Guest Post Guidelines

Due to some unfortunate circumstances in late 2016, we had to step away from the blog. For the first time, we asked guest posters to fill our pages, and overall they were received favourably.

In early 2017, the results from a reader survey indicated that 60% of them were appreciative of the new voices, and asked that we continue with guest posts. Since then, we have allowed space for one per month and they have gone over very well. Hence, we are on the hunt for more!

What we are looking for

– If you are a regular reader you know how much we love a good personal narrative. We are very open to submissions that follow in that vein as well, however, we are also very open to your ideas! We also are specifically looking to cover topics such as: housesitting (from the perspective of a homeowner), technology and travel, safety in travel, a guide to “resource sharing” (i.e. housesitting, Airbnb, Uber), and more. Note that our audience typically skews older, so hardcore backpacking articles are less appropriate.

– Examples of some contributed posts that have done very well: (1) Building a long-term travel budget (2) Confessions of a Reluctant Traveler (3) How travel helped me find solace in my grief.

– If we see the opportunity to add in links to our posts or other resources online, we’d like to retain the ability to do so (will talk to you about it first though).

– We’d like each post to be at least 1,200 words.

– We would appreciate applicable photos to accompany the piece (but we can supplement if necessary). Feature photos are 1500X1000, and all others are 974X649.

– We are happy to include 2-3 links – one as your reader bio (to your blog, or whatever!) and one to anything that you wish to promote (an ebook, maybe?).

What you get in return

– Backlinks (of your choice) on a DA 50 site.

– The post will be sent to our email subscribers and highlighted in our monthly newsletter (3.5K+ subscribers).

– Promotion on some of our social networks (tagging you where possible). Our current followings are 16K+ on Facebook, 32K+ on Twitter, 340K+ on Pinterest.

Please, send me your ideas!

Email me at dalene @ hecktictravels . com with your suggestions, questions, or comments. Also please include some writing samples from posts that would have a similar structure to what you are pitching.

And thanks in advance for your consideration!