Here is a sampling of some HOT house-sits available around the world!
(Current as of December 09, 2019)

Visit the Heart of Istambul, Turkey

Dates: January 17 to February 02, 2020

Take care of a house cat in Istambul, he needs attention during the evenings but during the day you can enjoy all the History and Culture this beautiful city has to offer. The apartment is close to everything you need: bus terminal, metro station, shops, theaters, etc.

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Share a 3 Story Shop-House With Two Cats in Singapore, Singapore

Dates: December 18 to January 08, 2020

Visit the amazing city-state of Singapore while taking care of Franz and Pablo. Both are cats, Franz is very young but Pablo not so much. They need a lot of attention but they may grant you permission to hang out by yourself if you do your job well.

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Chill With Raven in Albuquerque, United States

Dates: December 15 to February 29, 2020

Raven is a 3-year-old rescue dog who needs help with all her doggy needs. She lives in a quiet apartment complex with all amenities;  she likes nature, walks, and naps besides the attention and cuddles every dog likes.

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Enjoy The Outdoors in Vancouver, Canada

Dates: December 21 to January 04, 2020

Take care of two mid-size dogs in the Canadian West-Coast. The place is located in Vancouver’s outskirts, close to mountains, forests, and the ocean.  You will have to keep the dogs clean and fed, besides doing some house maintenance as well.

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Pet-Sit Two Dogs and a Parrot in Alicante, Spain

Dates: December 19 to January 08, 2020

Enjoy the traditional villa lifestyle in Spain. You’ll have to take care of the owner’s two dogs, and the parrot. House-sitting is required as well.

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Pet/House Sitter Wanted in Mississippi, United States

Dates: Starts on Dec 31, 2019, and lasts for 2 to 4 months.

Have a great time in Mississipi gulf coast while hanging around with a 12-year-old English Bull Terrier. She has some special needs due to her age but if you like the Ocean, you will find plenty of cool stuff to do around.

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Work in a Farm in Dordogne, France

Dates: April 01 to April 07, 2020

Help is needed for a variety of animals: cows, horses, and dogs.  The place is 8 km away from the closest town so its perfect if you like rural life.

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