Welcome to Guatemala

Guatemala brought all the colour, adventure, and relaxation we needed desperately in early 2013. We spent almost a month touring this big country, climbing volcanoes and Mayan ruins, relaxing near crystal-clear pools and in the gorgeous city of Antigua.

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Lake Atitlán

  • There isn’t much to Panajachel, the main town on the Lake, but these views are the reasons you should head there anyway.
  • The market in nearby Chichicastenango is not your typical Latin America market.

Semuc Champey

  • This scantly visited and hard to get to spot in Guatemala turned out to be our favourite. Here’s why.
  • This visit was about more than just gorgeous pools and lazy swimming, Dalene made a major connection there.


  • We had a 2:30am wake-up call to see the sunrise over the Mayan Tikal ruins. Sure would have been nice if the sun showed up.
  • Not discouraged, we continued touring and were treated with witnessing an intimate Mayan ceremony.

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