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  • Come check out our new home! After traveling nomadically for 8 years, we wanted to share the reasons behind the home we chose, and what to do in Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • Here are some things to do in Alberta during the winter.
  • Check out these photos of Alberta sunsets over the beautiful prairies.
  • Is it vain to say that we’re proud of our home province for all it’s natural beauty? This is our home, we are thrilled to share it with you. Check out a few of our best photos of Alberta.
  • After shunning Alberta winters, we decided to embrace it. It was time to go outside.
  • Check out a few of the best photos that we took during our visit to the Rocky Mountains.
  • Here is a list of where to eat in Alberta – the restaurants we thought were the best.
  • Our road trip Alberta-style brought us to some fun, and ridiculous, roadside attractions.
  • Having spent over a decade in Alberta, we challenged ourselves to enjoy camping without the mountains in view.
  • The growth of Indigenous tourism in Alberta has allowed us to start properly learning about the Indigenous people’s and culture in our country.


  • We’ve been to Banff National Park dozens of times before. But this time was different. We were going to actually ‘see’ Banff. How is it that we never have before?
  • While we had visited Lake Louise on one brief occasion before, we never walked its shoreline and took it all in. And we never understood why it is so often called the “Jewel of the Rockies”… until now.
  • While Pete took to the slopes, Dalene battled her demons in an attempt to ski Mount Norquay – once and for all!
  • Visiting A Wolfdog’s Home – Visiting The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary


  • Being on the radio was a childhood dream and it finally came true during our stay in Calgary, where we spent an hour showcasing our favourite travel music.
  • When you’ve got your boots in tow, two days of hiking in Banff isn’t nearly enough time. We did the best we could to see as much as possible. Here is how it all went.
  • We had been in Calgary just over a year ago but we felt like this is not the city we knew. Was Calgary changing, or were we?
  • The Canada Olympic Park in Calgary is the only place in North America where tourists can go bobsledding and feel every curve that former Olympians felt. And we were about to do it, here is what happened.
  • Every time we visit home, we endeavour to do something new – to give Calgary a chance we maybe never would have before. This time it was the Beakerhead Festival, which turned out to be even cooler than we expected.
  • Just west of Calgary is a place you need to visit between the Rockies and the Prairies. Explore Sundre, Alberta – the “prairie on the mountain.”

Medicine Hat


  • We came away a little surprised at what we’d found in Edmonton, and it is now clear that it is a city deserving of more of our attention.
  • From Extinction to Alberta: The Bison’s Tale – Elk Island National Park.


  • We experienced the spirit of the Badlands during our trip to find a feeling of adventure in our own province.


  • That night we were in one of the most optimum places to truly admire darkness – the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve – the second largest dark sky preserve in the world.
  • In winter, when the water is silenced by its own transformation to crystal ice, the Maligne Canyon is set to be explored from the inside.
  • There is no reason to be in Jasper except (for the skiing, warm people, good food, skating, mountain scenery) to be in Jasper.

North Alberta

British Columbia

Cariboo Mountains

  • We followed in the foot-steps of the Gold Rush, and our search – not for precious metal but instead for autumn and animals – was victorious. The proof is in our Cariboo Mountains photos.
  • Canoeing the Bowron lakes circuit taught us many things thanks to our guide.



New Brunswick

  • After trying many different activities in this oft-overlooked province, we were rarely disappointed. From Bouctouche to Saint John to the Hopewell Rocks and the Fundy Trail Parkway, it turns out there are a multitude of things to do in New Brunswick!
  • We explored Grand Manan Island by land and by sea, and what we loved most was the whale watching. Or was it it the hiking trails? Or maybe it was the spectacular sunsets. Just see for yourself.
  • If there is one definitive quality that we critique every place on, it’s livability. In our seven years of traveling, the places that make our worldwide “livable list” amount to less than a dozen. While a two week visit may not be adequate time to pass sound judgment, we now both say that living in New Brunswick is not off the table.
  • The production of every single one of our favourite postcards from New Brunswick come from a place of pure and sincere admiration. Our awe of this province may be new to us, but this most certainly will not have been our last visit.
  • Being on a houseboat in New Brunswick was the perfect way to do everything by doing nothing.
  • Whip back, hold for “Miramichi”, soft release, arms at a 45 degree angle was our mantra for fishing in New Brunswick on the Miramichi river.

