Pinching, Poaching, and Smoking


A good travel blog post is supposed to be replicable – so “they” say – it should wax poetic about a dreamy experience and then tell the reader how they can duplicate it exactly.

This is not one of those “good” posts, as this experience is entirely unreplicable (save for two small loopholes in which you might be able to make it happen, but I will explain those later).

Therefore, this post is just full of good old-fashioned, rub it in your face, bragging. Please forgive us.


It started with an invite to dinner from our two dear friends Jacquie and Scott in Calgary. In a running exchange of emails, they were teasing us with what *might* be on the menu:

Jacquie – If you happen to be free earlier than the dinner hour, feel free to come and do some pinching, poaching and smoking!


The exchange continued with us trying to guess what foods would have us employing all of those techniques. We did manage to figure some of it out and became excited about the ‘Canadian’ themed meal, but we never could have guessed the extent of gastronomical goodness they had in store for us.

Although, it shouldn’t have been a surprise really, given the famous culinary skills of our gracious host. We should have fully expected to roll ourselves away from the table, stuffed and sated, and elaborately gushing for days to come about what we had eaten. (Another friend whom we saw a few days later said: “We’re just going to order pizza when you visit, just so you know, I’m not competing with THAT.”)

Scott Pohorelic, our master chef for the evening, took over his first kitchen at the age of nineteen. For six years, he commanded the acclaimed River Café in Calgary where he helped shape a cuisine focused on regional and sustainable ingredients. He was named Calgary’s Top Chef by Where Magazine in 2010 and was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Chef’s Domain”. Scott now works as a culinary instructor at S.A.I.T., helping to shape the next generation of cooks.

(So, yeah. Let the bragging begin!)

We started with (read: devoured) a peach and fennel salad, topped with hazelnuts, thinly sliced moose pepporoni, and slivers of sharp cheese. The dressing was made from Camelina Oil, fennel, choke cherry vinegar and guar gum.

Fennel and Peach Salad


Next came the first dish representing one of the mysterious action verbs: smoked prawns atop Brandade (cured salt cod). To get the smoked effect, Scott heated wood chips covered in salt in a cast iron pan until they were ablaze. He then placed a funnel over the wood chips and directed the smoke up into a glass which he had cooling in the freezer. The glass was then placed over the prawns and Brandade for a minute to infuse another slight layer of savoury flavour. (Nevermind that it was also a super cool fog show around the table!)

Smoked prawns


The other two action verbs led us to the main course of the evening.

This one we had guessed ahead of time, of course perogies need to be pinched! These were filled with cubed potatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar and parsley.



Making perogies


The poaching was entirely unexpected (because, really, who knew this was possible?): bison poached in butter, cooked sous-vide (a low temperature cooking technique that originated in France). The bison was initially seared to keep the juices in then submerged in butter. It was kept at 125 degrees such that the meat was medium-rare throughout, and completely bursting with flavour.

Poaching Sous Vide


The bison and perogies were plated together with grilled cauliflower, fresh carrots, beans and chanterelle mushrooms, and topped with a sauce made from Saskatoon berries.

Main Course Bison


And to top off the tiny bit of room we had left in our stomachs: a white chocolate and coffee panna cotta topped with candied pecans, blueberries and brandy.

Panna Cotta


It was all, in one word: divine.

The food itself was magnificent, but the real treat was to spend such a wonderful day with good friends, cleaning hazelnuts, pinching perogies, learning, laughing, drinking.

During dinner, Scott commented that for as delicious as good food and wine may be, it is the company that makes all the difference. I couldn’t agree more and I wanted to throw out a high-five in passionate affirmation, to reach across the table and give that man a hug.

But I was too busy eating to put my fork down.

Dinner Guests




We’ve gotten to know Scott and Jacquie well over the last five years, and we are so thrilled to consider them good friends. Partaking at their dinner table is an incredible added bonus.

But for those of you who are just interested in replicating this evening of pinching, poaching and smoking with the Pohorelics if you’re passing through Calgary (such an evening is highly recommended), there may be a way to sneak yourself in, if you show up at the door with a couple of things in hand.


1. Bring a cute cat

Not only are they lovely friends who spoil us with amazing food when we visit, they also happen to be the adopted parents of one of our cats. Leaving Oscar at their place before we went to travel had to be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, but we are so happy that he is in such a great home (and we definitely scored some brownie points when them too, as Oscar is one of the sweetest cats ever).



