Guest Post: Six Must-See Places in Stockholm


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is one of the cultural hot spots for tourists across the globe.  A cluster of 14 islands interconnected with 57 bridges, Stockholm offers many beautiful and serene views to its visitors. The city has many exciting world heritage spots, pristine beaches, and breathtaking serpentine stretches that excite visitors to no end.

Here are 6 of the must see’s in Stockholm:


Game Park

In Swedish, it is called a Djurgåden, an island situated in the center of Stockholm.  Stunning theme parks and greeneries are the main attractions for those who wish to spend quality leisure time in Stockholm. This is an ideal location for walking and taking in the sights.

Museum of Modern Art

This museum is famous for the blessed art works of Picasso, Matisse and Dali. Apart from the paintings, other amazing cultural works of art will literally take you back to past historic glory. The visitors will get to see a lot more modern art too; works which are truly enchanting.

Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

Photo by: Flickr user rieh

This museum commemorates the sunken war ship of Vasa, which sunk during its maiden voyage immediately after it departed the quay of Stockholm. It was built with the technological help of Dutch shipwright during King Gustavus Adolphus with the intention to convert Sweden into a naval super power in Baltic Sea. In 1961, the ship was completely salvaged and the event was a visual treat for the media worldwide. Now the ship is displayed in the central museum in Stockholm. There is a garden restaurant, slide shows along with the permanent displays at the Vasa War Ship Museum.

The Nobel Museum

This museum is named after the famous scientist, author and inventor Alfred Nobel. Here you will get to see various innovations and contribution of the Nobel laureates. The museum features an extensive library and slideshows to cover the various achievement of Alfred Nobel. Most of his photography and poems are also displayed. One can have a very informative tour to this museum on various subjects of their interest and also will get a clear idea about how the concept of the Nobel Prize has evolved.

The Royal National City Park

This is a six mile long beautiful park spread across Stockholm with lush green and exotic gardens and amusement themed activities. It is rated as the first national urban city park in the world. Also to be discovered are various rare living creatures and colorful butterflies. The Park is a blend of live recreational activities, hotels, sports and entertainment amenities, beautifully structured green landscapes, and swimming pools.


Ice skating

Photo by: Flickr user Mikaela Vazquez

This is the most desirable place in the world for Ice Skating. During winter this tourist spot becomes a hot spot buzzing with games and activities. An array of delicious pastries, vegetarian dishes and other dishes are available to keep visitors energized throughout their stay.

Stockholm is one of the ultra modern cities in Europe with excellent infrastructure and a beautiful blend of traditional and historical culture pulsating with vigor and charm. The alternating greens and whites from summer to winter offer incredible sights that will make any trip a truly memorable one.


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