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If you recall, on our last visit to Ljubljana, it took me less than an hour to proclaim everlasting love. Through a mystical winter fog I was bewitched by the soft lighting on aged buildings, and the ready smile that greeted us from all whom we passed. Pete and I ran through the frigid streets like young children, hands clasped and pointing out all we could see, before being reduced to tears at the sight and sound of a melodic choir perched on a street corner.

It stunned us, like no other place had previously. And so we went back to test those feelings again, to explore a crazy opportunity that may actually see us cultivate roots in Slovenia. We returned with excitement yet some trepidation, could such strong emotions be repeated?

We had a month in Ljubljana to figure it out. And we felt a connection in the first few days…


How nice of the whole city to throw a party for us!


Welcome home in Slovenian

This sign says “Welcome Home” in Slovenian.


(Okay, so maybe the party wasn’t *exactly* in our honor, but we could pretend, right?)

The “Welcome Home” party is actually held every year, celebrating those Slovenians who live abroad but make the return to their homeland during the summer months. We watched local acts and some groups that came from as far away as Toronto.

Slovenian dress


Slovenian act from Austria


Welcome Home


It was timely for us to attend, as it served to be a great introduction to Slovenian culture in the forms of music, art and food. A tiny country of just two million people, it is undoubtedly felt by all when anyone makes a move, and thus a reunion of this kind was touching to witness.

We enjoyed our afternoon but also felt a pull of our own. While we consider building our life in another country, it has been fourteen months since we’ve seen our own. Just a few days before this party in Ljubljana, we booked a westbound flight.

It is time to go home for a visit.

So, dear friends and family, we will be home in just a couple of weeks. And if Ljubljana can (sort-of-but-not-really) throw a party for us…then we’re looking forward to what YOU can do! We don’t need musical acts or a stage on a river. Maybe just some birds lining the streets? We’ll leave that up to you… πŸ™‚

Red birds


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  • August 3 2012

    I can offer you a virtual party?
    Laurence recently posted..The terrible importance of Finding Your Voice

  • August 3 2012

    Welcome back to America in advance!

    • August 4 2012

      AMERICA?! We’re Canadian! πŸ™‚

      • Joe Wong
        August 5 2012

        I know, I always reffer to “America” as a continent not just U.S. … 8)

        • August 6 2012

          Sure, sure. Excuses, excuses. πŸ™‚

  • Ter
    August 3 2012

    I have a sweet doggie and two little girls that will give you hugs and kisses, ThanksChrEaster, Canadian cheese and beer, and lots of card games.
    Take THAT Slovenia!!!

  • jan
    August 4 2012

    Enjoy your visit to your first home and good luck when you return to your new home!

    • August 4 2012

      Haha, thanks Jan! πŸ™‚

  • August 4 2012

    That’s kind of cheating isn’t it? Visiting Canada during the summer? Of course we’re going to remind you of all the great times. Stop by next January when the snow is 3 feet deep and the Flames have already been eliminated and then you’ll have a fair comparison to the other places you’re considering!
    (By the way…that translates into – Welcome Home)
    Steve recently posted..Our Olympic Aptitude

    • August 5 2012

      The Flames eliminated? Then we shall rejoice in the streets for that would be GRAND times. (We are die hard Oilers fans my friend!)

      • August 7 2012

        Oh heck, you guys don’t even have to wait until January then. Sorry about that.

        • August 7 2012

          Ha! Yeah, yeah. We were children of the 80s so our Oilers love is undying…

  • Ali
    August 5 2012

    Enjoy your trip back to Canada! (I laughed about the guy who said “welcome back to America” up there!)

    • August 6 2012

      I laughed too (after I got over the fuming, haha, jk!)

  • Great timing! Hope you had fun at your party πŸ™‚

  • August 5 2012

    Why not pretend that Ljubljana threw a party for you? I’ll do the same when I visit – hopefully. You do make Ljubljana look like a place that must be visited!

    • August 6 2012

      Why not is right! We’re worthy of a party!! Haha, at least we think so. πŸ™‚

  • August 5 2012

    And here I was under the impression that Canada was in America.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Thriller’s Hero Wants Peaceful Life in Barcelona

    • August 6 2012

      Oh lady – those are fighting words! πŸ™‚

  • August 6 2012

    Hi Guys! Great photos. Polish festivals and national holidays look pretty similar. Are you going to visit Poland as well? If so, when?

    • August 6 2012

      Agness – I WISH! Poland is high on our to-do list, but we won’t be visiting for awhile. Not sure what our plans are after Canada yet…

  • August 6 2012

    I know you can’t wait to see family and friends after such a long time away from home. Enjoy your visit!
    Jennifer recently posted..Remembering Marilyn Monroe

  • August 6 2012

    Homeward Bound! Have a great time with family and friends guys πŸ™‚
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..Lazy as a Panda in Chengdu

  • August 6 2012

    You always have such stunning photos and engaging text! πŸ™‚ Your photography skills make me swoon each time…

  • Welcome back to this side of the pond! Not to raise the stakes or anything, but I think the folks in Canada throwing your welcome home party should line the streets with REAL birds. Anything less would just be an insult, right?

    • August 7 2012

      (Well, YES!) I didn’t want to say it, but I’m glad SOMEBODY did! πŸ™‚

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