Guest Post: Traveling to Orlando? Take These Tips With You!

Orlando’s the home of fun for all ages. The central Floridian city boasts a remarkable number of attractions that could entertain visitors for weeks, and even months! However, like with any other holiday destination, there are a number of tips you should take with you on your travels. Chances are it’s a family holiday with popular providers like Florida4less, or simply a romantic getaway with a company like Orbitz; whatever the case, you’ll want to save money, time and hassle!


Theme park tips

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With Walt Disney World, Epcot and SeaWorld as headline acts in Orlando, it seems right to start here. If you’re going to get the most out of a planned excursion to their gates on International Drive, then be sure to get there early. Consider taking an afternoon break at your hotel or a local bar and enjoy an early dinner – you can then return in the evening as everyone else departs to fill restaurants and bars, taking advantage of smaller queues and crowds on rides and at any exhibits. Traditional meal times will always provide the best chance to enjoy the most popular attractions!



If you’re a fan of traditional American malls, Orlando has plenty, but it’s worth only seeing these on weekdays when they are less busy. If the weekend is the only time available for shopping shenanigans, again go much earlier or much later – remember that they’re open well past 7-8pm.



During the late spring, summer and early autumn, and at the usual eating times, it’s very much worth calling ahead to make reservations at your chosen restaurant; you could even have your hotel concierge do it for you. If you’re with a family, always have snacks to hand to stave off the possibility of any complaints. Remember that you’re in America, too – tipping is everything, but the waiters and waitresses will certainly make their service worth the added payment (typically 10 to 20 per cent).


good weatherUnderstanding the weather

In Orlando, spring will bring a sunny and warm climate; go later in summer and you’ll be faced with hotter and more humid weather. Try to aim for April and May for the perfect weather, but beware of US national holidays – Spring Break and Memorial Day weekend will result in much bigger crowds.


Post by Clare Buxton.

Clare has been a journalist for two years, specialising in the travel and tourism industry. As well as writing free-lance for travel blogs and websites, she has travelled all over the world – from watching going to a Moonlight party in Thailand to riding a camel in the Sahara desert, Clare’s done and seen it all!

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