Delicious Catch-up – April

Lately, we have been finding that we have too many things to write about, and not enough time to do so!  As a result, at the end of each month, we’re going to recap some things we’ve done and not told you about, or update you with new developments on old stories.

Guest Posts & Interviews!

We had a couple of great opportunities this month to write for some of our favorite websites…

Photo by: Flickr user jjpacres

Photo by: Flickr user jjpacres

Suddenly, Inspired on  This was a tough one for me to write, as I talked about a very significant inspiration for our travels – the passing of my beautiful sister in July of 2007.  This was the first time I had written about her publicly.  It was a heart wrenching, but very encouraging, experience to do so.

Think that the best coffee in the world is in Colombia? Well, maybe, but it’s not as easy to find as you might think.  Read about our search to find a good cuppa joe in Coffee Junkies in Colombia on

– Last week we answered a few fun questions for Amy at, including what we might do in a gang attack (courtesy of some good (?) advice from Pete’s younger brother).


– Pete was asked to join the Sandy Bay Pirates competitive mens baseball team, and wrote about his first two games  in a post titled I Am A Pirate.  Since then, Pete has pitched at least a few innings every Sunday and the team has a 6 and 5 record. He is loving every minute of it, but realizing that he no longer has the teenage body he had when he previously played competitively.  Nightly ice treatments and painfully tweaked muscles have taught him that lesson!

– We divulged our latest adventure plans in Here We Go Again, which will see us jetting off from Honduras to Ireland! Our flights are booked and will be arriving in Ireland on June 24th, which leaves us a very short two weeks to visit our family and friends back in Canada (we fly into Calgary on June 10th).  To our dear family and friends: get your spare beds ready as we will be invading for a few days of visiting, drinking, beans playing, and hopefully a round or two of golf!

– I had the immense pleasure of attending a baby shower of one of our neighbours, and recorded my memories in a post called Communities and BabiesA wonderful update: Jolien had her baby girl just last week; Mom and baby are doing fine!  The whole birth process did not happen without some scary moments though, and coming up on Wednesday, I will fill you in on our experience with Jolien at the Roatán Hospital.  If anything, it will make you very grateful for the health care you have at home.

Other news!

Coach Pete with the Yankees

– Besides playing for the mens baseball team, Pete also coaches a little league team – the SOL Yankees.  Playoffs started last week and the Yankees lost their first round; they’ll be playing off for third place coming up this weekend.

– Just before easter break at Sandy Bay Alternative School (SBAS), a really fun “Culture Day” celebration was held.  The students performed plays and dance routines, and the parents were asked to bring in foods from different cultures. Being as there is real mix of local and expat children at the school, there were some very interesting dishes including haggis (Scottish), rice cake (Honduran), and Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn (Native American)!  For the record, we brought the Canadian dessert of Nanaimo Bars (did you know they were Canadian?) and they were a hit!

Sitting in the bottom of the glass bottom boat

– A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help escort the SBAS students from kindergarden and grade one on a field trip in a glass bottomed boat!  I have been on one of these tours before, but never quite like this, where we sat down under the boat and were surrounded by windows.  We saw all kinds of marine wildlife and even a few divers!  I believe it was as fun for me as it was the kids – their reactions were priceless.

Don’t wait for the next Catch-Up to learn about our adventures!

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  • May 2 2011

    I had some fantastic coffee in the Armenia coffee zone, particularly around Salento (Colombia). This said, perhaps my best tasting cup ever was in Uyuni, Bolivia! Keep up your travels, and busy blogging life!
    Federico recently posted..Photo of the Week- Wax Palms in Valle del Cocora- Colombia

    • May 3 2011

      Uyuni? Wow – that is a shocker! I think I had the very worst meal of my life there…should have gone looking for the coffee! 🙂

  • May 3 2011

    Well fiddlesticks! Yes, you heard me. I LIVE in Calgary, but looks like I’ll be in Hawaii when you are back. Shite. (that’s to help you get used to Ireland) 🙂
    Raymond recently posted..The World is Flat and You Can Be Too

    • May 3 2011

      Fiddlesticks – ha! Perfect use of that word! I didn’t know you lived in Calgary…I thought you were a Newfie…OH WAIT! That explains why you are in Calgary! 😉 Enjoy Hawaii!

  • May 3 2011

    Wow – You guys are definitely keeping busy. I would of liked the glass bottom boat trip. Kids reactions when they see something new in life are priceless.
    Natalie recently posted..Expats – Love Them Or Hate Them

    • May 3 2011

      Oh man, they were so much fun. They yelled out whatever they say along the way… “Divers! A turtle! TRASH!” It was awesome!

  • Kim
    May 3 2011

    You guys seem to be packing your days full of living and I’m having a great time following along.

    • May 3 2011

      We are, and hard to believe that we have less than 6 weeks left here! Thanks Kim!

  • May 4 2011

    Ireland! Awesome. That is a far cry from Honduras fo’ sho’!
    The NVR Guys recently posted..Most Memorable Mileage Run Moments

    • May 4 2011

      YES! And every day it gets closer, the more excited I get. Not that I haven’t loved our time here, but I am craving something new. AND, a break from this tropical HEAT!

  • May 6 2011

    Great wrap up! love it.

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