A Vacation From Traveling

I realize how utterly backwards the title to this post might seem.

People travel while ON vacation, right?

Why on earth would I need time off FROM it?


…and so goes many comments we receive, about our “permanent vacation” and our “perpetual life of leisure”. The truth is, blogging while traveling is hard work. There’s the travel research, planning (which is one of our least favorite activities), writing, photo organizing, photo editing, social media work, advertising requests, guest posts, and more. All that on top of trying to jam as much local activity into our days as possible!

Don’t paint me ungrateful, it is quite the opposite. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. This is my chosen path, and as exhausted as I was after our participation in the Eurail Blog Trail, as sore as my shoulders were from carrying my too-heavy bags, and as kinked as my neck was from some crappy beds along the way…I’d do it all over again tomorrow.

But still, I was quite happy to be taking a break from it. We checked into our two week housesitting job over the holidays in southern Spain weary and eager. Weary from constant movement, and eager to sit still. And as is always the case before a housesitting gig – we worried a little. Would we be comfortable?

Our worries were completely erroneous.

THIS was our vacation.


Roger and Roseanne have a beautiful Spanish villa in the countryside near the Mediterranean coast.

southern Spain.

Complete with a pool which is a *little* chilly in winter.

Pete swim

Even though we loved the food in recently departed Italy, it was nice to cook for ourselves!

We got to take care of the cutest puppy!  Meet Maya.



We loved taking her for walks in the beautiful area surrounding the home.

Costa del Sol

Everyday we enjoyed beautiful sunrises.

Sunrise Costa del Sol


And sunsets.

Sunset Costa del Sol


And the best thing of all – a big fluffy bathrobe! This is the number one material thing I miss. I hugged Roseanne when I saw it, and a little tear nearly crept from my eye.

There was one day when it was all I wore, happily. There were several days on end when we didn’t leave the house, happily. This beautiful Costa Del Sol region of southern Spain remains largely unexplored by us, for as much as I thought “This is SPAIN! I should be out EXPLORING!” – the fluffy bathrobe and rest on a comfy couch won out every time.

This vacation from traveling, and this little taste of being in a relaxing home, is the number one reason why we love housesitting. And it got us ready to be back out on the road again.




Coming up first…a detox from technology and a five day yoga retreat. Like, a REAL vacation (after our vacation). 🙂


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  • Joy
    January 11 2012

    Beautifully written …. as always! Love the shot of Pete. He’s still Pete!!!!

    • January 12 2012

      Yup, Pete is still Pete! And this picture was just 3 seconds before he ran out of the pool screaming from the cold – haha!

  • January 11 2012

    You had a turkey dinner outside of our usual ThanksChrEaster time?!?!?!?

    Teri recently posted..New

    • January 12 2012

      NO! I wouldn’t dare. It was chicken. 🙂

  • January 11 2012

    the real vacation from traveling is when you travel with kids. Going back to work is like a holiday.

    And the food, good god, I gained 10 pounds from our last trip, and now am paying for it 🙂
    Marina K. Villatoro recently posted..Building a Luxury Eco Lodge From the Ground Up – A Must Stay in Belize

    • January 12 2012

      Yeah, I haven’t figured the food part yet. We’re supposed to be trying all kinds of food as a part of the experience, yet most of it is so unhealthy. No one puts “fruit salad” as a national dish! Traveling full time is definitely dangerous for this reason!

  • January 11 2012

    Nice vacations…. Ishould take some too. Travelling takes a lot of time as you wrote it…. Most people, unfortunately, they don’t see it… But definitly it’s a great way of living
    tunimaal recently posted..Cosplay Interview: Coh the newbie cosplayer – August 21st 2011

    • January 12 2012

      I wouldn’t change it for anything! But I will impose more “rest stops” when need be!

  • January 11 2012

    Glad you had a good time guys! It looked wonderful but I’m not sure you would have got me in the pool……. brr
    Lisa Logan recently posted..Malaga, Spain – pet sitter needed for two dogs and a parrot

    • January 12 2012

      Thanks Lisa! I was quite happy to just take the picture and not get in the pool! It was coooollldddd. Hope you are doing well!

  • January 12 2012

    It’s funny, isn’t it, how travelers need vacations, too! After a big trip, I almost always feel like I need another week to unwind — and catch up on all the blogging stuff I slacked off on! Just one more reason I’m not sure I could be a permanent nomad…
    Amanda recently posted..Best Blogs of the Month: December, 2011

    • January 12 2012

      Ah, you could do it! Just need lots of “rest stops”. We’re happily going to be slowing down for a little while now…and I expect my “Go! Explore!” mojo to be returning in full force!

  • January 12 2012

    This is such a great post. I think it’s really important to just sit still. I struggle with that a lot (especially when traveling) and that sometimes, people don’t understand that traveling can be exhausting. Good for you in recognizing that in yourselves and re-energizing yourselves. That day in the bathrobe sounds like the perfect day. I think that can be as much a memory as seeing an interesting site or having an unforgettable moment abroad.
    Natalie T. recently posted..NEAR: Scaramouche

    • January 12 2012

      Thanks Natalie! It’s funny too, though, how guilt can play in when I do sit still. Like, we never made it to Picasso’s house in Malaga, and I felt like I should have “just because”. Sometimes, a rest is completely necessary though, and right now (sitting in Morocco), I’m pretty sure I’d be curled up in a ball crying all day if we hadn’t taken any rest time in Spain! 🙂

  • Kim
    January 12 2012

    Wow, looks so beautiful! I wouldn’t leave that house either, except to take walks with that adorable pup.
    Kim recently posted..Why I’m quitting my job to travel

    • January 12 2012

      I really, REALLY, miss taking Maya for walks! The area around their house was so gorgeous! And she is such a good little pup too. We’d go back to housesit there in an instant if our schedules ever mesh.

