Our Traveling Twins?

Since our foray into the travel blogging community just a few months ago, we’ve virtually met some really incredible people.  People who share our passions, our ideology, and maybe even, some traveling DNA?

Warren and Betsy are one of our favourite traveling couples from the popular website Married With Luggage.  As we started to get to know each other, we realized that we had so much in common, it was honestly kinda creepy.  Not only did we each get the inspiration for traveling out of tragic events in our lives, but we also purged our belongings to begin our adventures, and we both started our world travels in South America.

Not to mention, we all look super cute in hats and toques

And all four of us are pretty good jumpers!

The similarities are startling, right? So, because we are not actually able to meet up in person right now to test our DNA (W&B are currently on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic), we decided to take the second most reliable, scientifically proven way to determine kinship…a rousing game of “Would You Rather”!! What better way to test our connection then to compare answers on seven grueling and hard hitting questions?

So. Here we go… WOULD YOU RATHER…..

1. Shovel snow in Russia or bat away large spiders in the hot heat of India (for one week)?

P&D: Shovel snow in Russia. Neither of us can stand hot hot heat, and Pete knows that he would be the only one batting spiders while Dalene sits in a fetal position screaming.  Besides, we’re Canadian.  We’re professional snow shovelers.

W&B: Well done, as it seems with just our first question already we need to split up and head to different countries.  After camping on Antarctica it seems that Betsy is looking for heat and seems completely nonplussed with the prospect of overgrown arachnids.  Meanwhile, Warren’s disdain for heat and love of reindeer would have him honing his snow shoveling skills for a week in Russia.  Our hope is we can meet up in China afterwards to compare stories, tend to Warren’s frostbite while researching cures for Besty’s “Dehli belly”.

> Ed. note: Cheaters!  You can’t NOT choose one!  Have you ever played Would You Rather before?  Fail.

2. Skydive naked or scuba naked?

P&D: Scuba. Can you imagine the chafing from all the cords and straps when flying thru the air?

W&B: This question worries Betsy deeply since Warren needs no excuse for getting naked in public.  After riding a bike naked in a parade and skinny dipping in the Antarctic Ocean, Warren is clearly open to all possibilities.  However, if forced to just pick one we would absolutely don our scuba gear and dive in for a naked underwater adventure.

> Ed. note:Remind me to bring an extra towel if we ever go scuba-ing with you!


3.End world hunger or hatred?

P&D: We subscribe to the Liz Lemon (30 Rock) theory that everyone in the world just wants to enjoy a good sandwich. We believe that if world hunger were to end, that hatred wouldn’t be far behind. It’s hard to be angry with a satisfied tummy.

W&B: End hatred and you end hunger.  So many of the problems in society today are a result of hatred bred from outdated beliefs or a feeling of superiority to others.  However, if you end hatred then you understand that every person deserves at a minimum access to good education, clean drinking water, and food.  We are all on this planet together and hatred only serves to pull us apart and avoid reaching out to work together to solve the BIG problems.

> Ed. note: But, what if it’s a really good foot long sandwich with extra cheese?

4. Spend an extra $200 to fly or endure 24 hours on a sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable bus to get to your next destination?

P&D: We did option B when traveling from Buenos Aires to Santiago and sat next to a kid who puked all over himself and then filled his pants later as well. Option A from now on.

W&B: Because we are not particularly constrained by time, we have elected to take the bus virtually every time.  The goal of each trip is not just the destination but the journey as well.  For now we will bask in the romantic images of a happy busload of locals cruising through the mountains as we soak in the experience.  Of course, we will couch this by pondering just how smelly this bus will be and reserve the right to complain once on the bus.

> Ed. note: May you never have to endure the kind of ride that we did!

5. Have no hot water or slow internet (for one week)?

P&D: No hot water. Can’t stand slow internet, and as long as we’re not shoveling snow in Russia at the time, we can get by on cold showers no problem.

W&B: Ah, if only we had the choice for at least one of these for a week it would be such a happy time.  After 6 months on the road if we can just have 1 of these we are feeling lucky.

> Ed note: Remind me to send you detailed instructions on how to play Would You Rather… 🙂

6. Be deserted on an island alone or with someone you can’t stand?

P&D: Disagreement on this one. Pete needs someone to jabber to (ask Dalene how much writing she gets done when he’s around), but Dalene would rather take the solitude then have to deal with someone that she doesn’t like. But if forced to choose, we’ll both take the person we can’t stand, and Dalene will just have to ignore.

