Tell Us Where To Go…and WIN!

We have a bit of a problem.

You see the second part of our tagline?

No PlansWell, we’re not kidding about that, in the slightest.

We have just a few weeks to go before we are plan-less. We arrive in Rome on June 5th, and have to be in Ljubljana, Slovenia for July, and can’t decide what to do in between.

In the past, this would have stressed us out entirely. We would have spent hours and days researching all possible options, bouncing back and forth between countless websites to discover where we could go and how we could get there.

And then we discovered Skyscanner.


Skyscanner logo


Their unique search tool allows users to leave the destination field blank, displaying all possible options on the next screen.

Where to go from Rome


We plugged in our departure details (date and “from” location only) and this is what we got…countless amazing destinations and unbeatable prices (never mind that this is even just the first page)!

Where to go?


And from this page, it is a few simple clicks to see all the choices within each country, purchase the tickets, and be on our way.

We can search from our laptop and even our mobile device, they’ve got an app for that.

Could it be any easier? We don’t think so. Except….

With all these incredible options,

how are we supposed to decide where to go?


This is where you come in.


We’ve narrowed our choices down to four, and we’re leaving it up to you to decide for us.



Beautiful Copenhagen! Danish pastries! Vikings! Tivoli! And maybe a side trip to Sweden?


Photo by: Flickr user Busch63



Can you believe we haven’t been to Paris yet? We’re a little embarrassed about that, really.


Photo by: Flickr user Moyan_Brenn



The tiny island country of Malta has a rich history and is surrounded by incredible crystal blue water. (We haven’t seen that color of blue since Roatán, we think it is long overdue!)


Photo by: Flickr user Jexweber.fotos



We want to do some hiking, listen to Chopin, and stuff our faces with perogies. Poland has been on our must-see list for a long time.


Photo by: Flickr user PolandMFA


So here’s your chance to tell us where to go, and Skyscanner will get us there! Please vote below before Monday, May 21st.


Where should we go in June?

  • Malta (34%, 104 Votes)
  • Poland (34%, 102 Votes)
  • France (18%, 55 Votes)
  • Denmark (14%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 304

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And for all your help in making our decisions for us (THANK YOU!), Skyscanner is throwing in a Kindle for us to give away!

For your chance to win, it’s simple.


Pretend that you have a 500 Euro (~$650) budget, and use the Skyscanner search tool to choose a vacation destination from wherever your home airport is!

Tell us where that is, and why you want to go there. You can leave the answer below in the comments or on our Facebook page. The most creative answer (as chosen by us!) will WIN!


The winner of the Kindle, and the destination with the most votes will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday, May 21st.


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  • May 14 2012

    I’m with Steph on this – one more vote for Malta! Warm beaches and crystal clear waters are calling my name and Malta sounds like an amazing place!

  • May 14 2012

    Malta is 216€ from my home airport and I have been told about the fantastic diving on the artificial reefs so that is my number one choice today 🙂
    Poul Brix recently posted..Easter impressions of Denmark

  • May 14 2012

    I voted for poland because I’ve been dying to visit it for a while now. There is so much history and so much natural beauty.

    First off, skyscanner is awesome. I loved playing around with the dates and seeing where I could go. With 500 euros I would go to Guatemala in July with my friend who is currently in Med School. For the past 7 years she has been working closely with an free clinic in Xela, Guatemala that helps bring medical care to those who can’t otherwise afford it. She is traveling there this summer to visit other clinics throughout the country to learn more and exchange information. It sounds like an amazing trip to learn more about the country and the issues faced everyday by the people who live there. Plus, I’ve also heard its a beautiful place to visit.

    ….now If only I actually had 500 euros 🙂
    Liz |Traveling Liz recently posted..Misadventure Monday: Dave from “What’s Dave Doing?”

  • May 14 2012

    My vote was Malta too but Poland is a close runner up for me (if you need tips for either, or Paris, just let me know!)

    As for me, I am itching to go to Romania right now so if I had 500 euro, that’s where I’d be… Frankly you guys are to blame. All those incredibly moody photos you posted a while back… what’s a gal to do?!
    Alison recently posted..A Tale of Two Towers in Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

  • May 14 2012

    Had to pick Poland. So many people have told us that it was their biggest surprise in their travels… especially Krakow. We’re planning on going in July just based on all of the rave reviews!

    Never realized Skyscanner had that capability! I feel like i’ve been looking for someone to do that forever. Probably the most helpful tool i’ve seen for people traveling longterm.

    We’re in the middle of our travels so no home airport to speak of, but I went with what our next big flight would be. I found a flight out of Berlin to Thailand at the end of July for only $614! I’ve been working on finding the cheapest ticket I can to get to Asia for the next leg of our trip and think I found it. Great tip and thanks for sharing!
    Tony recently posted..Tradition: The Secret Ingredient To Umbrian Cuisine – Foodgasmic Tales From The Road

  • May 14 2012

    My nearest airport is technically Limoges, in slightly rural France, where there appears to be a strong belief that the only worthwhile country in the world to offer flights under €500 to is England.