 2. Bring your karaoke voice

Jacquie is a SingStar fiend! Show up ready to belt-out some tunes and I’m sure she’ll let you in and ply you with food.

Excessive cleavage might help to.

After Dinner Karaoke


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  • October 18 2012

    Ooo la la… looks pretty good! Can I go to the next dinner party?

    • October 19 2012

      Bring a cat and some cleavage, you might be able to sneak in!

  • October 18 2012

    Who would not love to have friends like those. I remember my Blogger friends who took such great care of me in Japan, oh! I am so grateful to them 🙂
    Arti recently posted..ISKCON Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple, Tokyo – Japan

  • October 18 2012

    I can do both those things. Not well, but I can do them. That dinner looks amazing. No, that word doesn’t seem to cover it.

    Oscar looks a bit like my mom’s cat Ashes. What a cutie pie!

    • October 19 2012

      He is SUCH a doll. I think about him so often – and if I *really* thought about him long enough, I think I might pack up, move home, and steal him back. 🙂

  • Gillian @OneGiantStep
    October 18 2012

    Now those are friends to have!! How to reciprocate though?!

    • Jacquie Pohorelic
      October 18 2012

      Giving us their cat…wait, I mean…their amazing friendship, is reciprocation enough ;0)

      Thanks for blogging this guys! WOW! We feel so special for this to have been posted.

      Man your camera skillz are wicked amazing! If you ever need contract employment on your travels you could be food stylists/photographers and/or animal photographers.

      • October 19 2012

        You are a doll Jax! Thanks so much to you and Scott, it was such an awesome night! xo

  • October 18 2012

    Yummmm. That all looks/sounds delicious!

    I will be sure to have a cute cat and my excessive cleavage ready to go whenever I visit Calgary.
    Amanda recently posted..Albania is Weird

    • October 19 2012

      Those might be two good things to have wherever you go! 🙂

  • Ter
    October 19 2012

    Hmmm, I have a cat AND a dog, lots of cleavage and love to sing. I think BFFs?

    • October 19 2012

      No! You can’t have them! They are our friends! 🙂

  • Excessive cleavage ALWAYS helps.

    • October 19 2012

      It doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure! Well, maybe in some countries…

  • October 19 2012

    The bragging worked. I am now starving! Good food and good travel go hand in hand:-)

  • October 19 2012

    New to the blog but can you guys be my friends? None of my current friends every invite me to dinners like this. I have to tell them they are slacking in that department. Where can I get moose pepperoni?

    • October 19 2012

      The moose pepperoni was courtesy of even MORE great friends of ours. We are spoiled! 🙂

  • Dayna
    October 19 2012

    Hmmm, I served you a glass of tap water during our visit. After reading this post I feel like an even worse friend! Not that I can compete with homemade perogies and poached bison! Glad you had such a great dinner and visit!

    • October 20 2012

      Well, it IS a giant competition you know, so you had better at least give us bottled water next time! 😉

  • October 21 2012

    OMG, forget swooning over George Clooney! I’m swooning over Scott – or rather his food. That Jacquie is one lucky gal to have a personal chef.

    But seriously, sounds like an awesome night and those are some really great friends to have!
    Jennifer recently posted..The Rice Fields of Pals

    • October 21 2012

      It was a really awesome night! Jacquie is a lucky lady, but she is pretty awesome and deserves it as well. 🙂

    • Jacquie
      October 23 2012

      I know right? I am a lucky girl indeed!

  • October 22 2012

    Absolutely wonderful! As I am actively working to come and eventually visit Canada next year, I ABSOLUTELY want to experience a dinner like that, and – as you say – in the company of lovely people.

    Tell Scott and Jacquie that I’m ready to bring any kind of goodies from Italy for having such an honor. No kidding! 🙂

    • October 23 2012

      Scott frequently travels to Italy as a part of a Slow Food delegate, I’m sure his arm could be twisted with the promise of some goodies. 🙂

    • Jacquie
      October 23 2012

      Let us know when you come to Calgary! We can talk Italian trade for sure!!!

      • October 24 2012

        Ooooh! Let me know when you come to Italy. I’m not often at home in Milan, but would be delgihted to meet you here. I won’t cook for you :-D, but would love to show you a bit of my city.

  • October 22 2012

    pfff. travel blog rules. designed to be broken I say 😉
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: from the Facebook page – Edition IV

    • October 23 2012

      I don’t know that we’ve actually followed that rule…EVER…to be honest! 🙂

  • Everything looks amazing. Impressive!

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