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I wanted our anniversary to be perfect and so planned to surprise Dalene by whisking her away to Paris. Of course, I also wanted our accommodations to be special. Working with Go With Oh I was able to find a flat in the Le Marais district.


Go With Oh Paris - Entry


When we walked in we were greeted with a long hallway leading into the living room, with tall, elegant ceilings. The bedroom was very large for Paris standards, and same went with the rest of the place. It was charming, comfortable, and would do just fine for our special occasion.


Go With Oh Paris - Hallway of Flat


Go With Oh Paris - Coffee Table


Go With Oh Paris - Bedroom


Go With Oh Paris - Light Fixture


The location of the apartment was perfect, being just minutes away from a main metro stop (Rambuteau) and we could wander down to the Seine across and be at Notre Dame in less than ten minutes.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bistros and supermarkets nearby. Our home in Paris made us feel as if we were locals.

In the morning I would take a quick walk to buy fresh croissants, bringing them back to the apartment to enjoy with our morning coffee while overlooking the terrace. Then we would get to strolling, to find something new that Paris had to offer. And after a little cat nap in the afternoon we would prepare ourselves to go out and enjoy the best of French cuisine for our dinner.

There are charming little bistros nearby to sit and enjoy our cafe noisettes. We would take photo upon photo of Paris street scenes. We fell head over heels for this city and knew that we would be back at some point.

I can’t imagine experiencing Paris any other way. There is something about the city that when we were experiencing as a local does we felt more connected with it. We understood why so many fall in love and end up in Paris. Who knows, maybe we’ll just end up there too.


***Our stay in Paris was provided by Any thoughts expressed as always are our own


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  • October 29 2013

    We love this and we were so happy to be included in making your anniversary so exciting! We’re happy you had a lovely time and found Paris to be so full of love! 🙂
    Congratulations again on your anniversary!
    Beautiful photographs by the way!

  • Tammy Young
    October 30 2013

    Couldn’t agree with you more. So glad you guys fell in love with Paris! My husband and I spent our honeymoon (2011) in Europe – Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome – and we felt such a connection with Paris. We returned last year, with our kids, and are going back in just a few short weeks to spend a couple of weeks in Italy and a month in Paris, and (hopefully), have a White Christmas. Each of our trips, we’ve rented apartments, and it really does make you feel connected to Parisian life. I couldn’t visit Paris any other way!

  • Robin
    January 15 2014

    Love your photos!!

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