    Having lived in England for quite some time, I am already no stranger to her charms, so I am going to wait until Limoges grows up and becomes a real airport, and for the purposes of this competition, pretend I live near Bordeaux. Which would put me closer to some rather fine wines, of the claret variety.

    Now I’ve wasted two paragraphs explaining something totally irrelevant (who cares where I live near, seriously people), it’s time for my entry.

    I would totally fly from Bordeaux to Iceland. Iceland is a place that I have entirely left for far too long to visit. It has incredible landscapes, what look to be mind boggling waterfalls (more fodder for my #waterfallwednesday hashtag that I am entirely failing to get off the ground.. or even do regularly on a Wednesday), the chance to see the Northern lights, and takes the idea of extreme food to a whole new level. Want your sheeps head buried in the ground and left to fester for a few years before being served with chips? No problem. Iceland has that covered. And since adventures in food, incredible skies, waterfalls and boggling landscapes are all the sorts of things I want in my life, that is why I am choosing Iceland.

    I am starting to think I may be running out of competition entry space. I’m also starting to think I have accidentally written an entire blog entry here.


    I’ll wrap up now. Skyscanner. Flight to Iceland. Thanks for your time, and the chance to enter.. and ramble. Have fun.. wherever the dice send you next!
    Laurence recently posted..Travel blogging tips from the experts: Travel yourself

  • May 14 2012

    I’d choose Poland if I were you! It’s a great country to visit. Cheap to stay and travel. Lovely old cities like Krakow. Warsaw is vibrant. And the old town square in Poznan is great for people watching.
    For me – I’d choose Cyprus. My partner and I have been house/petsitting in Crete for over 3 years now having been travelling all over since 2002. From the city of Chania, flights have just begun to Cyprus – I’d really like to explore the variety between the north and south.
    I have also been using skyscanner for a few years now – the best comparison site for flights!

  • A Montrealer Abroad
    May 14 2012

    I vote for Denmark/Sweden and France! 🙂 France will be more gentle for your wallet, but Scandinavia is so unique… I’m actually glad that I’m not in your place right now, choosing would be impossible!

  • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)
    May 14 2012

    I feel stupid because I cannot find the poll that is supposedly embedded in this post, so I will just state here that I would go to Malta! I think all four destinations you have as possibilities are great, but how many people go to Malta? I think you will make your way to the other three places at some point eventually, but to me Malta seems like a destination that you might otherwise overlook. PLUS, it seems like the one destination that you legitimately MUST fly to to get there, which makes it perfect for this Skyscanner promotion!

    So, as for what I would do if I had 500 euro… unfortunately my home airport is kind of the worst. Nashville’s airport is really only international because you can fly directly to Canada out of it. So, what I decided I would do is see if I could find a cheap flight to a better city and then fly somewhere cool from there! Turns out, I could fly from Nashville to Boston for 140e, and then fly from Boston to Puerto Rico for just 96e more! At that price, I could afford to bring my husband with me and still not hit the 500e max! I know there are some more exotic destinations we could go to, but honestly, Puerto Rico has a place called the pork highway, because it’s a stretch of road that is filled with roast pork restaurants (lechoneras). Why would you want to go anywhere else!

  • May 14 2012

    I didn’t even know my home airport flew overseas! SkyScanner has changed my life!! Unfortunately, none of the overseas flights fit into the budget, so I’d pick Albuquerque because A) it’s fun to say, and B) I’ve had MAD TexMex food cravings.

  • I can get to El Salvador for $672 return from Calgary, so I’ll take that please… 🙂

    And you should go to Malta!
    Raymond @ Man On The Lam recently posted..The Holy Grail of Hokey: Inside The Holy Land Experience (Part One)

  • May 14 2012

    I voted for Malta because I want to read about you going there and then go there myself using the Skyscanner winnings. Totally selfish reasons, but then again, vacations are wonderfully, deliciously selfish, so I’m going with it.
    Ava Apollo recently posted..Wednesday Getaway – Arenal, Costa Rica

  • Snackbox
    May 14 2012

    I voted for Denmark, ’cause right now Scandanavia is calling me. But really, you can’t go wrong with ANY of those choices. And true to form, I believe the food choices in all those places would be deeeelightful 😉

  • Kate Cornwell
    May 14 2012

    I voted for Denmark because it’s a gorgeous country and there is so much to see and enjoy. We spent three wonderful months there and saw only a tiny bit of what it has to offer. It helps that we know some great Danes (no pun intended! tee hee) who took us places we might not have known to go. 🙂

    As for where I’d go: We’ve been traveling Europe for a year and miss our family! I thought that it would cost a fortune to fly back to Canada, but discovered through Skyscanner that we can get a flight for 700 euros total to fly to New York (where I’ve never been!) and drive up to Toronto to see the family. Never mind a pretend trip, we just might do it for real, and soon! I know that’s over the 650 euros limit, but I don’t mind the extra 50. 🙂

    Thank you so much for telling us about Skyscanner. Wish we’d known about it before booking our next trip! We’re off to Budapest in a week. We’ll be coming back to Greece in September and you bet we’ll be booking our trip through Skyscanner.