W&B: Betsy’s inclination is to be alone, but after deciding she cannot request unlimited books the decision was to go with someone we cannot stand.  After an extended time together you are sure to understand why the other person is so horrible and come to terms with it.  If not, at least you can occupy your time and apply your creativity in devising new ways to kill your stranded companion.  Either way it beats being bored alone.

> Ed. note: Ahh…the entertainment factor of plotting murderous revenge!  We never thought of that.  Good one!


7. Forget your sunscreen on the beach or your bug spray in the jungle?

P&D: There is no way we could agree on this one. Pete burns when it’s cloudy but never gets bitten, Dalene doesn’t usually burn but gets munched on by any hungry bug in a 10 mile radius. But if forced to choose, Pete would endure the burn in order to avoid Dalene’s whining about the itchy bug bites.  Probably a smart choice.

W&B: Easy, forget the bug spray in the jungle.  With our alabaster skin, 10 minutes on a beach leaves us both looking less snow-white and more cooked-lobster.  Besides, bug spray is just cheating the fun you get from feeling like you are being served as a rare delicacy at some crazy buffet for bugs.

> Ed. note: Wow!  Can I borrow your rose colored glasses when it comes to the bugs?  Pete would pay big money for those!

Okay, so maybe we don’t share some sort of special-travel-DNA, but Warren and Betsy remain on our list of travelers-we’d-love-to-share-a-beer-or-ten-with (also so that we could review the rules of Would You Rather with them in detail).  For now, we are excited to continue to get to know them and follow along on their journey.  You should too! Here’s where you can find them:

Website: www.marriedwithluggage.com

On Facebook: Married With Luggage

On Twitter: @wtalbot and @betsytalbot


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  • April 6 2011

    Thanks for the fun round of Would You Rather. By now you now know that we are terrible game players and cheat/change rules to suit us. Well, Warren does anyway. 🙂

    We know we’ll meet up with you one day, though I hope it is not in any of the scenarios described above (except that last bit about the 10 beers thing – *that* would be okay).
    Betsy Talbot recently posted..6 months of travel- has it been worth it

    • Peter
      April 6 2011

      It was fun! Thanks for being such good sports! I look at as “bending” the rules, and isn’t that what life is all about?! 😉

      We will meet up for sure and have those 10 beers 🙂 Enjoy the Atlantic and keep the posts coming!

  • April 6 2011

    This was a really fun post! Great to “meet” you Warren and Betsy.
    Teri recently posted..Vertigo

  • April 6 2011

    One of the best interviews I’ve read. I really enjoyed it.
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..Traveled Earth Business Cards

    • Peter
      April 6 2011

      Thanks Mike, glad you enjoyed it! It was really fun to think these up and the answers along with them.

  • April 6 2011

    Great fun – you two surely do come up with the most entertaining post notions! The questions, most thought-provoking. And the answers? Hysterical!

    P.S. Honestly? I had to Google for “Would You Rather?” as I’d never heard of such a game before. Interestingly… I discovered that apparently the very first question ever posed for the game was:

    Would you rather: slide down a 50 foot razor blade into a vat of alcohol, or suck all the snot out of a dog’s nose until its head caves in?

    LOL, by comparison, your questions are pretty tame! 😉

    • Peter
      April 6 2011

      LOL! Yeah, when we were trying to think of questions, we found some pretty obscure ones. I have even done this at school as a warm up for classes, the students love it!

      I never knew that was the very first question, and to answer, I’d have to take the razor blade, I couldn’t imagine doing that to a poor puppy… We’ll surely be doing this segment again in the future. It was fun!

  • This was a completely fun post! There wasn’t a question I even had to hesitate to answer though. 🙂 As usual, it is enjoyable getting to “know” other travel bloggers.
    Debbie – European Travelista recently posted..Photogenic Lucerne Switzerland

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      Hmmm…no hesitation, hey? So…world hunger or world peace?? 🙂

  • Mom
    April 6 2011

    I had a great time reading this post & pondering my own answers. Food for thought !!!!

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      I’d be interested to hear your answers too Mom! xoxo

  • Amy @ Nomadtopia
    April 6 2011

    Fun stuff! Great way to get to know all of you better. I’m going to start doing some interviews on Nomadtopia (let me know if you’re interested!) and this is getting me thinking about some fun and creative interview questions.

    • Peter
      April 6 2011

      Thanks Amy! Of course we would be interested, let us know!

  • This was fun!! Warren and Betsy are one of our fave couples too and looking at their answers we might actually be the ones sharing DNA!! We only disagree on #3 🙂
    jill- Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..Climbing SE Cathedral Peak- Yosemite – A Trip Report

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      You could very well be right! Glad you enjoyed the post. You know we are going to be playing a WYR segment with you guys at some point!

