Reasons to Celebrate

We’re in a festive mood lately as we embark on this year 2014…we have lots to celebrate!

We just passed the 3rd anniversary of our blog, and our future is looking brighter than ever. In May of this year we’ll also celebrate our fifth vagabondaversary, marking the day of when we officially became homeless and started wandering the globe a few months later. We’ve got some major planning to do on how to mark that milestone (more to come there).

To kick off this momentous year, we couldn’t be more thrilled than to do so by celebrating two major anniversaries of one of our favourite spots on the planet, and right in our old backyard.


Maligne Lake. Photo Credit Jeff Bartlett

Maligne Lake. Photo Credit Jeff Bartlett


Jasper is a little town in a big park of the same name. It has everything we love about a travel destination: a small town feel with big scenery and an abundance of outdoor adventures. We’ve both spent time there previously (mostly camping in summer!), and this will be our first big winter adventure in the area.

Wherever we are in the world, being near mountains makes us feel like we’re at home, and for a few days at the end of this month, we’re going to rejoice being nestled in our Canadian Rockies. We’re going to be skiing (gawd help us), exploring ice caves and canyons, and partying it up with the locals in Jasper in celebration of the 25th anniversary of this stellar winter festival, and the 50th anniversary of their premiere ski hill Marmot Basin. We’ll be pampered with our stay at the gorgeous Jasper Park Lodge, and will be hitting the hot spots with our blogging buddy Seattle.

Jasper in January


Flying Skier

This will NOT be us on the slops of Marmot Basin (unless by sheer accident we become airborne). Photo courtesy of Jasper.Travel


(And one of the best parts about it? We’re so close to our former home that some of our friends and family are signing up to come and join us!)

We’re going to go ALL OUT in supporting these events and we invite you to follow along on in real-time on all of our social media accounts, specifically with the hashtag #MyJasper. And while you’re at it, be sure to check-in with Tourism Jasper too, as they’ll have some surprises in store for us as the event approaches (you may even be able to choose some of our activities for us! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to chime in.)

(Ahem…please choose things that involve a warm fire and hot cocoa!)


Girl playing Guitar by Fire

Photo courtesy of Jasper.Travel



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  • January 9 2014

    I have yet to go to Jasper, only driven through the town while sleeping as a child in the backseat but I’ve heard it is gorgeous.

    Wish I could join but wine is calling my name at the Okanagan winter wine fest!

    • January 14 2014

      Okay, well maybe we will forgive you this time. But you really need to get to Jasper and get outta the backseat! 🙂

  • Caro
    January 9 2014

    Exploring ice caves! That sounds amazing! Will definitely have to make it out west soon, Ontario is great but we’re lacking the gorgeous dramatic landscapes!

    • January 14 2014

      I am MOST excited about the Maligne Canyon ice walk, I’ve been obsessing over photos from there for awhile!

  • January 10 2014

    A campfire and a guitar, what do you want more…
    Adrian Tanase recently posted..4.6 milioane de conturi furate de pe Snapchat

  • January 11 2014

    If by any chance you do become airborne on your skis – I hope to hell someone gets a picture like that of the experience! I’ll warm up the slopes for you!

    • January 14 2014

      That’s what GoPros are for. 🙂

  • January 16 2014

    That first picture has me very excited to head to Jasper…tomorrow!!! I think I’m going to love the small town vibe much more than a glitzy ski resort.

    • January 18 2014

      Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

  • January 24 2014

    They say you’re either a mountain person or a water person. Like you, I am of the mountain ilk!

  • January 24 2014

    Tops on the list of places I want to visit in Canada still!! I’ll definitely be following along.

  • Stuart
    January 25 2014

    Well worth a visit. Any season of the year

  • January 28 2014

    I’d rather visit Jasper when the snow has disappeared and I am able to go horseback riding. Have fun!

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