Foto Friday – Pucon, Chile

In our brief 3 day stay in Pucon, Chile, we found it oddly similar to Jasper, Canada.  The snow capped mountains, the trees, the whitewater, the great hiking trails, the cozy hostels with wood burning stoves for heat.  But one thing jumped out that wasn’t similar.

A massive, daunting volcano.

Volcán Villarrica looms over the little sleeping town.  You can choose to hike up the volcano early each day and after  can slide or ski down it.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for us any of the days we were here and there was no chance to climb it.  In fact it was not until the day we were leaving that we had the opportunity to see it entirely.

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  • Wow, I can’t imagine living at the base of such a huge volcano. It’s quite beautiful… but sort of scary! I would presume it’s quite dormant, though?
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..Photos of the Week- Bourbon Street

    • Dalene
      March 4 2011

      It is actually one of the most active volcanoes in Chile! It last had a major eruption in 1971, and is one of only five known volcanoes in the world to have an active lava lake within it’s crater. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) 🙂

  • March 5 2011

    Saw your comment on OneStep4Ward.

    Awesome photo and you’re story is inspiring as well.

    • Dalene
      March 5 2011

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  • March 6 2011

    Cool photo! Yea it does so look like Jasper. Keep up the great photos guys! I’m so glad you’re also doing a Foto Friday. It gives me sometime to look forward to!

    • Peter
      March 6 2011

      Thanks Jeff, Lovin’ your Foto Friday’s too!

  • March 6 2011

    That is STUNNING! And terrifying. But there’s something beautiful about the combination of those 2 things 🙂

    • Peter
      March 6 2011

      You’re right, there is something about the combination of those 2 things that just captures and amazes you. I wish I would have climbed it, next time…

  • March 6 2011

    I never would have though that anywhere in Chile would look like Jasper, but you’re right, I see the similarities in the photo. I LOVE Jasper so really need to get to Chile one of these days.
    Laurel recently posted..First Impressions of a Carnival Parade in Germany

    • Peter
      March 6 2011

      It was crazy how similar it was to Jasper from gift shops, tour agencies, the surroundings, and the overall vibe. We really liked it here, maybe because at the time it gave us just a little taste of home.

  • March 6 2011

    Wow – this photo was worth the wait though, eh? We’re going to be in Pucon in five days and hope to climb it. We have plenty of free days to wait – I hear it’s a tough climb…will let you know how we go!
    Andrea recently posted..Bungas’s Beer of the Week- Rotorua

    • Peter
      March 6 2011

      Thanks! the photo did turn out really well, just bummed out that I couldn’t get up the volcano. I hope you get some good weather and yes I’ve heard the same thing that it can be tough. Best of luck, I will look forward to reading about it!

  • March 7 2011

    Outstanding photo. Amazing light. I am enjoying your travel journals. I aspire to travel and hike in South America and your experience is helpful. Stay safe.
    Barry recently posted..Greenhill Mine – Crowsnest Pass – Hiking Alberta

    • Dalene
      March 7 2011

      Thanks Barry! I hope you make it to S.A. as well! If you ever have any specific questions, just let us know!
      P.S. Glad to see your blog! We’re always looking for good resources for hiking around our own backyard (when we’re there, that is!)

  • March 8 2011

    That would be such a nice place to live with a view like that. Photos like this always makes me want to climb the mountains in them 🙂

    • Peter
      March 8 2011

      Yes, it would be a wonderful place to live. I agree that views of mountains and volcanoes do give me that desire to climb!

  • March 10 2011

    Wow, stunning looking volcano!!
    Dina recently posted..Two days in historical Old San Juan- Puerto Rico

    • Dalene
      March 10 2011

      That it is! We were so glad to be able to finally see it on the last day, and we were awe-struck!

  • March 22 2011

    Very pretty. Remind me of the sleepy town of Ohakune in the bottom of Mount Ruapehu, NZ. The mount used for shooting Mordor (close up).

    • Dalene
      March 22 2011

      All of this New Zealand talk…we have to get there!

      • Dean McGonigal
        January 4 2014

        I know a great jump off point!

  • March 29 2011

    Gorgeous photo, love the composition with the local town in the foreground, definitely lends itself to the scale of things.

  • January 3 2013

    Hi, stopped by and saw that you unfortunately did not get a chance to climb Volcan Villarica. I thought I would share a video I took on our descent.
    Donny recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: Our Year in Pictures, 2012

  • Dean McGonigal
    January 4 2014

    Hey guys, we were back to Chile lately and really enjoyed being back into the culture. We toured down to Valdivia (very close to Pucon) and enjoyed a little bit of Bavaria in Chile.

    Take care and Happy New Year!

    • January 4 2014

      Any plans to head back that way more permanently? We’re missing us some Latin America too. 🙂

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