    Have a wonderful summer!

  • May 14 2012

    At first I thought of Paris but after seeing pictures and reading abit about Malta I think there’s where you should go. Perfect timing with summer being around the corner!
    Read you later!

  • I would like you to go to Poland! It’s a huge country and we only got to see a tiny tiny bit of it when we went to the sea as a weekend trip from Berlin couple of years ago.

    Want to see more of it! Through your eyes!

  • Josh
    May 14 2012

    Guys, your blog has been incredibly inspiring. My vote is on Poland!

    • Josh
      May 14 2012

      Whoops, I forgot to talk about where I’d go! I’m currently on an adventure of my own in Santiago, Chile. I’ve been here for 4 months and have just now gotten a chance to leave the city (I’m on business for two more months) and made it to Mendoza, Argentina. If I had the chance I’d head to Buenos Aires to get out of the smog and see the Argentinian side of things. I can do that for only $250, giving me enough for a bus ride up to Iguazu falls.

      …Heck, I’m going to see if I can save away $500 before I have to return to Canada!

  • I tried voting via the poll, but it keeps spinning so I’m not sure it actually considered my opinion. So I’ll just tell you here that I vote for Poland! All the options sound fantastic, but Poland sounds uber fantastic… plus I’ve never been there and it’s cheaper than Paris. So I’m looking out for both of us. 😉

    I don’t really have a home airport to use, but for the contest’s purposes I chose SFO (which is close enough to “home” for us). And apparently we could visit NYC for only $400!! I want so badly to visit NYC and have time to fall in love with every aspect (we adore big cities, so I can’t believe we haven’t been there yet), and w/ flights at only $400 we’d have plenty of money left to splurge on things like broadway shows and lots of street pizza.

  • May 15 2012

    Malta! I’ve been there and it’s GORGEOUS. I love Poland but there’ll be Eurocup madness this summer. So unless you are soccer fans may not be a great idea.

    Btw for 500 euros, I would take a one-way flight from Berlin to Vancouver, so I can go to Burning Man! (pick me!)

  • May 15 2012

    I have gone for Malta since it sounds new and very exciting to me. Looking forward to reading your travel tales from there, hopefully!!
    Arti recently posted..Boat Ride along the River Yamuna in Mathura

  • Sharon
    May 15 2012

    I need a bigger budget……cause I’m coming to visit you in Poland!

    Vote Poland people!

  • If I was choosing for myself, it would definitely be Poland but… I cannot believe you haven’t been to Paris!! It’s one of the most fantastically romantic spots on the planet. It’s wonderful in the Summer – grab a Vélib’ bike, put a baguette in the basket and cycle along the riverbank for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower.

    Seriously! I had to vote for you guys to go to France.

  • Katie in Prague
    May 14 2012

    I had to go with Poland. Central and Eastern Europe always wins in my book and Poland is one of the few places that although I’ve been several times I’ll always want to go back to see and eat more.

    • Stephen
      May 15 2012

      Katie’s right.. Go to Poland then if you have a bit of spare time get a train to Prague 🙂

  • Joy
    May 15 2012

    I voted for Malta.

    Skyscanner will send me to Panama. Personally I am not sure if that’s far enough to escape the ten year old hormonal test fires. These test fires are very similar to Linda Blair’s role in the great movie “The Exorcist” particularly the scene where her head spins. A difference between the movie and a test fire is Linda Blair doesn’t ask for a hug after spinning her head. What’s a mom to do? Hug or escape to Panama? I will take Panama (okay, not really. I love my girl. I hug her). I do look forward at times to when my girl is 20 and hopeful illy these psychotic hormonal episodes are over!

    • Joy
      May 15 2012

      Oops, I got autocorrected …. hopeful ily is really hopefully. 🙂

  • Go to Poland!

    I’m living in Bangkok right now and it took quite a while to spend the 500 € but I came up with a great itinerary!!

    Ready, Set, Go:

    Bangkok – Myanmar 41 €
    Myanmar – Singapore 40 €
    Singapore – Hong Kong 48 €
    Hong Kong – Philippines 40 €
    Philippines – Malaysia 15 €
    Malaysia – South Korea 101 €
    South Korea – Bangkok 148 €

    Total: 433 €

    After all this traveling I deserve a weekend away and I would spend the money on a weekend trip to Chiang Mai for 50 €!!!

    The last 17 € I would spend on massages 🙂

  • Marla Johnson
    May 15 2012

    Paris is AMAZING! We went a couple of years ago, it was wonderful! Stay a few days in Paris then rent a car and go travel the countryside. Visit wineries and lovely little restaurants you find in the tiny villages. The people in the countryside are so nice and friendly. There are loads of chateaus to stay in very cheap. Plus… tons of history, art, food and music.

