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  • After four weeks in Central America, we are going to be embarking on a journey north of the 64th parallel, We are heading to explore Finland!
  • A Finland winter has plenty of extreme activities, some of which are done nowhere else in the world.
  • The Finnish Sauna is not just a “popular thing to do” in Finland, it is a part of the national culture. We had to try it!
  • When we arrived we found doggies, doggies and more doggies! It wasn’t just a Finland dog sledding adventure, it’s a family affair.
  • If there is something that we really don’t want to do, we just don’t do it. Yet we still jumped in a frozen Finland lake for ice swimming!
  • Finland cross country skiing is a very popular athletic activity and a way of life. But for us it was more like cross country plodding. We still loved it!
  • We went rapids floating in Finland. What a good dose of cold fun!
  • One week is hardly enough time to spend getting to know an entire country. It’s a teaser really but we managed to get a few snapshots of Finnish culture.
  • Take a look at some of our favourite Finland photography turned into postcards.
  • With Pete in Helsinki, Dalene enjoyed the Aland Islands on her own, and found the trip to be a perfect match for her.
  • Here are a few choice highlights from Helsinki, including some gushing over the most beautiful bench in the world.
  • Learn how to do winter the right way and travel to Kemi, Finland.
  • Who let Dalene drive? We took three snowmobile trips in Lapland, and she tipped the machine in one of them.
  • We spent an overnight excursion dog sledding in Lapland that felt like we were undertaking a grand expedition, as intended.
  • Our winter activities in Tampere took us out of the city more than in it, but we learned they are really one and the same.
  • Our few days in Saimaa, Finland confirmed that our favourite thing about Finland are the people within.
  • One of Finland’s greatest natural resources is the vast open spaces and pure silence that accompanies them.
  • Check out our postcards from Finland we created from our second-trip.