Back to the Wild

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography and Video by Pete Heck

It is one of those places that is not often talked about or seen through the eyes of a tourist. It is as remote as remote can get, and we can understand how this old saying : “When you’ve seen the world, there is always Greenland!” came into being.

which is exactly why we wanted to go there.

And why we wanted to do it right. The biggest draw of this largest island in the world is its rugged and untouched natural beauty and we wanted to experience it wholly – sleep on it, eat off it, swim in it – basically wrap ourselves in all things Greenland.

Our good friends at Greenland Tours made it happen by inviting us on their Back to the Wild kayaking excursion. We had 6 days on the water and 7 nights in tents. We paddled 96 kilometers, saw countless massive icebergs, plus much, much more. I don’t believe we’ve ever thrown around the words “trip-of-a-lifetime” on this blog before, but today we do.

And we begin sharing our journey with you via video – a brief visual introduction into the stories you can expect to unfold here over the next few weeks. (Be sure to change the viewing quality to HD to see the crisp, glorious sights!)

In the next few weeks, we’ll be filling the blog with all the amazing things we encountered in Greenland! But beyond our usual story-telling, we also think it is important to provide you with a thorough review of the finer details of our journey and of working with Greenland Tours.

Note that our trip to Greenland was courtesy of Greenland Tours. They did not ask us to write a favourable review, and all opinions (as always) are our own. You can find the entire review here, but also stay tuned for many stories and photos!

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  • September 2 2013

    Looks incredible guys! Very jealous 🙂 Nice shots in the video.

    • September 3 2013

      Thanks Peter! It’s a very incredible place.

  • September 2 2013

    The production values on that video are very high. I am in awe of your video shooting and editing skills … well done!

    As far as Greenland goes, all that amazing glacial scenery and the sea kayaking has got me all excited. Gotta find my way there in the next few years!

    • September 3 2013

      Thanks so much James! I hope you do find your way there…Greenland blew away all of our (high) expectations!

  • September 2 2013

    This video was amazing. It made me want to cry. What an incredible journey you went on. I’ve never met you guys but it made me happy that you had the trip of a lifetime. That is what life is about! Living to the fullest! Rock on!

    • September 3 2013

      Thanks Mica. 🙂 I got choked up making it several times too, reflecting on how amazing it was.

  • September 2 2013

    Absolutely love the video. Looks like an awesome experience. Look forward to more!

    • September 3 2013

      Thanks Sebastian! Lots more to come!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kellie
    September 2 2013

    WOW! This looks absolutely amazing, so beautiful and unspoilt. I’m very jealous.

    • September 3 2013

      That is exactly the two words to describe it – beautiful and unspoilt. So glad to have been able to visit it.

  • Mom
    September 2 2013

    Can’t wait for more pic’s & video’s. That looks like the most wonderful experience yet. Can you believe me saying that after all the whining I do about the cold. And you two look so cute!

    • September 3 2013

      Haha! It wasn’t even *that* cold. They do have summer (sort of)! 🙂

  • September 3 2013

    It looks cold! (but beautiful)
    Adam recently posted..10 Tourist Things To See in Central London

    • September 4 2013

      It actually never got *too* cold – between 2 and 12 degs C – that is their summer! 🙂

  • September 3 2013

    This was cool! Can’t wait to see more pics from Greenland. Reminds me a bit of NZ South Island.

  • September 3 2013

    Looks pretty freaking incredible! Can’t wait to read more.
    Amanda recently posted..The Berlin Wall: Then and Now

  • September 3 2013

    Great video. I really want to visit Greenland, and your posts are making me want to go sooner than later!

  • Mariella (Bridgekeeping Traveller)
    September 3 2013

    Aaah, beautiful. And after what you’ve said on twitter about how it compares favourably to Iceland… new bucket list item 😉

    • September 4 2013

      Seriously – the weather was so bad for us in Iceland – it made Greenland look like a tropical paradise!

  • Ed Graham
    September 3 2013

    Ahhh what a cool video! Definitely makes me want to check out Greenland even more than I did already. Nice job you guys.

  • Sam
    September 3 2013

    Looks bloody amazing! Really looking forward to reading more about this trip and, of course, the pictures. On the trip, did you just melt the ice and drink it? How cool! I guess it saves on having to carry all your water with you.

    • September 4 2013

      There were actually lots of fresh water sources along the way – and the water was so delicious. The glacier ice, however, went very well with the small bottle of whiskey we brought along. 🙂

  • September 4 2013

    It looks absolutely gorgeous there. How did you keep your video camera charged while out in the wild? Don’t know how you did it – but love the result!

    • September 4 2013

      We took extra batteries for everything, and some trip participants brought solar chargers which we did borrow once.

  • Ben
    September 4 2013

    Wow, this really does look like the trip of a lifetime! I’d love to get out to Greenland, untouched and pristine. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  • Anna Stewart
    September 4 2013

    May I just say, WOW! amazing!

    • September 6 2013

      Thanks Anna!! Hope you and Matt are well! 🙂

  • Incredible video! I can clearly see why you’d call this a trip of a lifetime. Stunning scenery. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in Greenland!

    Happy travels 🙂

  • Natalia | Always Trekking
    September 6 2013

    Wow, this looks incredible. I’m so so jealous. This is definitely something most of us won’t get a chance to do.

  • September 8 2013

    you guys do love a kayak don’t you? I love that you rarely say no to an adventure… and that you take me along (albeit virtually) – Thanks for another great trip to someplace I’ve not yet seen in person. 😀
    Maria recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Japan

  • September 9 2013

    Absolutely breathtaking! So much so that it feels as though “trip of a lifetime” hardly does it justice! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous video! I look forward to future posts!
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted..INTERVIEW: African Children’s Choir Brings Hope to the Children of Uganda

  • September 10 2013

    Photography. Video. Travel. You two are amazingly talented duo whose adventures have been such an learning entertainment for me. Can’t wait to see more of Greenland.

  • Kilee
    December 28 2013


    I discovered your site via Goats on the Road via 1000 Fights blog. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your video about Greenland… it looks so beautiful! I have to say it’s a country I know absolutely nothing about, but very curious to learn more and it totally looks like somewhere I’d love to visit 🙂

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • December 29 2013

      Thanks for your comment, and happy new year to you as well! Greenland was such an amazing country to visit, I hope you make it there soon. 🙂

  • October 23 2014

    Looks amazing! I’m guessing after paddle swims are out of the question 🙂

  • December 15 2015

    Wow, Greenland looks amazing… Thank you for taking me there for a minute via this awesome movie!

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