    Have fun 🙂

  • Alouise
    May 15 2012

    I voted for Poland, although I’m sure you’ll get to all four countries eventually.

    Fun contest. I have the Skyscanner app, but I didn’t realize you could search to go everywhere, that’s a neat feature. Searching from Edmonton I found most of my options (within the given budget) were limited to North America. So I would go to Whitehorse, YT. I think the Yukon (and the Northwest Territories and Nunavut) are often overlooked as destinations in Canada. I don’t even know a lot about Whitehorse or the Yukon, which is what makes it fun and exciting. It would be a new destination for me, with new things to discover. I think it would be amazing to visit Whitehorse during the winter equinox when it’s dark all day. Also it would give me a good chance to see the northern lights. I’ve seen the northern lights around Edmonton a couple times, but they’re usually faint, and most often green. Since Whitehorse is so much further north the northern lights would be much more vivid and brighter, and I’d have a better chance of being able to see other amazing colours like purple, and even red. Living in Edmonton I’d usually want to escape winter, but I’d definitely embrace a chance to go to Whitehorse in the winter.

  • Chrystal McKay
    May 15 2012

    I pick for YOU to go to Malta! Those blue/greens and ancient ruins are calling for you to write about them!

    FOR ME: I would fly to Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Being a Canadian and having USA as our border city – I’ve never actually travelled in the USA. So I would want to hit up Arizona to see Sedona, Grand Canyon, Havasupai, Monument Valley. All the beautiful outdoors! Hike, Explore, Wander. Arizona for me for the skyscanner price of $346 CAD out of Thunder Bay, Canada.

  • May 15 2012

    Poland! It’s an unusual destination, I’ve been only once long ago and I felt it was hard to grasp. You will visit plenty of little known places 🙂

  • May 15 2012

    I vote for Paris ! check out my travel collection

  • Sam
    May 15 2012

    Hi Guys

    Entering “everywhere” in the destination field has the same effect: showing you all your flight options, from any airport, city, or even country.

    Did you know you can also search over an entire month or even year – no need to add specific dates if you’re flexible on your travels!

    Happy travelling!


  • Lisa
    May 15 2012

    I voted for Malta although Denmark was a close second (have visited both places but you’ll get more bangs for your bucks in Malta).

  • May 15 2012

    The Sound of Music is a lovely part of my childhood and I’ve always wanted go and see the setting (parts of the city) for myself 🙂 So my choice is Salzburg. And from London it is well within the $500 budget 🙂
    (PS: I voted for Malta because I’ve been to Poland, Paris and Denmark and while they are all beautiful in their own respect, I am yet to see Malta and relish its beauty!!!)

  • May 15 2012

    With 500 Euros, flying from BHX I would love to go India. I’ve flown over the country several times, been to a country next to it and my other half has also been there but I have never been there myself. Whenever an opportunity strikes, theres always something that gets in the way of me going be it finance or timing or something else. Would love to go India as there is so much to explore in such a varied country. From beaches to bustling cities, India has loads to offer any tourist out there.

  • Christine
    May 15 2012

    If the votes say so,
    and you have the chance,
    Pack up your bags,
    and say “oui” to France.

    If my pockets were padded
    a little more thicker
    I’d fly straight to Switzerland,
    I couldn’t go quicker!

    I’d gorge on chocolate
    and fondue too.
    I’d head to Lugano
    just for the view.

    In Zurich I’d walk
    along cobblestone streets,
    And gaze over the lake
    while sending out tweets.

    My Kindle would get some use
    in Lausanne’s cafes.
    I’d pull up a chair
    and retreat for the day.

    So debate and ponder
    this difficult choice
    But if you choose me,
    I’ll surely rejoice!

  • Andrea Kiss
    May 15 2012

    I would choose Transilvania, it’s a wonderful place, beautifully green with amazing sceneries. Must see place is Brasov, deep in the Carpathian mountains, It’s an amazing little town, with really friendly people.

  • Hanne
    May 15 2012

    Being from Denmark myself I voted for you guys to go to Paris 🙂 The croissant beats the Danish pastry by a mile!

    That said, I found some tickets on SkyScanner, within budget, that would take myself and my best friend and boyfriend to Iceland. We would go horse-riding, see geyser, glaciers and and waterfalls, and relax in the Blue Lagoon. A perfect romantic getaway, scandinavian-style.

  • May 15 2012

    Unfortunately, a $650 budget won’t get me very far from Baltimore-Washington International (BWI). I would go with Montreal, coming in just under the allotted amount of moolah. I have been dying (okay, total exaggeration) to check out the foodie scene in Montreal. Call me silly, but Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal has been in my dreams at night. That’s right. Some women dream of Ryan Gosling, I dream of other kinds of meat.

