Amex Travel Hotel Sale! You’re Welcome

As we know (more than most!), accommodations can be the single biggest expense of travel.

We’ve been creative in our attempts to try all options – we’ve dabbled in couch surfing, love to rent apartments when we can, and of course we are big advocates of housesitting. But not all of these are ideal options all of the time, and while we don’t consider ourselves specifically budget travellers, we believe in always getting the best bang for our buck.

Money saved on accommodations is so much better spent on swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, releasing baby turtles, even tapping into our glutinous side with a full day food tour.


These are all things we would rather spend our money on.

These are all things we would rather spend our money on.


And so, when Amex asked us to share their latest hotel sale with you, we were all over it.

Amex Travel is hosting a hotel sale that runs until June 5th and gives Canadians the opportunity to get up to 40% off their hotel stay. The options are tremendous, with over 100 hotels to choose from across the world.

By saving those kinds of dollars in New York, we would spend it going to a Broadway show (which we missed last time)! In Buenos Aires, we’d have to take in another futbol game, and in Paris, well, we might just have to spend it on room service in the city of love. 🙂


Paris at Night

Alright. I suppose we could leave the room once to see this.


With these tremendous amounts of savings, we’re sure you will have no problems finding other excellent uses for that money.

What would you rather spend it on?


This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely our own.

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