Honduras’ Next Top Tour Guide!

Recently I wrote about being a “Human Time Capsule” and how after over two years of traveling, I find myself lost when it comes to popular culture. References to Charlie Sheen “winning” and the latest fashion trends are easily lost on me. So to, is anything related to reality TV, of which I admit to having had some devotion to in my former life.

So when Pete came up with the idea to host our own “Honduras’ Next Top Tour Guide” contest, I was all for it. If we can’t watch it, why not create it ourselves?

We kept it small in scope, and asked some of the kids at the Sandy Bay Alternative School to wow us with entries on the best thing to do in Roatán. The winner (and a friend) would be taken with us on whatever activity we decided on.

We had entries from several students, but one clearly stood out from the rest as having the chops to make an excellent tour guide. Chakra entered a number of times, each time with appealing reasons as to why he should be chosen:

Chakra doing his Lady Gaga performance

“How’s that for excitement…huh?”

“Wanna feel true testosterone?”

Spoken like a true, cheesy, tour guide. And, how could we not pick the kid that has done not one, but two, Lady Gaga dance routines at school functions. This kid has got charisma!

We had our winner!


A couple of weeks ago, Chakra and his friend Brooklyn joined us at The Pirates of the Caribbean canopy tour, located on the east end of Roatan, and laying claim to the longest single zipline in Latin America, at over 1,800 feet in length. It was a fun afternoon of flying over treetops on a perfect, breezy island day!

Our fearless jungle swinging crew – Pete, me, Brooklyn, Chakra and Carlos

The ziplines were built on an angle such that they would automatically slow you down at the end.  For the first few lines, Chakra and Brooklyn had to jump together to combine their weight to make it to the end.  It was hilarious to watch as they bickered and screamed at each other almost the whole way across.

Chakra – the fearless tour guide!

Pete, showing off his skills and flying upside down.

Huge thanks to Carlos Melgar for hooking us up with the canopy tour! Check out this Facebook group –  Roatan Sights and Attractions – for all kinds of info on what to do in Roatan, plus many giveaways!

To see more of our canopy tour photos and other memories of Roatán click on our Facebook Fan Page and become a member.

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  • June 6 2011

    Such a fun notion “(Honduras’ Next Top Tour Guide”) – you two will surely be sorely missed by the Roatan locals.

    Ah but no doubt Honduras’ loss – will be Ireland’s gain! 😉

    • June 7 2011

      Aw, thanks Dyanne! They had better miss us here – haha!

  • what a great idea! your tour guide sounds like a champ. enjoy your last few days in roatan. damn i miss baleadas!

    • June 7 2011

      You can have all the baleadas – blech! 🙂

  • Anyone who busts out Lady Gaga dance routines is an automatic win in my book! 😉
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..The Sea Spirit House in Yachats- OR

    • June 7 2011

      My thoughts exactly. The kid’s got style!

  • June 7 2011

    Too much fun. A Zip Line is on my short list of things to do and I think we just found a place that has them up here in NY, I am so checking that out this summer 🙂

    Sad to see you guys leave, I am sure, but sounds like your little man will pick up just fine where you left off!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..June 6- Get Lost

    • June 8 2011

      Zip lining is so much fun! I’ve done it many times – my favorite had to be in Colombia, where instead of having a way to make you slow down on the line, they just had these massive mats on springs at the end, so that you’d run into them at full speed!

  • Andrew - The Unframed World
    June 7 2011

    That looks super fun. Lady Gaga moves FTW!!
    How much was the zip line by the way?

    • June 8 2011

      Haha – the kid has some serious style! The zip line was okay – I’ve done it many times before, and it wasn’t quite my favorite, but it was good. The first line was the longest I’d ever been on, so that was pretty fun to be flying over tree tops for close to a minute!

  • You must have made that tour guides day. What a cool thing to do.

    • June 14 2011

      We had a pretty fun time, and he was excited to be chosen to do it. 🙂

  • No videos of these infamous Lady Gaga’s moves? Pity 🙂 I still find it hard to believe that you guys are not in Honduras anymore. How are things back in Canada?

    • Pete
      June 15 2011

      I know. That day batteries were running low and I was assigned by the school just to take photos, so yeah bummer no vid. I find it a little hard to believe we are not in Honduras as well. Despite it being really cold, things are going well in Canada. Our friends and family have been great to see, and we are getting excited for our next leg of the trip…. Hopefully things are great in Baños! Say hi to Karl and Natalia for us 😉

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