    Also, if you haven’t been to the Netherlands, I highly recommend the city of Tilburg. Charming and beautiful. Studio is a fantastic eatery.

  • May 15 2012

    I’m so fortunate to live near a major international airport. From SFO the options seem limitless and hard to choose from.

    Since I’ve never been to Central America, I’d choose a one-way ticket to Belize for just under $500.

    In Belize, I’d have an easier start since English isn’t uncommon. I’d learn to scuba, eat like mad, and try very very very hard to not get a bot fly!

    Then, I’d head off on a trip around the rest of Central America, eventually making my way by land back to San Francisco.

  • Sylvia Pearson
    May 15 2012

    I would definately go back to Malta. Only had time for three days there but fell in love with it. Our previous favourite was Jersey, but Malta is so much fun we have moved it to the top of our list. Very economical too and with a good bus service so you don’t need to hire a car.

  • May 15 2012

    I voted for France, because that is really a shame not to have been there. I know it’s my home country but so much to see and eat there.

    As for me, my airport being London, I would choose Israel for 418 euros. It’s a recent dream, but I would love to explore Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Palestine and the surroundings. The food, the kindness of people, the countryside, the desert, the spirituality, the Dead Sea, a place very different and exotic. I would like to go and understand the people, try to know more about the situation out there and understand all of it.

  • Sabrina Bianco
    May 15 2012

    France tends to be a little bit cliché, but as a fellow traveller, it is one of my favourite places on earth. The views are magnificent, the food is divine, the people are (almost always) friendly. I would try and get into the countryside. Paris is a must, however the coastal region is glorious. I’m already planning my retirement there! (in about 40 years…)

  • Mike Gardiner
    May 15 2012

    After much thought and deliberation..Malta would have to be my first choice, followed closely by Poland, having never been to either and would really like to. Sun, Rain, Sand, Snow a holiday is a holiday and it is what you make it…

  • Karen Ridgway
    May 15 2012

    I voted Poland as at work there are some lovely Polish people.

  • Kirsty Mushing
    May 15 2012

    It was only a couple of months ago when I was moaning to my friend about how I wanted someone to set up a website where you could just put in a departure airport and take a look, and lo and behold my fave flight website did! And so to celebrate me and my friend did exactly this, inputted Bristol, UK and now we will be taking a two break in Croatia, exploring the rugged coastline on a boat! All for under 500 euro!! If only I had a Kindle that I could read whilst sailing around the med sea……………….

  • Chris Lawson
    May 15 2012

    To Vienna, to see my new grandson.

  • Michael
    May 15 2012

    Only in Malta are you going to get 7000 years of history characterised by a dozen or so rulers, 3 fluently spoken languages on 3 inhabited islands, and an independent country with a parliament, a football team and it’s own beer in an area smaller than Krakow.

  • Stephen Hill
    May 15 2012

    Poland. Because it it a country that was linked to us by honour, yet I know very little about. This is strange when you think of the consequences of our action to support Poland. I know that there must be so many beautiful places in Poland and it is sad that I cannot name one of them.

  • Tina R.
    May 15 2012

    Hi, I’m Tina from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I can TOTALLY recommend the Western Balkans. 500€ isn’t a lot of money in these crisis-hit times, so you need to choose wisely and travel cheaply. I promise you’d have the times of your lives.

    My home airport is Ljubljana, and you’d be flying to Sarajevo, Bosnia. You could theoretically take a train, but it’s tedious as Bosnian railroads aren’t the best (to say the least).

    Sooo okay, you arrive to Sarajevo. Things to do there:
    – Try to pronounce cevapcici (chevAHpchichi)
    – Buy cevapcici.
    – Eat.

    Take a train to Belgrade. Things to do in Belgrade:
    – Party on the floating boats on Sava
    – Eat cevapcici
    – Compare Serbian cevapcici with the Bosnian ones

    At the train station in Belgrade, buy a Balkan flexi pass for 51€. Travel to Sofia, stay there for a day or two if you like. Then take another train (with the same pass you bought in Belgrade!) to Istanbul. YAY now you’re in Istanbul for next to nothing. Stroll the markets, buy spices and all the other lovely Turkish goodness.

    Go back to Belgrade (with the SAME pass, wooo I can just hear you saying “this is unbelievable!). Buy a night train ticket to Ljubljana (Belgrade special, only 6 per train, only 25€ -> but you need to book early!).

    Enjoy Ljubljana with the money you have left. 😉

  • Susan Knights
    May 15 2012

    I would go to Rome for two reasons. Firstly I could spend time with my darling husband in the most romantic country in the world. Secondly I can go to Vatican City and reinvigorate my faith. However slight challenge in that I would love to go from Birmingham UK as I live near there but that would cost 507 euros for the two of us – just outside the budget. So I plan to drive to London Heathrow and this would only cost 308 euros. This would then leave money for me to pay for a romantic dinner for two. Heavenly!

