She Saw, He Saw

By Dalene

From under a pile of white blankets, I saw Pete come and go.

She Saw, He Saw - 001Between extended naps, I rolled out of bed to consume vitamins, antibiotics and whatever form of nourishment he had prepared for me. I had left Finland with a devastating cold, and spent my first ten days in Berlin almost entirely bedridden. Worse than my nose being rubbed raw or my inability to breath properly was my broken spirit – my intense desire to roam Germany’s capital was crushed and all I could see of the city was the view out the window.

Twice I was sure I was on the mend, or at least, I tried to will it so. I spent precious energy preparing to be seen outdoors, smeared tinges of color on my pale face and wrapped my hair into a ponytail, only to find that I had expended all of my energy in those few actions. Back to bed.

Berlin has long been one of those cities that I’ve been dying to visit, ever since my Gram brought me a piece of the wall from her visit in the early 90s. And it was all there, just outside my door, but Pete would be the only one to see it for a big part of our stay….

She Saw, He Saw - 002


By Pete

Being in Berlin and having Dalene get sick just plain sucked. Here I was in a city that I’ve been especially excited to discover and half of me was confined to a bed.

When I did venture out for a couple of afternoons while Dalene napped, I did what I normally love to do – I aimlessly and mapless-ly wandered the streets. I found and explored the Tiergarten (aka, Berlin’s Central Park) and got lost down its paths. I marveled at the magnificent Victory column and Brandenburg Gate. I sampled the local cuisine and found some great nearby take-away joints to bring Dalene sustenance (even though she couldn’t taste a thing).

Berlin victory column
Brandenburg Gate
She Saw, He Saw - 007

Being on my own also brought about a new obstacle, as I became an open target for the working girls just down the street. Not knowing much German, I was able to at least practice my “Nein, danke” quite often.

Nothing was the same, and I didn’t like it. Not having my other half to share these experiences with weighed heavy on me. I almost felt selfish enjoying these sights on my own.

Most of Berlin would have to wait.


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  • It really was a shame that you got sick Dalene but it’s only a reason for you guys to come back! It is sooooo much better in Summer!

    I’m glad you feel better and I’ll see you guys soon in Berlin again πŸ™‚
    Sebastian @ recently posted..Die Nordlichter in Nordnorwegen Erleben

    • March 31 2013

      We will be back! Although I believe now that Berlin kinda hates me – making me sick 2 out of 3 weeks – I will come back and show her who’s boss!

  • March 29 2013

    I was just so sad Dalene was ill in Berlin. That happened to me in Paris of all places. So, I can feel you pain. Pete, it is indeed difficult to completely enjoy the beautiful sights without sharing them with the one you love. Beautiful sights, delicious food and funny events need to be shared, that’s all there is to it. May the rest of your travels find you healthy, safe and joyful.

    • March 31 2013

      Thanks so much Janet! It was a tough go in Berlin – being sick 2 out of 3 weeks – but I will make it back there! πŸ™‚

  • March 29 2013

    Oh what a shame you were ill! I HATE traveling and being sick, it’s the worst. πŸ™

    • March 31 2013

      I know! Lucky that Berlin is probably a place we will easily get back to, so I am sure I will get another chance!

  • March 29 2013

    That’s really unfortunate however another reason to return. I hate being sick even if it’s sunny out and I’m in Vancouver, can’t image having a new city to explore and being stuck inside.

    Pete – agreed, not being able to share it with your love would be tough, how was the food that you were able to try?

    • March 31 2013

      The food was GREAT (when I was able to taste it). The two big fast foods: Turkish doner and currywurst are always tasty!

  • March 30 2013

    Sorry you were sick for much of your stay, Dalene. And Pete – I live across the street from the prostitutes. Thankfully I’ve walked past them enough times with my arms around my boyfriend so they don’t all pester me quite as often.
    Adam recently posted..It’s been a gay week! From talking politics to gay travel stories

    • March 31 2013

      I think Pete secretly enjoyed the attention. πŸ™‚

  • Brian
    March 30 2013

    Being sick on the road definitely sucks! Both for the person who is sick and for one who isn’t, as you want to share everything with each other. Dalene – I hope you feel better soon!

    • March 31 2013

      I’ve since recovered (the blog is running about a month behind now – haha!), and I hope that is the last I see of sickness for a long time!

  • March 30 2013

    Such a beautifully written article!
    I feel very sorry for you Dalene that you’ve been sick in such a great city as Berlin, but Sebastian is right: now you have a good reason to come back in summer!
    And the egoistic part of me is very happy, that you at least made it to the BlogCamp and visiting us! πŸ˜€
    Enjoy Turkey!!

