These Summer Plans of Ours

They all came together in the most unusual way, these summer plans of ours.

We were pulled in one direction almost serendipitously, via a routine inquiry we are used to getting, but in which we were finally available to say YES.

A harmless declaration on Twitter took us in another direction: a single 140 character tweet about a party led us to book our biggest adventure yet.

Finally, the hole left in-between was filled via a dart tossed at a map. Or more accurately, a flight search that read From: New York To: Anywhere, in which we chose the cheapest destination that popped up.

We will hit three brand new countries in the next two months while bounding through a couple more. These are pretty ambitious plans, but we’re really excited about how our summer is shaping up!


First up: Greenwich, Connecticut!

Every couple of months, we receive inquiries from readers looking for our house-sitting services, and every time, we’ve had to say no. Either it’s on the wrong continent, or the lead time is too short, but either way we’ve never been able to make it work. Until now.


Connecticut Beach

Photo credit Flickr user @slack12


From our current location of Montréal, we’ll be heading south to Greenwich and be introduced to two whippets – Mason and Cody – who need some lovin’ while their human parents go on a holiday. It is only a short house-sit – just nine days – but it will allow us to catch up on some work from touring eastern Canada so rapidly, as well as prepare us for our next jaunt back overseas. Because when we typed in From: New York To: Anywhere, this is what we got…


We’re off to Poland!

If you recall from almost this time last year, we asked you, our dear readers, what to do with a few weeks we had completely unplanned. We gave you four choices, one of which included Poland, but Malta won by only three votes (despite our secret pining for Poland).

Thus, when Gdansk, Poland came up as a cheap destination from New York, we jumped all over it.


Gdansk, Poland

Photo credit Flickr user @smorchon


We’ll spend almost five weeks touring the country, with our plans largely undecided after our first 10-day stop in Gdansk. (If you have any suggestions, send them our way!)

From Poland, we’ll need to make our way to London for a few days in order to get prepared for…






We found them later alright, and after a few emails over a couple of months, we were invited to Greenland for this:


Kayaking in Greenland

Photo credit Elli Thor via


10 days of kayaking, hiking and camping along the eastern shore of Greenland, with this tour. This is, without a doubt, a dream trip for us. The only thing that would make it more perfect-er is the guarantee of getting to hang out with some Narwhals. 🙂

And, just because we’ll be in the area…


We’re making a stop in Iceland!

We’ve only got four days only to spend in Iceland, but we’re going to try and shove in as much of the country as possible.

Which hopefully, will include seeing this (among many other wonders):


Iceland Landscape

Photo credit Flickr user @taivasalla


These plans will take us thru to the end of August, in which we expect to collapse in an exhausted heap wherever we happen to land. (We’ll be well due for our “two months of rest”, if anyone in Europe is looking for house-sitters this fall!)


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  • It will be hard to do Iceland in 4 days, we had 5 days last October and it wasn’t nearly enough and we were exhausted after it. We want to go back again and spend much more time exploring. It is such an beautiful country, you will love it. BTW we are very jealous of you, we also want to see Poland. It was in our plans last summer but we ended up taking it out as we were already spending more time in the Czech Republic than we had expected and we wanted to do Poland justice so we decided to do it another time. Also would love to see Greenland.

    • June 14 2013

      Oh yes, we are sure that we haven’t given Iceland enough time. We hadn’t even planned to stop at all, but our flight has to stop there anyways, so we just added on a few days. We will stuff in as many sights as possible, and as it’s summer, the days will be long! 🙂

  • June 12 2013

    You guys are going to have an incredible summer! Greenland is so high on our list since we have gotten so interested in the Arctic, but we want to visit in winter.

    And we could use a house sitter in the fall…
    Jennifer recently posted..Wine Wednesday: Schiopetto Leads the Italian Whites

  • June 12 2013

    I love that I get excited for such incredible travel plans when it’s not even me!!
    I’m off to Poland in August (starting in Gdansk also) so can’t wait to read about what you get up to.

    • June 14 2013

      Oh, wonderful Megan! I so can’t wait to get there. I just want to eat pierogies ’til I burst.

  • June 12 2013

    We love Iceland and Poland! We free to hit us up for tips! Also house-sitting in Brussels could be a possibility if you want to come back. (Seriously jealous about Greenland).

    • June 14 2013

      Would love any tips you have to offer for Poland and Iceland as we’ve done zero research so far!

  • June 12 2013

    One of my favorite spots (Iceland) and one I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time (Greenland!)

    Enjoy the summer 🙂
    Dustin recently posted..Wrinkles of the City: Rethought – Berlin

  • June 12 2013

    I can’t wait to read all about Greenland and Poland! And I hope you have a great time in Iceland. It might be my favorite country ever (so if you need tips, let me know!). 🙂

    • June 14 2013

      Fire away with the tips! We’ll take any and all!

