Welcome to France

We always felt ashamed for having traveled the world but never making it to Paris! Pete surprised Dalene with a trip there to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary in October of 2013. (Best husband ever, right?)

Posts on France…

  • A Paris surprise in the form of a wedding anniversary celebration… the most romantic city did not disappoint.
  • In the spirit of romance in which we arrived in Paris, we searched for a relaxing way to explore the city. Cruising along the Seine was just perfect for that.
  • As first time visitors, we visited the main tourist spots to take all the iconic Paris photos. Check out a few of our best photos of Paris!
  • Go underground to find the catacombs to experience creepy Paris – hundreds of kms of tunnels and bones from over 7 million perished Parisians.
  • A photo shoot inspired by the flag of France.
  • Touristy places have touristy parts that are touristy for a very good reason. And thus we bring you a photo-series of Paris in black and white that follow the Paris cliché.
  • Photos of the remains of the devastating massacre of the entire town of Oradour-Sur-Glane during WWII.
  • Known for its lovely fermented grapes, we set out to discover a multitude of things to do in Bordeaux.