  • May 15 2012

    Definately Poland. Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities we have visited. Krakow and it’s surrounding areas are full of culture – the city square is the largest in Europe (possibly the world – sorry, I forget). It’s spotlessly clean, the food is lovely and so are the people. Of course you must also visit Auschwicz (very humbling) and the salt mine (no it’s not boring – it’s amazing!) The mountainous regions are stunning and full of activities.

    I would put my voucher towards a flight to New Zealand. My son went over there backpacking for 6 months, fell in love with a local girl after being there only 5 days and hasn’t come home. That was two years ago and I haven’t managed to see him and desperately miss him. His intention is to get married in Australia in a couple of years but I would hate for that to be my first time of meeting the girl who has stolen my baby from me 🙁

  • Kenley Arndt
    May 15 2012

    I voted for Poland. There are a lot of Polish people in England and I think you should visit Poland and see why they all leave. Surely it can’t be that bad!

    If I had 500 Euros, I would stretch it to go to Iceland. Another local airline recently announced a new flight schedule to Iceland, and starting posting interesting facts about the country (such as Icelandic people believe in elves and change their roads so as not to disturb them!). I had NEVER considered going to Iceland before, but now I am fascinated by it, and intend to travel there one day.

  • I just discovered Skyscanner. I didn’t realize you could leave the destination blank. Awesome feature!

    May 15 2012

    I vote for Poland. I went there without much expectations. I was very pleasantly surprised. Beautiful country.

  • Liz Goddard (@moreolives)
    May 15 2012

    Skyscanner is a fab tool – it is going to make planning really easy and yet difficult at the same time. I actually chose the first result on my search from my home airport- Norway because I have been wanting to go there for the past few years – to sail the coastal route and go to the Lofoten Islands- but it’s expensive so your $650 was a god-send!
    Good luck with your travels 🙂

  • Kyriaki Zacharioudaki Apelidou
    May 15 2012

    I would definitely go to Prague! Beautiful scenery and the Czech hospitality are the perfect combination! Add yummy, super cheap food to that and you have Heaven on Earth!

  • May 16 2012

    Poland! Poland! Come on. Go crazy, adventurous. Be you.
    Nomadic Chick recently posted..Yangzhou, China: Photo Essay

  • Jean Brownlie
    May 15 2012

    We would love to go to Bulgaria again and this time to travel around to see more
    Costs are cheap and the people were very friendly

  • May 16 2012

    Come on Malta!
    Ayngelina recently posted..Moloka’i’s ghost town

  • May 16 2012

    I voted for Poland. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know much about it but am curious and would like to get your perspective. Plus, perogies are delicious! 🙂

    Where has Skyscanner been all this time? This is exactly what I need to daydream a few more adventures. 🙂 For the contest budget, I have to go NYC-Peru in Sept for $396. The incredible landscape from the Andes to the Amazon, the colorful markets, and the food put Peru high on my must see list. Plus, this archaeology nerd has been working out and is ready for the Inca Trail!

    Thanks again for sharing your Turkey adventures. I leave for Istanbul in a week!
    Shtina recently posted..New York Public Library

  • May 16 2012


    Now I’m going to have to check out Skyscanner.

  • Steph - ROK'n
    May 16 2012

    I think you should go to Poland. June will be a great time of year to hiking (lovely and warm, but not too hot) and it will be kind to your wallets (especially after coming from Rome! But all four options actually sound amazing – have a great trip 🙂

  • Steph - ROK'n
    May 16 2012

    From my home town of Newcastle, England, I can fly to Girona in Spain for only 38euros. I can take the rest of my budget and spend it on a meal at the world famous El Celler de Can Roca. The three Roca brothers own this 3 Michelin star restaurant and was recently awarded the 2nd best restaurant in the world. This place is definitely on my bucket list!!

  • May 16 2012

    I voted for Denmark because they invented Danish pastries which are lush,they own Greenland where Father Christmas resides,they were Vikings,they invented Lego,they have the Oldest Monarchy in the world,Scarlett Johansson is half-Danish,the Danish Government pays you £600+ a month if you go to University, University is free,Healthcare is free,they have a CRAZY language.But mostly because it’s a beautiful country with really friendly people and lots of things to see and do.

  • May 16 2012

    It’s a toss up between Malta and Poland. They’re both equally beautiful and magnificent so good luck in choosing!

  • Tim Hirtle
    May 16 2012

    Denmark. One of the worlds first parkour parks was opened here in 2009. I’d haven’t been here yet myself but I’d love to see someone elses perspective on the city and the parkour park.

  • May 17 2012

    Malta or Poland, for sure!

  • May 17 2012

    What a great tool! I’m definitely trying it in the future. I love the spontaneity of it all. I voted for Malta, because I’ve never been and know very little of the place, so it be nice to read about it here. Have fun wherever you end of visiting.

  • May 17 2012

    Woops. Forgot to enter!