  • June 12 2013

    We are looking at Poland also for spring. Looking forward to hearing whether the terrible flooding destruction is evident when you get there. The pictures from eastern Europe are terrible. As usual we’ll keep reading your great articles!


    • June 14 2013

      Oh yes, I really hope it gets better for them there soon. Terribly sad.

  • A Montrealer Abroad (@amontrealer)
    June 12 2013

    Not jealous at all. Iceland and Poland are NOT some of my favourite countries in the world. No, not jealous at all. 😉 (Looking forward to reading all about Greenland!)

    • June 14 2013

      (Sorry!) The intent is to make you so jealous that you just come and join us. 🙂

  • June 12 2013

    Will be especially interested in your Polish travels – my great grandfather’s family come from Gdansk and I’m thinking about a trip over in a couple of years. Right now, I know very little about the place! Have a fantastic few months.
    hayley recently posted..Lake Taupo weekend: 4~White water and moon craters

  • Fantastic – Greenland AND Iceland!

    So stoked for you guys!
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..Why the disappearing act? What we’ve been up to…

  • Amanda
    June 12 2013

    Sounds like a dream summer to me! Can’t wait to read about it all.

  • Liz
    June 12 2013

    Warsaw is a really cool city. Definitely worth stopping by for a few days! Krakow as well. Poland is a great country 🙂 Looking forward to your photos! Greenland is going to be fascinating to hear about.

    • June 14 2013

      Yep, we definitely are planning to stop at both of those, and really hoping to get into the mountains for some hiking as well.

  • June 12 2013

    AWESOME plan!! Poland, Greenland and Iceland are all places I am dying to visit so I can’t wait to see your photos.

  • June 12 2013

    I’m excited to see your impressions of Poland! It’s slowly moving higher on my to see list 🙂

    Iceland and Greenland will be gorgeous. The environment seems so pure still.

    Good luck with your summer adventures!

  • The Greenland portion sounds amazing. What a great opportunity. I can’t wait to read about your experiences!

  • June 13 2013

    Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to following these adventures! Very jealous over here 😉

  • Jeremy Branham
    June 12 2013

    Greenland and Iceland would be awesome! I would love to visit and photograph both places. Ironically, Iceland is green and beautiful while Greenland is covered in ice. Hope you have an awesome time! 🙂

    • June 14 2013

      Thanks Jeremy! You know we’re going to have to do a comparative photo post with that exact “reverse” theme in mind! 🙂

  • Sky
    June 13 2013

    Amazing how a few little things can add up to an incredible adventure! I can’t say Poland or Greenland are anywhere near the top of my list (especially the kayaking – not much of an outdoors girl!) but Iceland would be fantastic. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time on all of these trips! Enjoy!

  • Sam
    June 12 2013

    What?! Connecticut to Poland to Greenland via Iceland?! Wow. Iceland is stunningly beautiful; can’t wait to read all about how these crazy plans of yours work out. Good luck!

    • June 14 2013

      I know, right? We have the craziest routes sometimes! 🙂

  • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)
    June 13 2013

    This all looks and sounds incredible! It’s amazing how things have a way of working out, isn’t it? We’ll be spending our summer here in Thailand, exploring the north and eating ourselves silly, then it’s off to Indonesia for two months where we’re hoping to get in plenty of diving… we’ll make it to Europe one of these days, but clearly Asia has quite a hold on us!

    Really interested to see what you get up to in Iceland; it’s the place we’d love to end our current extended trip provided we have the funds to do so. Four days there might be all we can afford, so I can’t wait to see what you manage to achieve in that time! 😀

    • June 14 2013

      We say the same thing about Asia…we’ll get there one of these days too! Enjoy your summer (I’ll be jealous of the eating-yourself-silly part). 🙂

  • Charli | Wanderlusters
    June 13 2013

    Oooo, this is exciting. I’ve been dreaming of the rugged terrain of Greenland for so long. Can’t wait to read about your trip.

  • June 13 2013

    Sounds like an awesome couple of months you have coming up!! I’m really looking forward to reading more about Greenland!
    Amanda recently posted..Ottawa: A Tale of Two Seasons

  • June 13 2013

    Krakow is amazing! When I first got home from backpacking Europe, everyone was asking what my favorite country or city was, and I kept surprising them when I replied, “I really loved Poland.”
    opportunemma recently posted..Turkish Tea: Dark, Rich, and Economically Sustainable

    • June 14 2013

      Then I shall ask for your tips!! We have done zero research so far. I hope you can tell me the best place to eat pierogies, as that is my main priority.

