Review: Scottevest Travel Clothing

First: a confession.

I am wearing lady clothes, and I like it.

Scottevest Review SeV Chloe Glow Hoodie

Looks good, right?

This is the Sev Chloe Glow Hoodie, and when Dalene realized she had ordered it in a size much too large for her, she was prepared to send it back.

I decided to give it a whirl before she packaged it up. I needed a new jacket, and it turns out that I look damn good in red.

Not only that, but it is so practical for traveling. The hoodie has 15 pockets, only 2 visible from the outside, but there is a place for nearly everything on the inside.

Need a spot for a smart phone? Check. A spot for an eReader, check. A spot for a small camera, memory cards, headphones – check, check, check.

And yes, even a spot for my lipstick. You name it…and they have thought of it. They even have a patent on something called the Personal Area Network (PAN) which allows me to wire headphones through specifically designed conduits in the clothing leaving no loose wires hanging and headphones completely hidden.

One feature I’m not sure about: any ideas on what I would use an infinity zipper for?

Zipped Up

And the jacket also looks great with my second item from Scottevest…the Hidden Cargo Pant.

Scottevest Review Hidden Cargo Pants


They are  extremely fashionable and practical (even if they don’t have a pocket for my lipstick). Designed with NanoTechnology by using a Nanotex fabric which resists spills, they are perfect for a traveler who needs to get 2-3 days wear before having to launder them. Plus the material feels durable and comfortable.

Overall thoughts

I love the style of the clothing, and all of their items were obviously designed by travelers for travelers. Scottevest has thought of some pretty impressive ways to transport gear inconspicuously. The clothing makes it easy at airports to have everything in one place and speed right through airport security without having to empty numerous pockets.

We had some fun with the amount of pockets. Without me looking Dalene hid my her lipstick in one of my pockets. It took me 14 seconds to find it. So if you’re going to load up all your pockets, be prepared to take some time tracking down where you put things until you get used to it.

Scottevest Review - pants and hoodie

What I am concerned with is the weight and bulk of the clothing. When both of the items are packed into luggage my limited amount of space is considerably used up. These clothes are meant for travelers, but not nomadic travelers like us. The pants certainly served their purpose and looked sharp for the events when I needed them. Unfortunately now I will have to leave them behind as I need to be conscious of what I carry.

I’m keeping the hoodie and I’ve worn it quite often, especially on travel days. It has been especially convenient when going through airport security. The fabric is starting to pill in places and I’m a little disappointed with this, but it is not totally noticeable unless you are up close.

Overall I am impressed with the Scottevest clothing (both the men and women’s line) and would recommend the Scottevest products to any short term traveler.


Scottevest sent us some of their TEC clothing to try out. All opinions we have expressed are my own.


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  • June 17 2013

    I kind of love that hoodie.. but not only am I confused by the infinity zipper, but why would you need a hidden pocket for lipstick? I’ve never been concerned about having my cosmetics stolen while traveling. (But maybe I should start?)

    • June 18 2013

      Haha, I don’t think that pocket is to hide the lipstick, just to put everything in it’s place so there’s no one big pocket full of a dozen things (like happens in my purse)!

  • Caryn
    June 18 2013

    How long have you had it, and how often have you washed it, before it started to pill? I hate that, too!

    • June 21 2013

      We didn’t have it for very long and it pilled (just a couple of washes). It is just a small bit around the wrist and hasn’t pilled anywhere else thus far!

  • June 20 2013

    Thanks for the great review! The infinity zipper is a design feature…plus, you never know when you’ll need the added warmth! 😉

  • Fil Resendes
    August 19 2013

    Have you ever tried to get any sleep at an airport while waiting many hours for your next flight?

    WELL… that’s probably what that infinity zipper is for. Just zip it up and block out the bright lights.

    That’s what I would use it for. LOL!

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