Here is a sampling of some HOT house-sits available around the world!
(Current as of January 26, 2020)

House-Sit Close to Historic Downtown in Riga, Latvia

Dates: February 07 to February 18, 2020

Take care of two cats close to the historic downtown of Riga. The place is located five kilometres away from the city, it’s a great place to enjoy both nature and city life. The cats are very independent, you only need to feed them and hug then a couple of times every day. The house is very nice, has a sauna and a shared garden; there are many places, both natural and historical, that you can visit during your free time.

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Amazing Paradisiacal House-Sit in Sam Rio Yot, Thailand

Dates: July 11 to September 12, 2020

Stay in an amazing house surrounded by beautiful beaches, paradisiacal islands and impressive caves. The property is big and comfortable, it has three rooms (one for the cats) a swimming pool and a big garden. The job is to take care of a family of three cats, the mother and her two kittens; they don’t require any specific attention, just the regular. During your free time, you can either relax in the house or explore all the amazing places nearby.

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Stay in a Medieval Village in Veyssilieu, France

Dates: February 27 to March 08, 2020

Explore a medieval town in southeast France while taking care of one dog and one cat. The property is located in the countryside and is big and comfortable, with a big garden and a swimming pool is great for a couple or someone who likes peace and quietness. The house is fifteen minutes away from downtown; if you want to visit other cities like Lyon or Grenoble, it will be easier for you to have a car. Nevertheless, the train station is very close.

“This post is in the owner’s first language of French, please use the translate tool.”

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Explore American Historic Sites in Alexandria, United States

Dates: February 23 to March 02, 2020

Live American History in this very well located property in Virginia, very close to Washington DC. You’ll have to keep the apartment clean and tidy while taking care of two Schnauzers. The place has three rooms in total so you’ll have plenty of spare time to visit many of historical American landmarks. Alexandria’s downtown dates back to the XVIII and XIX century, so it’ll worth visiting in case you’re attracted to American History.

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Mountainous House-Sit in Krattigen, Switzerland

Dates: February 15 to April 15, 2020

House-Sit a property in the middle of the mountains surrounded by forests and wonderful overlooks of Lake Thun. The job is basically to take care of six cats, feed them, clean the litter boxes and play with them once in a while. You’ll also have to water the plants and keep the house clean. In your free time, you can enjoy hiking and biking in the woods nearby.

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Long-Term House-Sit in Andalucia, Spin

Availability: March 21, 2020; Long Term: Seven Months

Experience the Spanish traditional countryside in a beautiful XIX century mill-house with a well-equipped gym and a swimming pool. You can enjoy the traditional Spanish culture while working as a host for the people that visit the property on a regular basis. You’ll also be taking care of a couple of birds and some fish. There are plenty of gardens and green areas that need to be watered during the summer as well. Notice that this is a paid position.

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Experience Maltese Culture in Ta’Xbiex, Malta

Dates: March 23 to March 28, 2020

Visit Malta and stay close to La Valeta while taking care of a nice Dog on this gorgeous island. This a short house-sit but you’ll have time to explore the historic streets of La Valeta. The dog is a large breed and needs to be fed and walked every day; its better if you have experience with dogs. The house has a traditional Mediterranean style and is very comfortable.

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