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  • This place is as remote as remote can get and we wanted to explore it properly. We kayaked 96 km over 6 days in Greenland and saw amazing arctic scenery. Check out the video.
  • The tiny town greeted us shortly with its colourful buildings coming into view just over a hill. We only stayed in Kulusuk Greenland for a day.
  • Our time in Kulusuk ended and we embarked on our kayak expedition where Greenland weather was the most important factor.
  • Without question, Greenland geography is unlike anything we have ever experienced. It is completely other-worldly. But until we can visit the moon, we believe that we have come as close as possible on earth.
  • Marriage in a Double Kayak throughout Greenland – much harder than you may think!
  • Despite the dehydrated food and lack of a proper shower, we grew to love camping during our Greenland adventures.
  • As we paddled to shore, new shades broke onto the palette of blues, greens and greys. It was the remains of the Ikateq Greenland Airbase, code name “Bluie East Two”, built by the US in 1942.
  • Our 8 day kayaking adventure came to a spectacular end at the Knud Rasmussen Glacier in Greenland.
  • Here are our favorite Greenland photos turned into postcards.