The Gimped Girl and The Blind Boy

The Gimped Girl, called so because of an obvious limp earned via a torn achilles tendon several months ago, considers herself quite fortunate to be married to a considerate Boy. The Boy has made her long and painful recovery much easier – taking on the tasks that would be difficult given her gimpyness, and not complaining at her frequent requests to stop and rest.

The Boy, however, has a slight impediment of his own, and navigating through streets in new places is somewhat difficult for him. Stubbornly opposed to wearing his glasses, he squints at street signs and quickly gets turned around the wrong way. Luckily for the Blind Boy, the Gimped Girl had laser eye surgery a few years ago, and thus has taken over the role of navigator.


She is his eyes, and he is her right foot.


And together, they adventurously take on the world. As of late, however, the duo found themselves slightly out of sync in Dublin due to their encumbrances, which made their exploration of the city unusually arduous.

This was the first time that the Gimped Girl found herself severely bitter at her shortcomings. Of course there was much griping immediately following the injury, which left her couch ridden in British Columbia and avoiding beaches for the first part of her stay in Roatán, and the forced lack of exercise has left her a little “fleshier” then usual. But she’s taken it all in stride, and tried her best to be patient with her own limitations. The Girl hoped that upon arrival in Europe, she would be ready to bound along cobble-stoned streets with the pain of injury being only a distant memory.

Dublin was her first real test, and she failed.  She was justly frustrated.

This is not to say that the Gimped Girl was left parked on a sidewalk bench the entire time, but outings were few and short. Following the pairs lucky stumble across the Pride Parade, they wandered around a short radius of historic Dublin, ambling through the historic Trinity College, and across the courtyard of the Dublin Castle.


Trinity College 


Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland

 Trinity College


Chapel at Dublin Castle

Inside the chapel at Dublin Castle


Courtyard at Dublin Castle

In the courtyard at Dublin Castle


In a couple of short hours though, including many rest stops in between, the Girl could go no further as the pain had become too much to take.  Her limping had impeded their journey to the point of being a slow moving hazard on the busy downtown sidewalks.

Delicious Guinness in IrelandLucky for both the Girl and the Boy, consuming lager provided for a perfect reprieve from sight seeing, and yet was still part of their exploration of Irish culture.

The following day, the couple tried again. This time, their itinerary included a train ride to and from a small fishing village on the coast named Howth, home to one of the oldest occupied castles in Ireland. It is a charming town with a lot of draw for tourists (and hence, a lot of tourists), with it’s open air markets and beautifully rugged coastline. The Girl and Boy also happened to be there during some sort of bagpipe demonstration, and no matter where they walked to, were never out of ear shot of the melodious sounds. It provided a perfect soundtrack to the sights and attractions.


Bagpipe competition in Ireland


St. Mary's Abbey - Howth, Ireland

St Mary’s Abbey in Howth

However, they never made it very far.
The Gimped Girl’s gam was aching thanks to a long walk to the train and likely without adequate rest from the day before. They disappointedly never made it to the Howth Castle, which was a significant reason for their travels there in the first place.

Wincing and nearly in tears from the pain that consumed her, the Gimped Girl leaned hard on the Blind Boy during their final walk back to their lodging in Dublin. She gave in to rest for their third and final day in the city. While she sat with her foot up and a good book in hand, the Blind Boy endeavored to venture out on his own.

(You can probably guess where this is going).

Blind Boy did his best at navigating the windy streets of Dublin. Without his eyes and chief navigator, however, he found himself turned around and aimlessly wandering. He put many miles on his shoes, seeing some of the top sites, but also stumbling around empty parks and deserted streets. All of the time The Boy wished his eyes were with him, yet was grateful that she did not have to endure all of the walking (and that he did not have to hear her complaining about it).

Dublin Pier


Dublin Park

And thankfully, of course, consuming lager is a perfect reprieve from aimless wandering, and is still part of an exploration of Irish culture.

All’s well that ends well with the Gimped Girl and the Blind Boy. They made it out in one piece, and with each day, the Gimped Girl’s gimpyness gets a little less, and the Blind Boy’s navigation skills will sharpen more when on his own.  Dublin will remain to be explored another day.


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  • July 6 2011

    Awesome post! Gimpy and sightless…you two still rock the Shamrocks (and take great pictures)
    Brian recently posted..Wow…time flies when you’re having fun!!

