Because He Said I Wouldn’t


It’s been teasing me since before we got here. Look at any website or open any glossy brochure about Croatia and you’ll see it: the piercing aquamarine water of the Adriatic Sea.

Brac Croatia

Author: Ivo Pervan Source: Croatian National Tourist Board


Since we left Honduras we haven’t seen anything so perfect and pure. At every view of the coast, it was beckoning me.


I had to get in.


But I was determined, and even moreso when Pete said: “You won’t do it.”

We were at our hostel in Split, getting ready for a day trip to Brac, one of Croatia’s 1,100+ islands. I was debating wearing my bathing suit under my clothes or just bringing it with me when Pete interjected with his defiant statement.

Oh really? That was as good as a challenge. Under the clothes my bathing suit went, and we made our way to the ferry.

An hour on the ferry and another hour on the bus and we arrived at the small town of Bol. One of the wonderful things about being in Croatia during the off season is that we weren’t crawling over tourists to get where we wanted. The bad thing about being in Croatia during off season is that transportation is infrequent and ultimately limited our time there.

After a quick lunch we had only two hours – one hour at the beach and a half hour to walk each way. As we neared the beach, Pete suggested that I wouldn’t have adequate time to dry off in the sun before walking back. And then, under the guise of a giant smile, he muttered “I win” under hs breath.

Shoes and socks off. Leggings off. I kept my dress and jacket on for a minute longer as I walked down to dip my toes in.


“You don’t have to do it, I won’t think any less of you.”

Jacket and dress off and I waded in. The shock of the chill was enough to make me gasp, and I was only knee deep.

A couple steps further, the waves lapped at my waist and my feet sank in the bed of small rocks until the cold water reached my belly button.

Cold Adriatic waters


I could hear Pete laughing and the camera clicking. I felt the urge to run out screaming but knew that this was not quite good enough. I was only half way there.

Show off

Showing off a little before making the final plunge deeper.

I gulped a few big breaths and made the final submersion. My shoulders were beneath the water and suddenly my heart was racing with a jolt. My legs began to feel numb.

I lingered a millisecond longer and made my exit to the warmth of the sun and my towel. Despite not dunking my head, Pete admitted he was impressed, and defeated.


Because he said I wouldn’t, I HAD TO.


(But why didn’t I think to bet him at least a foot rub for it?)

Warming up


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  • November 25 2011

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell Pete that there are better ways to use that leverage. Still, getting your wife to swim in freezing cold water for a blog post is quite impressive (and funny).
    Nice to have the place to yourselves though. Looks like a beautiful spot.
    Steve recently posted..Magic Mirror

    • November 26 2011

      Steve! Shhhh! He doesn’t need your ideas!!

      It was a gorgeous little beach! In summer it is packed with people, so we were happy to be there then!

  • Mom
    November 25 2011

    That a Girl !!!! That was hilarious & beautiful pics too.

    • November 26 2011

      Thanks Mom! I knew you’d be proud! xo

  • Jarmo @ArcticNomad
    November 25 2011

    Hehe, always the best way to get someone to do something! 🙂 But you did do it, and I don’t see many other swimmers there with you!

    • November 26 2011

      Nope, I was solo! This is where you have to wonder about the fine line between “brave” and “stupid”! 🙂

  • I would have done EXACTLY the same thing… but probably emerged from the water and run up to hubby to give him a big dripping wet hug.
    Excellent work, Dalene!
    Barbara – The Dropout Diaries recently posted..Balloons At Sunrise

    • November 26 2011

      Gawddamn, why didn’t I think of that?? 🙂

  • November 26 2011

    Haha I guess reverse psychology works with adults too!

    • November 26 2011

      Yes. Yes it does, damnitall.

  • November 27 2011

    So impressed!! I love turquoise water. But I do not like cold water. Not sure I could have done it 😉

    • November 27 2011

      Ah – sure you could have! Although…would I do it again…not sure…haha!

  • November 27 2011

    Haha, GOOD FOR YOU! I love proving my husband wrong sometimes 😉 Croatia is on my list…..and it looks beautiful!

    • November 27 2011

      Croatia is pretty amazing. And I’m not sure if I entirely proved him wrong…or if he had this in his head all along to make me do it…hmmmm….

  • November 27 2011

    I would have enjoyed the beauty from the shore 🙂
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..Foto of the Week from … Buenos Aires

    • November 27 2011

      Probably a smart choice. Although it really wasn’t so bad, I warmed up quite quickly!

  • November 27 2011

    Love it! Good for you. I wouldn’t have backed down either. Too bad you didn’t drag him in with you!
    Finally, that water IS beautiful!!!
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Soulful Sundays: The Folkes Brothers

    • November 27 2011

      Damn, but I should have drug him in! Actually, I’m surprised he didn’t go…thought he would have hated to be “shown up” – ha!

  • Katrina
    November 28 2011

    Hahaha! I don’t think you give up your foot-rub demanding rights just because you thought of it afterward. After all, you were providing entertainment and photo material — he *owes* you. 😉

  • November 30 2011

    How could it look so blue and pretty yet be so cold? I didn’t think that was possible! Also no fair! haha
    Surprised he let you get away with a no head dunk though…. 😉
    Cailin recently posted..Wales was a pleasant surprise

    • Pete
      December 1 2011

      I never even thought of it. It really doesn’t count if you don’t put your head under right? (I have a feeling I might get an arm punch for that one)

  • December 1 2011

    I was like that diving into the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town and it was during the heat of their summer.
    The water is ice all year round. I lasted only a couple of minutes Sure cleared the head though.
    at my brother’s wedding there a couple of years later, one of his guests dived in naked for a bet- He got $70 and a shrivelling of the old boys- not that we were looking!!
    Caz Makepeace recently posted..Carnival Cruises: Serenity and Fun for Family Travel

    • December 2 2011

      $70! Damn but I should have bet Pete something. No way I was doing it naked when he controlled the camera though – haha!

  • Reverse Psychology! haha! Im so jealous of your trip to Croatia! I have always wanted to go there
    Jade Johnston – recently posted..Guinness and Jameson – The Flavours of Dublin

  • Laura
    December 5 2011

    Hehe! The water looks beautiful and very tempting to get into! But November? Brrrr. I thought it was bad getting into the Adriatic in Greece in April, which was freezing… we only did cause we had to pee haha!

    • December 5 2011

      Haha!!! That is hilarious! It was pretty damn cold…not sure I’d do that again!

  • December 26 2011

    I LOVED Split and Brac! The water was so shallow for so far out that all the Croatians looked like a bunch of Jesuses in Speedos walking across the water. Haha.. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your time there!

    • December 26 2011

      Haha! That would have been a sight to see, but of course because of the cold, I was the only one brave stupid enough to get in the water!

  • Tati Ortiz
    September 3 2012

    Would you say it’s worth visiting Croatia in November? We plan on going to Brac and around there for week. Any do’s and don’ts?
    Will it rain a lot?

    • September 3 2012

      Hi Tati! There are some definite benefits to being in Croatia in November – mostly because there are so few tourists and you will have it almost entirely to yourself! And we never had rain there once.

      That being said, it can be chilly (especially the water, obviously!) And you have to pay attention to transportation schedules as your options will be much less during the off season. Hopefully the weather holds for you though, as I believe that Croatia has one of the most beautiful coastlines I’ve ever seen!

  • September 19 2013

    Beautiful spot for a polar dip!! Were the waters freezing? It looks absolutely gorgeous and it’s fabulous to see you taking the time to shoot photos!

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