  • June 14 2013

    Iceland! I have wanted to go to Iceland for years. The country looks amazing – but watch out for gnomes!

    Also looking forward to hearing about oth countries that aren’t on my list, but I have good things about: Greenland and Poland. Have a great (and exhausting) summer!
    Brian recently posted..How to Hike the Annapurna Circuit

    • June 14 2013

      Thanks Brian! To you and Kim as well! Hope we can cross paths with you two sometime soon.

  • Carmel and Shawn
    June 13 2013

    Amazing how things just fall into place sometimes. What a fun adventure!

  • Serge Déry
    June 13 2013

    Hi Pete, this is Serge, we met last night during night photography of Montreal. You have a very interesting web site. As discussed I will send you some pictures.

    • Pete
      June 14 2013

      Hi Serge! It was such a pleasure to meet you last night and talk photography and enjoy the Montreal skyline. I look forward to seeing your photos! FYI I found the spot for the Favrine Five Roses. It’s basically at the end of Peel Street you go under the bridge and then turn right. There is a nice landing and I got a wonderful shot. Take care my friend!

  • June 14 2013

    You guys are going to have such a great summer!
    My plans are ready too, I’ll spend a couple of weeks between New York and Boston 

    • June 14 2013

      Thanks Marina! We were *this* close to spending some time in Boston recently, we really have to do that. Sounds like you have some great summer plans yourself – enjoy!

  • June 14 2013

    Very excited to hear about Greenland. Have been wanting to visit for a long time. Have fun!

  • June 15 2013

    Sounds like a packed schedule! Should be exciting.

  • See you guys in Iceland!!! We are leaving on Tuesday and haven’t planned a thing yet. Hope our budget survives the island of Iceland.

  • June 15 2013

    Sounds like an amazing trip. I’ll keep an eye out for in Poland as we’ll be there at some point too. 🙂

  • Wow amazing plans guys! Im super jealous! We loved Iceland when we were there last June… even though it was still a little chillier than we like the weather to be in summer 😉

    Have a wonderful summer! Cant wait to read all about it.
    Nicole @ Suitcase Stories recently posted..Nature’s Best Photo Essay

  • Wow! Sounds like you guys have a lot to look forward to! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Say HI to those narwhals for me! 🙂
    Dan @ A Cruising Couple recently posted..Spectacular Sand Sculptures: A Photo Essay from Fulong Beach

  • June 23 2013

    Wow, it sounds like a fantastic summer for sure. I’m looking forward to following you along the way, good luck in your adventures!
    Barbara recently posted..Zipline The Canyons in Ocala Florida

  • Dan
    June 24 2013

    Sounds like a summer of fun!

  • Ali
    June 27 2013

    Awesome plans! Poland, Greenland and Iceland are places I really want to visit. I’m looking forward to readying about your adventures!

  • Kate
    July 11 2013

    Just stumbled on this blog, after making the decision to rent our little summer beach house, due to the fact we are semi-retired, not yet collecting SS, and the taxes are killing us. If we get a tenant, we are going to be looking for very cheap accomodations elsewhere, and housesitting inbetween staying with friends and relatives sounds right up our alley. My hubs can work anywhere, his part time gig is mostly web based. My question is how do you manage your baggage etc., ie. how do you prepare for different climates re clothing, what things do you need with you at all times? We winter in AZ as we bought and share a house with one of our kids. The rest of the year right now looks like it can be anywhere! I’m OK with storing all our belongings from the house we plan to rent, but was curious as to what you actually carry with you in this nomadic adventure. Any advice would be appreciated!

    • July 11 2013

      Hi Kate! A lot of people who travel nomadically like us tend to chase summer climates so that they can keep their clothing light. We, however, hit all climates! For clothing, what I find works best for me is to invest in a few good quality cotton dresses. In the colder climates I can put leggings and long sleeves on underneath, but can go without in the warmth! And I also pack a rain jacket, and then just a fleece to use underneath that for the cold, which works quite well. Other then that, we both pack three pairs of shoes, a weeks worth of undercloths, a few pairs of socks. We wash a lot in the sink when we aren’t housesitting with washing machines. You have to get used to seeing yourself in the same few things often! 🙂

      • Kate
        July 12 2013

        Thanks for your quick reply!That does make a lot of sense actually. I rather like the idea of paring down my wardrobe to just essentials. We tend to have a closet full and wear the same comfortable things over and over anyway! Lots to think about in the coming weeks. Enjoy your summer! I’ll be checking back on your blog to see how you are doing. Thanks for all the great info.

  • Annie Hobson
    July 27 2013

    Hi, I plan to follow in your footsteps one day. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful posts/pictures!

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