and we began to feel our German roots showing through, especially when we learned that hiking in the German Alps — along with exploring other mutual interests — is a unique way of approaching friendships.
  • Oh boy, we love us some German beer. Almost as much as we love the German beer culture.
  • Munich is a spectacular city that we couldn’t wait to photograph. Here are some of our best photos of Munich.