Northern New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Pete is proudly part “Newf”. He’s kissed the cod and been “screeched-in”. His Grandfather lived in Newfoundland, Canada all of his life, and he was very fortunate to be able to visit this unique part of the country quite often.

Nova Scotia

  • During our road trip through this maritime province, we learned there are so many things to do in Nova Scotia — here are our highlights!
  • There are over 200 islands south of Nova Scotia, known as the Tusket Islands. When we visited we learned that while none of them are permanently inhabited, they once played an important role in the maritime life.
  • The time Dalene discovered she had a hidden talent for throwing axes during lumberjack training. This is definitely something you should all be a little scared of.
  • In this set of postcards from Nova Scotia, an unusual experience made the cut.
  • Spending every day for a week on the Cape Breton Island hiking trails wouldn’t even cover a fraction of what the island has to offer!
  • The many things to do on Cape Breton Island left us full bellies, sore feet, and a strong desire to do it all again!

Prince Edward Island

  • We were told that to capture the true essence of PEI, we had to walk along the beach to soak in the atmosphere. Well, we did that — and uncovered an array of special P.E.I. beaches to suit a variety of moods and occasions.
  • Despite Dalene’s aversion to seafood, we spent much of our time in the province scouring reviews and trying out some of the best restaurants in P.E.I. — and we share them with you here!
  • Lobster used to be considered a “poor man’s food.” Now, it’s a luxury. But it wasn’t until we experienced lobster fishing in P.E.I. that we fully appreciated what it takes to bring these creatures from the sea to our plates.
  • It honestly wasn’t until after we left that we came to fully appreciate the slow, quiet pace of this province. But when we look back on our favourite P.E.I. photography, we wish we could go back.


  • Our two weeks in Québec were educational, emotional, and wholly gratifying. It is a province that we undeniably want to know much more of as it helped deepen our admiration for our home land.


  • We had been exploring Montreal for 3 days and it finally hit us. We love the city! Discover what makes it so special.
  • Tales of visits to Montréal typically are followed with a shy admittance of newly restrictive waistlines synonymous with addictions to poutine and other local delicacies. We weren’t any different. Watch our video exploring the food of Montréal.
  • What does one do to enjoy the nightlife of Montréal if one isn’t much of a nightlife-er, per se? You go out for an after sunset scooter ride.
  • What started as a day he I thought would be uneventful and ruined by the rain, turned into Pete discovering a whole other underground city beneath Montréal.
  • Learn about what to do in Montréal from our first visit.

Quebec City

  • It is highly unlikely that I will now ever forget that Québec City was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. Do you want to know why? See what we discovered about Québec history.
  • We were in Vallee Bras Du Nord and happy to be in a more natural environment where we could punish our bodies for our recent overindulgence of poutine.
  • Given the physical punishment we had endured in the nearby Valle Bras Du Nord, we really needed to enjoy a Nordic spa in Québec.
  • The tale of a visit to the final resting place of the legendary French Canadian songwriter Felix Leclerc, whose “Moi, Mes Souliers” song inspires a new custom.
  • We’ve spent over one third of the past year in accommodations found on Airbnb. This time we were in a beautiful apartment in Quebec.
  • There is nothing quite as magical as a winter in Quebec. Here is proof, a collection of photos from a month in the capital city.
  • We declared that 2015 was going to be full of adventure, and we started it off right in Charlevoix, Quebec.
  • While Quebec’s food history is interesting and varied, we found ourselves drawn back to the standards of smoked meat and poutine.


  • Everyone we talked to on our trip to Whitehorse was adamant about how great it was living in the Yukon.
  • Driving the Top of the World Highway, from Dawson City to Alaska, is an epic road-trip and worthy of it’s exalted reputation.
  • From aurora spotting to scenic flight-seeing tours, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a Yukon winter.


  • Damn straight we were going to have ourselves some Lumpy Dick, dish that comes all the way from the times of the early settlers of Alberta.
  • While we were in Gull Lake, Alberta to visit some friends, we came up with the ultimate world cuisine smack down. Find which dish won.
  • Pinching, Poaching, and Smoking. An amazing Calgary dining experience with friends.
  • We were in Canada during the poisoned beef crisis. Plus, game meat is all the rage, so it seems. So at the Maple Leaf Grill and Lounge in Banff, we skipped beef.

General Posts

  • Something quite unexpected happened to us after leaving home to travel for an extended period of time. We realized we were terrible tourists in our own country! So we decided to take a day trip to Waterton.
  • What the world thinks about Canadians.