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Weird Wisconsin

Wisconsin is WeirdWe’ve been pouring over this book, loaned to us by our friendly neighbours.

Beneath Wisconsin’s popular image of craft-beer-guzzling, deep-fried-cheese-curd-eating, hunter-orange-wearing folks, there are some decidedly odd quirks about Wisconsinites. We first discovered it when prompted to leave candy to appease mystical creatures in the woods, and we are eagerly foraging through this book to know more.

Oh, the sights we could see if we had the ability to make a grand tour. Perhaps we would head straight to New Glarus to get a glimpse of the world’s largest urinal (it’s almost 4 feet high and over 2 feet wide). Or we’d brave Paradise Road near Jefferson, and listen for the unexplained and common “inhuman screams”, or keep our eyes out for “decapitated racoons”.

The nearby town of Hayward has earned two spots in the book, and it is with no surprise that both were earned via this area’s devotion to outdoor adventuring (namely in the plight of man vs. beast).


The Moccasin Bar and Wildlife Museum

Yes, you read that right. Enjoy your favourite local brew, and gaze upon the world’s largest Musky and some card-playing vermin. And just down the street, the remainder of the museum (attached to another “Wildlife Bar”, of course) has a much larger display.

Moccasin Bar Hayward Wisconsin

World Record Musky


Moccasin Bar Wildlife Museum


From the book: “Local legend has it that the animal dioramas grow increasingly realistic in direct proportion to the amount of beer consumed while viewing them.” Well, of course they do!


National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

We have yet to make a visit – we’re not particularly inclined towards fishing – but may still do so before our time here has passed. Not so much to view the museum collections, but just to have the experience of standing in the mouth of a giant Musky replica, which is 1/2 a city block long and 4 1/2 stories high.

Big Musky: Hayward, Wisconsin

Photo by: Flickr user myheimu


Rumor has it, there have even been weddings performed in the mouth of the Musky.

With the incredible hunting and fishing culture in this area (unlike any we have seen before), and (let’s be honest) the overall weirdness of it, we are certainly not surprised.


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  1. It feels like Wisconsin is from a children’s book :) I like it!
    Izy Berry – The Wrong Way Home recently posted..Travel Musings: The Now

  2. you should tour the fishing museum. The boat motor graveyard room is worth it in itself.

  3. Gotta love the Midwest. :) And I am totally laughing over those Chipmunk pictures!
    Gina recently posted..A Memorable St. Maarten Taxi Ride

  4. Ha! I had the original version of that book (used to just be a newsletter/magazine): “Weird NJ.”
    You should make it down to Lake Geneva or Madison…the more ‘civilized’ parts of WI! :)
    Lisa | LLworldtour recently posted..Photo Essay: California Eatin’ by Instagram

  5. Why am I not surprised that there have been weddings in the mouth of that fish. In fact, I know someone who would probably love to have their wedding there! Inlaws…
    Jennifer recently posted..10 Reasons to Love the Ritz-Carlton Dubai

  6. mmmmm craft-beer-guzzling and deep-fried-cheese-curd-eating…nom nom nom

  7. Well if those aren’t reasons to visit Wisconsin I don’t know what would be! Those diorama’s are a hoot and that is one big fish. Love to hear the fish story that comes with that one :)

  8. If you’ve got an iPhone, the Roadside America app is great for finding more of these kinds of places!

  9. I spend quite a bit of time traveling in Wisconsin – it’s a great place!

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