Travel Photo Roulette: Round 31 – And The Winner Is…..

This was our first time hosting travel photo roulette and we are thrilled with the variety and storytelling that went with each of 25 entries submitted. It was very difficult (to say the least) to pick a clear winner. Thank you so much to all the participants!

How we approached our decision is to both secretly pick our top choices and then compare them.  The ones we agreed on made it to the second round where our decision was made based off the quality of the photograph, the caption provided and capturing the moment.


Audrey from Travel Footprints: If you have spent any amount of time in the area of Yangshou, China you have likely seen this man. He can be spotted in the tourist area known as West Street playing melodies on the reed flute. **We loved the look of concentration on his face and can imagine the music he was playing


Manyu from Shutterfeet: I came across this scene while walking around Udaipur, India. The little boy playing the instrument with the musician just made a great scene.  ** the composition and colors of this photograph are just beautiful.  We have no idea what instrument he and the boy are playing, but they look cool.


The Globetrotter Girls: A mariachi girl in Mexico City. She was incredibly talented and everyone was captivated by her playing the violin. She was the only female Mariachi we’ve seen in all of Mexico **We both love this picture for the story it tells. If you have ever been to Mexico you are accustomed to the mariachi band members all being male. The girl pictured here is beautiful.  The photograph is cropped perfectly leading you to her eyes. We can hear the music she was playing.


Juno from Runaway Juno: Two of the most devoted musicians I met on the road. At a hostel in Franz Josef, New Zealand. Love the background.  ** What a great capture.  We both loved the perspective and that you captured this private show, you almost can’t be anymore on the “travel” theme. And yes, we love the background too!


Inge from Picturing the Americas: Jacob, the cellist, in a New Yorker Subway Station. Great play!! It is so amazing how many musicians are playing in the Subway and the huge diversity of instruments they are playing ** This photograph has great mood to it. Great lighting and color choice. You can really sense the electricity in the Subway station.


Dustin from Skinny Backpacker: Electronic music juggernauts Underworld, live in Dortmund.  ** Such a cool capture.  We love both the the gesture on stage on from the fans in the crowd.  So many times we’ve tried to capture the same effect and have not had luck doing so.



Runner Up:  We had two runner ups.  Runaway Juno “Hostel Performance” and Skinny Backpacker’s “Underworld”

The Winner: Globetrotter Girl’s “Mariachi Girl”!


So congratulations Dani and Jess on your wonderful submission.  You get to host Round 32 and we are looking forward to what theme will be next.

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