Guest Post: Tips For A Stellar United Kingdom Holiday

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The flight across the pond, or trip through the tunnel, is just the first step to your escape to the land of Shakespeare and Austen and Football, not to mention lots and lots of tea. So what to do once you arrive at Heathrow airport? There’s no use in doing things the hard way if you don’t have to. Make a quick stop at Heathrow Airport Parking to pick up a rental car or a car perhaps left by a friend. Airport Parking is a really convenient and safe way to ensure your travel is without trouble.

However, there is however nothing worse than hopping in a car after a long flight. So, before you head down the road, you might consider a stay at an airport hotel.

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Once well rested, be sure to travel along the coast to visit the famed Lake District before heading further north to visit Scotland. You might also consider taking a walk along a portion of Hadrian’s Wall as well. There are over eighty four miles of wall that you can wander all across the UK, and it’s well worth the stop just to say you touched part of the wall.

While you are in Scotland, be sure to visit the Isle of Skye, photographs cannot do this beautiful Isle justice. You might also want to sample local cuisine at a pub and be sure to get ale straight from the draft not bottled. Rumor has it that you’ll never drink another bottled beer again. Shopping in Edinburgh is definitely a highlight of any trip, so make sure to live room in the luggage for a few odds and ends or ten.

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Be sure on your way back south to stop off in Wales for a visit to one of its beautiful beaches such as Gower in the South or Harlech in the North of Wales. And there are of course a multitude of ancient castles should you crave a more historical adventure on your journey. Explore many in and around Cardiff which is renowned for its festivals, arts and its nightlife. If you are looking for more rest and relaxation, there’s the Llanwrtyd Wells famous not only for being the smallest town in Britain but also for its spa.

Once you’ve rested, supped and seen, fly out of Stansted for a quieter, less hustle and bustle trip out.  Stansted Airport Hotels is a great place to spend the night before your trip. Have a good night’s rest before you bid adieu to your trip and Britain until the next time.


This post was written by Lauren Brown who has worked in the travel industry for over 7 years. Having travelled around the world on a budget she is a firm believer in economical travel. Her favourite international destination is Ecuador.  Please note that the links within the post are paid links.

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