Guest Post: Top Places in Hawaii for Scuba Diving

Hawaii – or the six major islands that make up the Aloha State – is a popular destination for holiday makers, especially those who prefer their activities to be based in water.

The reason for this is obvious – it’s a great place for it! There are a number of pretty fantastic locations for oceanic fun in Hawaii, and there are so many different varieties of critters under the crystal clear sea that it is the perfect place to indulge in a spot of scuba diving.

With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best places to get your SCUBA on!

Maui – Molokini Island

This island was once a volcano cone, but it has since collapsed into the sea, eventually becoming home to a spectacular coral reef, absolutely teeming with a number of rare tropical fish, not to mention sharks, dolphins and even turtles!

It is now a marine sanctuary, meaning that everything that lives in the reef is protected, but you can still scuba dive here; in fact, it’s one of the very best places in the state! If you are an experienced diver, there’s something here for you too – when you fancy a challenge, try taking on the Molokini Wall, a sheer drop into deep waters!

Photo by: Flickr user Hani Amir

Photo by: Flickr user Hani Amir

Hawai’i – Night Diving for Manta Rays

Head down to the Kona coast of an evening and you should find a host of tour operators, all ready to leave as the sun goes down. Take in the marvellous views of the ocean sunset as they ferry you to the dive site, then pull on your mask and plunge into the warm dusk waters.

The tour operators will shine lights onto the surface of the water – these attract plankton, the usual foodstuff of the giant black and white manta. With your scuba gear on, you can go beneath the rays and watch them as they zoom back and forth, somersaulting as they gobble up the teeny tiny organisms. It makes for a sight that you’ll never forget.

Oahu – Visit a Shipwreck

Okay, so you’ve booked your cheap flights to Hawaii, you’ve decided you want to see something unique, and you’ve set your heart on going scuba diving. Why not combine these two wishes by scuba diving down to the wreck of a ship?

Step (or should that be dive?) back in time and swim down off the coast of Oahu, where you will find the wreck of a Saipan landing craft dating from the Second World War. Also from World War II is a ditched plane – Corsair model – and other bits and pieces.

If you prefer your nature, there’s also Turtle Canyon, which takes its name from the large number of green sea turtles who frequent its waters, or the Hanauama Sea Caves, which make for a once in a lifetime experience.


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