Welcome to Belgium

We were excited to land a two-week house-sit in Brussels in September 2011 in order to visit this small country that isn’t talked about very often. While we spent part of our time dodging bad weather, we also saw quite a bit of the city, drank a lot of beer (yum!), and took a day trip to beautiful nearby Ghent.

While in Brussels, we did a “Week in the Life” video series about what our time there.

Posts on Belgium…

  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day One: Follow us through the streets of Brussels as we locate our housesit gig, fumble through languages, and catch up on work.
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Two: After catching up on work on day 1, we were itching to get out and have fun exploring Brussels!
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Three: Our visiting American friend drug us to the Belgium vs. USA football match in the pouring rain, where we sat in a chanting sea of red, white and blue to watch Football in Belgium.
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Four: We introduce you to the best street food in Brussels and partake in an impromptu dance party.
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Five: A rainy day in Brussels ruins birthday plans for Pete. But we made up for it on Day 6!
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Six: We use our handy Brussels Pass and get Taken for a Ride.
  • “A Week in the Life” Video Day Seven: Pete explores a Brussels market… among other things.
  • In which we share some of our favorite photos of Brussels— what an underrated city!
  • We answered a question that many people seem to ask: Is Belgium cool?
  • And finally, a narrative post about our day trip to Ghent (and why we chose it instead of going to the more popular Bruges).