    • March 31 2013

      That was one of my semi-good days, and we were very happy to stop by BlogCamp, and meet you Carina! πŸ™‚

  • March 30 2013

    I know what that’s like – I much prefer exploring with Vera as she always sees things that I’m too busy gawping at important things like clouds to notice πŸ˜‰ Also love the idea of this post – might have to give it a go!
    Laurence recently posted..Tips for sleeping on a plane

    • March 31 2013

      Clouds ARE distracting, it is always better to have two sets of eyes. πŸ™‚

  • March 30 2013

    I totally understand how you guys felt. It’s heartbreaking when your partner is sick. It’s just less fun without the half of you, right?
    Hope she recovered okay, and wish you’ll have another chance in Berlin again!
    Juno recently posted..Runaway Photo: Best of Italy

    • March 31 2013

      Thanks Juno! It was a long road to recovery (I was sick for 2 out of 3 weeks in Berlin), but she’ll always be there, we’ll just have to get back to explore!

  • March 30 2013

    I love the Mickey photo, I`m sorry to hear you were sick but don`t worry Berlin is one of those cities you know you will visit again.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: Racist Candy?

    • March 31 2013

      What I wanna know is, what is Mickey doing in front of the Brandenberg Gate anyways?

  • March 30 2013

    Pity you were sick Dalene, but no worries, Berlin will always be there.

    • March 31 2013

      Truth. Can’t wait to get back, and hopefully Berlin is kinder the second time around. πŸ™‚

  • Abby
    March 30 2013

    Aw, MAN! Actually, my first trip to Germany was to Frankfurt. We were so excited to spread our legs for an entire week there after some heavy backpacking. And both of us got sick as dogs. All I remember are these fluffy beds at some hostel that let us sleep all day and night!

    • March 31 2013

      Ohhhh Abby, I had a good laugh over your comment. Typo? πŸ™‚

  • Nat
    March 31 2013

    Oh no – bad for you both. Gives you a reason to go back though
    Nat recently posted..Off the Beaten Track in Boyali Village

    • March 31 2013

      Truth. And it’s an easy place to get to, so I know we’ll be there again. πŸ™‚

  • March 31 2013

    Tim can’t travel as much as me or as often and that’s how I feel when he’s not there – selfish to be exploring without him. I know he really wants to be there and somehow it’s just not quite as fun without him.

    Bummer Dalene was so sick. πŸ™
    Jennifer recently posted..Top 10 Things to Do in Budapest

    • April 2 2013

      Yeah, it really sucked. But, luckily that we had as much time as we did there or we wouldn’t have seen anything at all! Next time…

  • Kim
    March 31 2013

    I love that Mickey photo. So very cool. Hope you feel better soon Dalene.

    • March 31 2013

      I’ve thankfully recovered (we are, oops, about 1 month behind on the blog now), but the sickness did come back for a second kick. Nasty!

  • March 31 2013

    EW! I totally understand. I teetered on being half insane – going out regardless of fever and dripping snot all over myself. I had only gotten in 3 days last time and it wasn’t enough.

    I would love to hear your impressions next time around!

    • April 2 2013

      Based on even the small amount I did get out, I liked it a lot. Reminded me of New York in some ways, and is definitely a city I’d like to spend much more time in.

  • April 1 2013

    I guess getting sick is sort of inevitable at some point but what an absolute grrrr that it happened in a place that you were looking forward to so much. Two weeks; you must’ve been knocked flat!! Berlin is a place that is really starting to build in interest for me. I’m bracketing it in a trip for 2015 – ugh, so long away!
    hayley recently posted..Motatapu Adventure Race – not your average bike ride

    • April 2 2013

      I haven’t been that sick in a really, really long time. And the cruelty was that I got better for a few days, then it took over again for the end of my stay. So cruel!

  • Emily in Chile
    April 1 2013

    Being sick on the road is never fun, but what a shame that it had to happen in a city you were so excited to explore! I hope you make it back soon.

    • April 2 2013

      Luckily, Berlin is an easy city to get back to. I’m sure it will happen before too long!

  • Sam
    April 6 2013

    That’s kind of sad πŸ™

    I do like how Pete’s pictures of Berlin make it look like he was there in the 1980s! I guess that’s a pretty easy effect to achieve in Berlin!

  • I saw Berlin in 1982 when the big backpacker trip was a day-trip to the east side. The only East Berlin city map available showed a grid of 4 streets by 4 streets downtown, you had to spend at least 100 marks while there, and when I took the train out a few stops and then came back an hour later, a guard I hadn’t noticed commented that I’d made an awfully quick trip. Couples were crying and embracing as they parted on the east side of the border.

    It’s on my bucket list to see the new Berlin!!
    Emily of Roads Less Traveled recently posted..Costalegre: Cuastecomate – Exploring a β€œSecret Anchorage”

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