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  • A video introduction to Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia and the Malbork Castle.
  • Gdansk old town may not have the authentic antiquity of most European cities, but doesn’t mean that that it doesn’t have tons to offer.
  • At the Solidarity Museum in Gdańsk, we were in awe at the Polish sacrifices of voice and life to secure their future against the Communist regime.
  • A quick trip from Gdansk lies one of the biggest brick castles in Europe. The Castle of knights in Malbork was built by the knights of the Teutonic order.

Hel Peninsula

  • It may not live up to its namesake, but as we learned during our one day visit to Hel Peninsula, Hel is unfortunately not its ironic opposite either.


  • Welcome to Krakov, Poland! Take a look at a video with a few of the best scenes of one of the largest cities in Poland.
  • Poland’s largest tourist attraction sits 100 meters below the ground – the remarkable Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • We went on the Poland Communism Tour in Krakow on board of a genuine Trabant vehicle to Nowa Huta.


  • After spending ten days in Gdańsk we rode the rails south to Warsaw, Poland, Here are a few of the best scenes we got from there.
  • The entrance to the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw is not lavishly marked or easy to find. But once inside, it was at once beautiful and haunting.
  • It is not often during this nomadic journey of ours, where we both 100% agree on places we could see ourselves settling in for awhile. But we could both see ourselves taking time to live in Warsaw.


  • Milk bars in Poland are an institution in Poland, although you wouldn’t know it.
  • When a couple of locals asked us why we decided to visit their country, we answered quickly: “For the Polish pierogi!” We weren’t joking.

General Posts

  • The many purposes of the historic communist neon Poland.
  • An introduction to “weird Poland” – and a few of the oddities that make it so.
  • The story and photos from our tour of Auschwitz Death Camp in Poland.
  • We loved/hated hiking in the Tatra Mountains, Poland (but still took plenty of photos from this hiking adventure in the Tatra Mountains).
  • Poland’s impression on us runs quite deep. Here are part one (Poland pictures) and part two (Poland photos) of our Poland pictures as postcards.