Want to get to know us a little better? Here are some posts that will give you a good understanding of who we are and how we travel!

  • Curious as to HOW we live this life? (How we make money, budget, etc.) Then this post answers our most frequently asked questions.
  • May 2013 marked our 4 year vagabondaversary, and we wrote about some important reflections on reaching this milestone.
  • We like to travel slow, as it allows us to really get to know and understand the different cultures that surround us.  Here are some of our greatest moments of travel: in Honduras, and in Turkey.
  • We spend a lot of our time house-sitting, as it allows us to move slowly and keep our costs low. And now, we’ve written the book on it! Learn “How to Become a House-sitter and See the World”, by clicking here.
  • In the sequel to the original “Confessions”, we share some secrets from our first full year as travel bloggers!

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