    I looked up flights from Auckland, which is the nearest international airport from me at the moment, with no specific destination and found return trips to Tonga for $US280 in August. Never really looked much into Tonga until now, but found that it is one of the only places in the world that people can swim with humpback whales at that time of year, which I found cost about $US160 online. I would buy four nights in a single tent on Mafana Island ($US80) as well as rent a snorkel and mask to view the island country’s beautiful reefs. The rest would be spent on Tongan cuisine like Lu, ‘Ota ‘Ika and umu prepared meals, one dinner will have to be at a restaurant that does traditional Tongan performances. After that I’d enjoy the free things Tongan beach life provides, swimming, tanning wildlife, natural wonders like freshwater caves and bonfires at night.
    Bobbi Lee Hitchon recently posted..What I’m thinking Friday, 11 May

  • Gord Heck
    May 16 2012

    I vote for MALTA it looks like the island from the movie Mamma Mia and would be a wonderful place to see and spend some time in

  • May 17 2012

    We’ve been keen to go to Estonia since we moved up here. And I suspect prices from Stavanger are such that it’s about as far away from here as our budget would carry us =)
    Andrea recently posted..6 Questions People Ask Us – Answered!

  • Ali
    May 17 2012

    I voted for Malta. I was there a few years ago for a friend’s wedding, and I thought it was just gorgeous. Though they all sound like good choices!

  • For A$436 (which is about the same as US$430) Skyscanner will get me from my home airport of Christchurch, New Zealand to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Vanuatu was the only non-Australian destination on offer for under US$650. I haven’t been there. It’s a Polynesian island so bound to be beautiful. I used the date 24 September as it’s my 30th birthday. Couldn’t think of a better birthday present!! The only catch? It’s a one way flight. 😉

  • Patricia
    May 17 2012

    I can’t find where to vote…?

    Tough choice, but I’m going to say Malta for no other real reason except that one of my Design teachers was from there and you just don’t hear of that place as much as the other ones.

    So…go there!


  • May 17 2012

    i would go to poland. plllllease let me go to poland!!!
    the stunning natural landscape, and the history alone are worth a trip to that amazing country!

    • May 17 2012

      My home airport is Calgary, Canada.
      I would use the 500 towards a one way ticket to Mongolia!

  • May 18 2012

    I voted for Malta because it seems to be a gorgeous island, and you will be able to enjoy the sun and the blue seas!

    With a 500 euro budget I would go from my home airport, Amsterdam Schiphol, to Hamburg, Germany. I don’t need 500 euros for the ticket, but this is simply the place I really want to visit at the moment. I lived in Hamburg for 7 years, came back to The Netherlands 4 years ago. I spent a big part of my childhood in Hamburg (age 7 – 13), so I feel very connected to the city. Everytime I come in Hamburg it feels like home, but there is also still a lot to explore and if I get the chance to visit again I would try to explore areas I don’t know so well. I also still have quite a few friends there which I would like to visit!
    Hamburg is simply a very nice city with a great atmosphere. A lot of people might not know amazing Hamburg is and visit Berlin instead, but personally I think Hamburg is a lovely city and really worth a trip.

  • Makayla
    May 19 2012

    I voted Poland but my second choice was Malta!

    Just had a go using the skyscanner tool and am shocked to see that I could fly London- Kenya for less than £300 (although I would have to leave in 2 days time but still).
    So I’d travel to Kenya- go cycling in Hells Gate NP, do a safari in the Amboseli NP, hop over the border to climb Mt Kilimanjaro (has been on my (evergrowing) to-do list for as long as I can remember but hoping to do a charity climb one day) and then jump back over the border to the Kenyan coast to recover and do a bit of snorkelling in one of the marine national parks. I’d finish on a high by going white water rafting on the Tana River!
    Africa is such an amazing and yet under-rated continent. So much to offer!

  • May 20 2012

    I picked France, I have a weak for Paris. It just magnificent, and every time I come there it as if I’m there for the first time. Every time new experiences!

    But…If I had 500 euros to spend I would fly to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania and travel there around by train, maybe see Saint Petersburg in Russia. But most of all enjoying the relative new countries.
    Davied Meerstra recently posted..Bernina Railway

  • May 20 2012

    I voted for Malta! If you’re in relatively big city in Slovenia and then Rome in July, it’ll be nice to have something relaxing in between. Also, with a limited budget it’s a lot easier to get by in Malta. I just got back from Majorca (similar destination) yesterday and spent less than 500 euros total because we found a cheap apartment on the beach, then rented a car, and only went out to eat twice. All of our entertainment was free because we were immersed in nature, swimming, hiking, sightseeing. You can also get such nice produce at the open air markets in the Mediterranean and that makes it fun to cook and have dinners on the terrace. Do it! It’ll be relaxing and fulfilling for 500 euros :).

