Brussels: A Week In The Life Day 7 – Work And Play

Our last video!

After all of our exploring the day before, I stayed back at the apartment while Pete went out to explore more of Brussels. While he visited a market, I wrote blog posts. While I did the dishes, he drank beer. (Boo hoo, right?)

We also had a delicious Vietnamese dinner with fellow Canuckleheads Allison and Andrew of – a fantastic blog about expat life in Belgium.


We really, REALLY enjoyed putting this video series together, and we hope you enjoyed watching them!

Need to catch up on the entire week?

Day 1 – We get settled into our new housesitting gig.
Day 2 – We explore the Grand Plaza in Brussels
Day 3 – Michael arrives, and we take in the Belgium v. USA soccer game
Day 4 – We indulge in Belgian street food and have a wee dance party
Day 5 – Pete’s birthday is a gloomy one.
Day 6 – We get taken for a private bus tour, but in the opposite direction of where we want to go!


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  • September 26 2011

    I’ve definitely been enjoying these. Do you plan to do more?

    • September 26 2011

      Thanks so much! 🙂 At this time, we don’t have any more planned. As much as we loved doing them, it was a lot of work, and the amount that we had to film may have taken away from our experience a bit. It’s nice to be back to not shoving cameras in each others faces 24/7 🙂

  • September 26 2011

    So are you guys all finished in Brussels? We’ll be coming through for one night in about two weeks…
    Andrea recently posted..Four Great Hungarian Restaurants In Budapest

    • September 26 2011

      Yup, we left about a week ago. Damn! 🙁

  • September 27 2011

    I just finished watching all of these videos guys. They are great! What a fun look at travel and a side most people never see. I loved seeing Brussels through your eyes 🙂 I hope you do this for some of your other locations too!
    Alison recently posted..Travel from Belgium to India – It’s Easier than you Think

    • September 27 2011

      Thanks Alison! We really, really enjoyed doing the videos, and Brussels provided a nice backdrop for it! Although it’s probably a good thing we cut it off after only our first week there, the rest of the time it might have gotten boring just watching us repetitively eat waffles and drink beer – ha! We might do it again…not sure right now…probably when we manage to sit down for a longer period again.

  • September 27 2011

    Just wanted to let both of you know that I’ve been really enjoying watching your videos. They always put a smile on my face. Great work!
    Sherry recently posted..“Seabrook: Oasis at the Edge of the Rainforest”

    • September 28 2011

      Thank you Sherry! So happy you enjoyed them!

  • September 29 2011

    Love the videos- we really love making travel videos too. I like how you can actually watch your favorite bloggers do their thing- fun!
    jade recently posted..Road Trip Day Two: Crossing things off the bucket list

    • September 29 2011

      It was a really fun project, and it sure made me appreciate others who do videos too!

  • Meagan
    October 23 2011

    I think I need to get into house sitting. Y’all go the most amazing places!

    • October 25 2011

      It is our favorite way to travel! Let us know if you ever need some tips on how to get started.

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