  • January 12 2012

    I think the “vacation from a vacation” is something we all need from time to time. Who knew perpetual travel would be so exhausting?! Love the pictures – keep ’em coming!
    Angie Orth recently posted..Pyramids, Camels & a Sphinx – My Day in Giza

    • January 13 2012

      Thanks Angie! Yes, we all need a break, especially after fast travel. Thankfully we are slowing it down soon!

  • January 12 2012

    Wow, what a nice vacation! I love the pictures 🙂
    Rian recently posted..The Rap Artists and the Hip-Hop Record Companies

  • January 12 2012

    A big fluffy bathrobe AND a comfy couch? I wouldn’t have left either!

    Spain will always be there! But you can’t say the same about the big fluffy bathrobe…

    • January 13 2012

      That is my thought exactly – Spain will always be there, but my mental health may not – haha! 🙂

  • January 12 2012

    Travel is hard work. Traveling and blogging, even harder. Enjoy your ‘down’ time.
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday: Trident Castle

    • January 13 2012

      Thanks – it was *blissful*!

  • January 12 2012

    This sounds heavenly!! I cannot wait to do this!! Bonus points for having a pet!!

    • January 13 2012

      It was heavenly and EXACTLY what we needed. And we both miss Maya so much!

  • January 13 2012

    Ah, this makes me so happy and excited for my upcoming trip to Spain! Can’t wait to see those sunrises!
    jade recently posted..A Totally Steaming Tourist Attraction: Gastown’s Steam Clock

  • Laura
    January 13 2012

    Southern Spain is so lovely! Travel can be so exhausting and I totally understand wanting to take a break and settle down for awhile. The dog is so cute!

    • January 13 2012

      Thanks Laura – southern Spain was very lovely, at least as far as we walked with Maya as we didn’t explore too much farther! 🙂

  • A vacation from your vacation! Sounds like a good plan to me!
    Nancy Sathre-Vogel from Family on Bikes recently posted..What kind of fear is holding you back from pursuing your passion?

    • January 14 2012

      And a very necessary one! 🙂

  • January 14 2012

    Southern Spain sounds really nice about now.
    Don Faust recently posted..Photo Friday: Tobago Cays Sailing

    • January 14 2012

      Our next housesit is in NYC…you can bet we will be dreaming about southern Spain as the snow flies around us! 🙂

  • Abby
    January 14 2012

    Yay!! You know I approve! That photo by the pool is classic.

    • January 15 2012

      I can’t believe I managed to snap it when he was just a millisecond away from the water. And then my finger caught and I didn’t get any of the splash!!

  • January 16 2012

    I can imagine you need a vacation from traveling especially after the Eurorail trip. Every thing that you do seems exhilerating but exhausting. Beautiful place to vacation in.
    Tricia recently posted..Where Should We Go In….Chile – Part One

    • January 16 2012

      The last little bit of our Eurail trip really took a toll on both of us, that was the first time in awhile that we had done such “hard core” traveling, and never before had we done it with that many blogging obligations as well. We really needed that break!

  • January 16 2012

    Sounds like a pretty sweet break! Glad you were able to get some R & R. Looking forward to hearing about this yoga retreat.

    • January 16 2012

      Thanks Cheryl! That yoga retreat was SO fantastic, we miss it everyday!

  • Emily in Chile
    January 16 2012

    What a perfect way to take a break from being on the go – the combination of gorgeous scenery and a cute pup sounds like a lovely vacation.

    • January 16 2012

      It was the perfect break – we only wished it could have lasted longer and we threatened to change the locks on the homeowners. 🙂

  • January 24 2012

    Oh, that sounds so fantastic! I can totally understand needing a vacation from your “vacation”. Greg and I have been traveling for the last 2.5 years, the last year of which we have spent in Australia on work holiday to top up the travel kitty. Next month we’re off to Bali to relax and start our “real” travels again! We’re hoping to house sit in Europe in the late summer, wish us luck!
    Tiffany recently posted..Bring Forth The Multi-Sided Dice

    • January 24 2012

      Lots of luck on the housesitting! We’ve gotten alerts for some pretty exciting looking sits lately, makes us tempted as well!

  • I totally understand needing a vacation from traveling- that’s why we have a home base. I’m glad you got a chance to curl up in a soft warm bathrobe and do nothing. Well deserved!

    • Pete
      April 7 2012

      Cheers Mary, I definitely can see that as an advantage of having a home base. Sometimes this travel stuff can be exhausting 😉

  • Barb & Allan Jordon
    July 28 2013

    We have just spent two glorious weeks house minding for Roger and Roseanne and pet sitting Maya…..in their wonderful Costa del Sol setting in Vinuela 🙂 We also loved being able to stop and prop and, like you, have a home cooked meal, do some washing and have a gorgeous, happy dog to pat, walk, play with and generally “love” 🙂 This was our second official assignment – our first was in Charente region of France in May. We have three more assignments in the UK and Ireland which is awesome! Breaks up our hectic travel schedule while we are on our “Adventure Before Dementia Gap Year”!!!!

    • July 29 2013

      “Adventure Before Dementia Gap Year” – I LOVE it!! Haha

      Isn’t Maya the sweetest?? And Roger and Roseanne are okay too, 🙂

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