    • July 7 2011

      Thanks Bri! We’re having a lot of fun with the new camera….even if we have to limp everywhere using it… 🙂

  • Mom
    July 7 2011

    Once again your post did not disappoint. Wonderful pics plus an amusing story to go with it. Thanks again. xo

    • July 7 2011

      Thanks, as always, for your support Mom! xoxo

  • July 7 2011

    I don’t know which I like best- the story or the photos!

    • July 7 2011

      We won’t make you choose… 🙂

  • July 7 2011

    This post is adorable. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get to see everything you wanted in Dublin but sometimes you just can’t fight your body! I hope you are feeling better and that Blind Boy didn’t get too lost!
    Annie recently posted..My 7 Links: Best of Wayward Traveller

    • Pete
      July 8 2011

      Thanks so much Annie. We’ll be taking on Dublin again, that’s for sure. But I agree, that Dalene needs to just take it easy and strengthen her injury and not push it too much or it’s just going to get worse. In my case, though, my eyes aren’t going to get any better. It’s not difficult to get lost in the city centre of Dublin, especially after a few pints. But my aimless walking prevailed and I found the canal and managed to get home just in time for supper (thank goodness, because I was cooking for everyone)

  • You win he award for “Best Alliteration of the Week” with “Gimped Girl’s gam.”
    Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted..The Seven Links Project Meets NVR

    • Pete
      July 8 2011

      ha! that’s the exact same thing I told her too, glad somebody caught that 😉

    • July 10 2011

      60 points! That IS some awesome alliteration (15 points for me – lame).
      Teri recently posted..Camping Hiatus

      • July 10 2011

        Where can I spend said points?? I’ll keep adding in more alliteration….

  • July 7 2011

    I hope both of you are feeling better, so that you can get back out and shoot some more of those great pictures 🙂
    Adrian B. recently posted..Walking Tour Through the Heart of Little Paris

    • July 8 2011

      Thanks Adrian! We have been blessed with good weather this week and so did explore some more (within reasonable walking distance!) Have some great pictures coming up!

  • July 8 2011

    Ah Dublin, 2 years worth of memories, so weird, recently I’ve been having flashbacks of my life in Ireland.. might be time to visit again and take some good pictures, I didn’t have the camera at the time!

    • July 8 2011

      We’re here for two months! Get your butt over here! 🙂

      • July 11 2011

        lol I’m in China and preparing to leave (heartbroken) to travel the rest of East Asia… Looks like I’ll still be in Asia when you guys will come here 😛

  • Abby
    July 7 2011

    Love it! The internet universe thanks you for breaking up the monotony of travel blogging…

    • July 8 2011

      Haha – thanks Abby! I just like to try and mix it up for myself. It was fun to write!

  • Will
    July 7 2011

    I agree with Abby. Great bit of writing, that!

    • July 8 2011

      Thanks Will! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Cam
    July 8 2011

    Looks like you guys are off to a great start!
    Cam recently posted..Photo of the Week: “The Kiss” on the Berlin Wall

    • July 8 2011

      An awkward start, but a good one!

  • Bruce @Weber Cooker Review
    July 9 2011

    What a delightful way to make a good post great! It’s that little humorous twist on some intriguing travels & great pics that keeps me coming back.

    Bruce @Weber Cooker Review recently posted..How to look after your camping tent

    • July 10 2011

      Thanks Bruce! Just wanted to mix things up a it (for the readers as much as myself – ha!) 🙂

  • Theodora
    July 10 2011

    This is some great storytelling. Were you wearing a gimp suit too?

    • July 10 2011

      Haha, no gimp suit. This time. 🙂

  • July 11 2011

    Very cute….you two complement each others shortcomings nicely. Maybe better wait until Sightless finds some eyes, and Gimpy heals!
    Claire recently posted..Best Day Ever

    • July 13 2011

      We gave it another shot in Cork…worked out a bit better. Gimpy is healing, Sightless is much better with his eyes around. 🙂

  • July 12 2011

    Good job gimpy! Cheers to enjoying your irish lager and stout!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Foto Friday – July 8, 2011

  • Lesley
    March 31 2013

    Your best post yet, though it was hard to top the Dirk and Foxy story.

    Why am I saying ‘yet’? Well, I started reading your blog from day 1 and it has consumed my weekend. I keep thinking ‘how do they end up in Finland? and why?’ It’s a mystery I hope to solve by mid-April.

    • April 2 2013

      Haha! Dirk and Foxy may need to make a reappearance on the blog one of these days. 🙂

      Glad you are enjoying the stories! Hope you get caught up soon! 🙂

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