  • May 20 2012

    I have been traveling for one year in Europe, Africa and SA Asia. Right now I am back home in Latvia. Meeting my family and friends and just taking a break after one year of traveling.
    It’s been just one month back home, but I can’t wait to be on the road again and explore new places.
    So, here’s my plan for road trip to Ukraine with travel budget 500 EUR.
    Riga (Latvia) -> Tallinn (Estonia) = Hitch-hiking FOR FREE
    Flights from Tallinn are cheaper than from Riga. Good reason enough for going there and enjoy the lovely city.

    Flight from Tallinn -> Kiev (Ukraine) = 216 EUR
    Kiev -> Mukachevo = Hitch-hiking FOR FREE
    In Ukraine I’m planning to go hiking in Carpathian mountains, enjoying nature and home-made vine.

    Mukachevo (Ukraine) -> Budapest (Hungary) = Hitch-hiking FOR FREE
    After spending few days in nature it’s time for city life and why not Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Budapest is called as “Little Paris of Central Europe”, tempting enough.

    Flight back home – Budapest -> Riga = 234 EUR
    Total expenses – 450 EUR.
    50 EUR still left, so I guess I will spend it in home-made vines in Unkraine 🙂

    And I vote for Poland.
    IlzeZee recently posted..Der zināt, apmeklējot Angkor Wat tempļus

  • May 20 2012

    I would choose Polish mountains for you, I really liked it there and it’s much cheaper than your other options.

    Now. Where to fly with Skyscanner?

    After more than 500 days traveling with my backpack and over 40 countries visited, home is where I am. Right now I am in Riga, in the Baltics, so I checked where to go from here.

    Before leaving this area I would love to visit Estonia, so I decided it would be better to take flights from Tallin. From Riga to Tallin I would stop in Tartu, and I would keep the transportation costs at 0 because I would go hitchhiking.

    On Tallin I would decide that it has been too long traveling hitchhiking and, after long time thinking, I would decide that the best next step would be to pedal the world. To buy a bicycle and travel this way.

    For storing up and planning I would decide that the best place suggested by Skyscanner is Manchester, cause I found a very cheap flight for just 25€.

    Once there I would keep the rest of the budget for buying the bicycle!

    One more thing… I am not just imaging how it would be, I am going to do it! I have already buy the ticket and as soon as posible I will be riding my new bicycle travel-companion. 😉
    Pablo Mandado recently posted..12 lugares donde he dormido gratis durante 300 noches

  • Dammit, missed the vote. Only just came across your blog. Love it! I would have voted Poland, not that it makes any difference now…

  • May 22 2012

    Just saw that we missed the vote! I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Malta! I never knew on skyscanner you could leave the destination field blank — am very excited about this feature!! Am going to start playing around with it now!

  • May 23 2012

    I am late on seeing this post, but I vote for Denmark. Just got back from a visit to Sweden yesterday, and the summer there is so spectacular. Copenhagen is a great place to explore, and then hop on the train over to Malmo for some beach time and awesomeness in Skane!

  • May 24 2012

    I unfortunately currently live in the sleepiest town in America; Delaware, Ohio. Besides tipping cows and watching squirrels fight over dibs on trees there isn’t much here and I would love to get away.

    Even with a generous budget allowance I could only make it to Mexico according to Skyscanner. I’m not upset with this notion at all because there is much to see and do in Mexico and I could lay by the beach and watch seagulls vs. squirrels.

    If I were to win the Kindle I could use it to read about Mexico’s history while laying on the beach drinking a Dirty Monkey then backpack around seeing the way locals live. I would very much like to find myself in a crazier-than-real-life experience that may or may not include the following: drug lords, angry foaming-at-the-mouth monkeys, fresh pic de gallo, and my American-Mexican friend named Aleyda who is married to a Honduran named Primo (meaning cousin in Spanish).

    If I met new friends that could teach me to dance with hula hoops on fire I would very much like to tour Mexico as the Amazing Fire-Lit American (respectively my stage name) and use my fame to get me more Dirty Monkeys.

    After my escapades I could end my long lived fame, excitement and glory by reading my won Kindle in an abandoned hut near the sea where I prepare to write a novel and make enough money to buy Kindles for every child in Mexico. This is, unless the angry monkeys find out where I am and chinese water tortue me into telling them my book idea and thus steal my book contract which would have concluded the story with me becoming a New York Times Best Seller.

  • May 24 2012

    p.s. a Dirty Monkey is an awesome drink in Mexico that contains coffe liquor, tequila, and pina colada mix

  • May 24 2012

    go to paris! it’s so nice there!
    Tanned recently posted..Que faire à Vienne?

  • Don’t be embarrassed for not having been somewhere. I feel funny that I haven’t been to France but there’s a good story behind it. If my EuroTrip was a movie, France just didn’t make it in for this particular story. Maybe in the sequel? Or the maybe 3rd movie with a love interest?

    I would feel more embarrassed that I found out about this competition a fortnight too late. *blush*
    Loz in transit (Memento Year) recently posted..Travel coincidences and Counting the serendipities: ft Comedians Pete Holmes, Matt Besser and Daniel Kitson

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