Spontaneity and the Slovenian Countryside


“Do you have your bathing suits with you?” Our friend Gregor asked, shifting his gaze from me to Pete, and back again.

“No,” I replied slowly as I was clearly confused. “I thought we were just meeting for coffee.

“Well, we will go get them then.” And that, we did. Forgetting about schedules, deadlines and a never-ending to-do list, we submitted to being swept away in the name of spontaneous adventure.

And what followed was a most captivating day of exploring a side of Slovenia that we surely would never have gotten to on our own. We weaved through an area known as the Ljubljana Marshes, a protected mass of land just south of the capital city. We hiked, we cooled off in a refreshing river, we pigged out on pork (again), and listened intently to Gregor rattle off facts and tales about his beloved country.


A road trip is best taken with man’s best friend along for the ride. In this case, it was Gregor’s sweet pup Kira.

Road trip Slovenia


One of the most striking characteristics of the Slovenian countryside is the many churches perched high up on hills. They sit completely solitary above small villages and can be seen spread out all over the country. Because of their position, the churches were used as secure refuges during times of invasion and war.

Churches in the Slovenian countryside


Church steeple Slovenia


This is where folk heroes are made. This small abandoned barn is where famous Slovenian writer Fran Levstik spun his tale about Martin Krpan, a salt smuggler whose brave antics during war rewarded him with special smuggling privileges. Sometimes in Slovenia, it pays to be a badass.

Barn Slovenia


Down a well-trodden path in the forest, we passed a few other locals who took to the river for refreshment from the scorching sun. After only a few minutes, we couldn’t resist it ourselves. Neither could Kira.

River Slovenia


We shouldn’t have been surprised at the turn of events in our day. One thing we have learned about our Slovenian friends is to expect anything. Quick meetings turned into day-long events, with some even stretching into the wee morning hours.

We’ve never had to consider bringing our bathing suits to coffee dates before. But now we know.

Road trip Slovenia


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  • Ter
    August 8 2012

    Hey! Let’s go for coffee…I just want to take my dog for a swim first. Do you mind? πŸ™‚

    Love it.

    • August 9 2012

      The day took quite an interesting turn, for sure! Loved it.

  • Chrystal McKay
    August 8 2012

    100 points for spontaneity! What a great day. Slovenia has SO many little secret places! My favourite photo is Kira’s head sticking out the window! I love the motion in it with her pure JOY!! Makes me miss my husky!

    • August 9 2012

      I love that photo too. She is SUCH a sweet dog, and we had SUCH a great day! πŸ™‚

  • August 8 2012

    Love this post! Be sure to always have your bathing suit in your bag…just in case!
    Jennifer recently posted..Emma’s Favorite Dog Friendly Beaches

  • I will never forget my bathing suit when meeting friends for coffee again! What an exceptionally unexpected surprise. I love this post too.

    • August 9 2012

      You just never know Debbie…better to be prepared! πŸ™‚

  • Sounds like an excellent day!

  • Ali
    August 9 2012

    That looks so beautiful! Sounds like a fun day, and the dog is so cute!
    Ali recently posted..How to Travel Carry-On Only

    • August 10 2012

      Kira is SO sweet and was so much fun to have around. πŸ™‚

  • Andy
    August 9 2012

    Ah, what a great surprise! Spontaneous adventures are absolutely the best kind!

    We just had a spontaneous camping trip last weekend and it was a great time – lots of sun, grilled foods, and sleeping to lapping waves of Lake Michigan.

    • August 10 2012

      That sounds pretty awesome Andy! The best experiences are those that are unplanned, I do believe!

  • Alouise
    August 9 2012

    Slovenia looks so pretty. Sounds like being spontaneous paid off.

    • August 10 2012

      Slovenia is incredibly gorgeous. We have so many great photo posts coming up, the country is a photographer’s dream.

  • Ana Mamic
    August 10 2012

    This looks fantastic. What’s the name of the river? I wanna get there as soon as possible! πŸ™‚ And speaking of spontaneity, I advise you to spontaneously visit Logarska Valley. You’ll thank me later.

    • August 12 2012

      AHH! Logarska Valley was on our list but we never actually made it there (we’ve since left). I will spontaneously do so when I return.

      Sorry! I don’t know the name of the river…if it can even be called a river…it was quite wee.

  • August 10 2012

    Unplanned is always best I’ve learnt. As is naked swimming.
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: from the Facebook Page (Edition ii)

    • August 12 2012

      Haha, that would have been an option I suppose. πŸ™‚

  • August 15 2012

    You look very beautiful and very happy in that last image, D!

    That second photo with the clouds, the orange roofs and the green, green grass…LOVE it! I’d like to go there too.

  • August 24 2012

    For me, exploring new places with friends makes for a perfect weekend. I can imagine how exciting it would have been for you especially when had no idea how your adventure (or should I say a coffee meeting) would turn out to be.
    No matter what stage in life we are, it is always fun and rejuvenating to find new places, witness new cultures…and if it is in the company of your friends (and an adorable Kira), there’s no doubt that the trip becomes memorable.
    Katie recently posted..This I Want To See: Cloud Atlas Extended First Look

    • August 25 2012

      Thanks Katie! You’re right, this ended up being one of our favorite memories from Slovenia! πŸ™‚

  • September 18 2014

    Slovenia truly is wonderful. Spent 6 months there with a friend and native, he began every drive, trip and excursion with ‘I suggest we first have a coffee.’ Unfortunately he wasn’t much for swimming so I have to go back and jump in the Soca. Thanks for the post Dalene!

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