  • April 7 2011

    Thanks for the absolutely awesome read! I’m still new at this and it’s good to see such fun and entertaining people milling about.

    And any post that has a Liz Lemon reference is tops in my books! Love it!!
    Raymond recently posted..What’s in Your Travel Toiletry Bag Slightly Troubling Things You’ll Find in Mine…

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      Haha, thanks Raymond. We’re kinda 30 Rock nerds, glad you appreciated that 😉 It’s great getting to know all the other travelers out there and having a little fun at the same time!

  • Kim
    April 7 2011

    Yay! I love married with luggage because they are just as funny as you guys are. Maybe you do creepily share some DNA. Loved this ‘Would You Rather’ segment. Genius!

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      Thanks Kim, this could be pretty popular going forward, so maybe you guys would be interested in participating in a future post??? We might or might not share the same DNA, but it would be fun nonetheless…

  • April 7 2011

    Your posts are always hilarious, I LOVED the “Ed. notes”, very professional 😛

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      Like I really know what I’m doing or something – haha! 🙂

  • April 7 2011

    I was so lucky to meet these two in Lima, Peru. Where are WE going to meet?
    Ayngelina recently posted..Nazca’s got nothing on Chile

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      Good question!! Wish we were going to be at TBEX, but the purchase of a new camera won out in the battle over our dollars….

  • April 7 2011

    Creative post idea! Fun way to get to know Warren and Betsy, too. Just now “liked” their Facebook page.

    • Peter
      April 7 2011

      I’m glad! You won’t be disappointed, they are a lot of fun to follow!

  • April 8 2011

    Love the idea for this post. I wonder now who would be my traveling twin!
    Natalie recently posted..20 Black and White Pictures of Turkey

  • April 8 2011

    Great questions, Unique idea. Love it

  • April 8 2011

    I absolutely love this. What a unique way of interviewing!
    Spencer Spellman recently posted..Write Your Own Story- The End-Part 5

    • Peter
      April 8 2011

      Cheers Spencer. We ask these quite often with people we meet, so it was fun throwing into our blog and getting to know the Talbot’s a little better.

  • Ahahaha! This is probably one of the most entertaining blog posts I’ve read in awhile!

    I love their answer to #3 (I completely agree), and I have to admit that I’m a major rule-changer when I play any game. I also may or may not cheat a lot… but usually only when I’m bored and need to liven things up, and I’m (almost) always open about my cheating ways. 😉
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..Photo of the Week- Southwestern Mountain Range

    • Peter
      April 8 2011

      Ha! right on Christy. I’m the same, as I don’t like to play by the rules (they are meant to be broken right??). Dalene hates it and it usually ends up quitting and me laughing (by myself).

  • April 9 2011

    Love these! You win the award for best comparison travel interview ever!! 🙂 Really fun to read and laughed aloud several times – and have to say, I would give up hot showers forever if it meant consistent internet 😉

    • Peter
      April 9 2011

      Thanks, quite an honor 😉 Glad it made you laugh. I think we would both probably give up a lot of things in exchange for consistent internet.

  • April 14 2011

    All four of you sound like people I’d love to meet.

    Preferring cold showers over slow internet?! Oh you must be a travel blogger!
    Anita recently posted..Actun Tunichil Muknal- THE Cave To Visit In Belize

    • Peter
      April 14 2011

      haha, I ask that question to anybody here in Central America and it is hands down taking cold showers. I guess because the majority of showers are cold here anyway. The answers probably differ when you get into cold climates and need some heat. But even still, I would still take cold showers, yep we’re travel bloggers.

  • April 21 2011

    okay, just too damn funny. Follow both of your blogs, so definitely enjoyed the game.

    Can I choose option C and just avoid the large spiders all together? I can handle most things, just not a fan of the spiders. Gives me the willies just thinking about it!

    • April 21 2011

      Do you not know how to play Would You Rather either? There is no option C! 🙂

  • May 22 2011

    haha I loved this
    the similarities are crazy!
    Great idea
    Seattle Dredge recently posted..5 Reasons to Stay at an Airport Hotel

  • Becki Orth
    October 22 2012

    I totally agree with Anita! You all sound like people Andy and I would love to meet!

    I’m from Wisconsin, and if you don’t shovel snow, you’ll never get anywhere. And I cried during LOTH rings when Shelia appeared, so I’ll take shoveling, oh, and the bug spray in the jungle!

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