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We Heart Harlem – In Photos

We consider ourselves very fortunate.

Not only are we enjoying six weeks of rent-free living in Manhattan, but we couldn’t have hand-picked our living arrangements any better ourselves. We are smack in the middle of West Harlem – a bustling, eclectic neighborhood that surprises us every time we step outside our door.

Welcome to Harlem


The Apollo TheatreThe legendary Apollo Theater, just a few blocks away.


Brownstones of HarlemBeautiful brownstones line the streets around us.


Jesus SavesI guess even McDonald’s needs some saving.


No FunSo what you’re saying is “no fun”…? :)


Office SpaceAbandoned office space.


125 Street125 Street (also known as Martin Luther King Blvd) – Harlem’s main artery.


StrengthLocal street art


The Apollo theatre and fans gave tribute to one of the great R&B legends that the music world lost this week – Whitney Houston.

The Apollo Remembers Whitney


Remembering Whitney


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  1. Nice captures. The “Jackson 5″-style Harlem Boy is cool :)
    Adrian recently posted..Cabo da Roca

  2. Did you go searching for any Langston Hughes stuff, yet?
    Teri recently posted..I Knew It!

  3. Great photos. Makes me wanna go back and do Harlem in depth.
    Under my interest and liking your blog though is still seething jealousy…

  4. The brownstone picture makes it look like you’re staying on the set of the Cosby Show, although I don’t remember them living in East Harlem.
    Steve recently posted..Hockey Night in Phoenix

  5. Great photos, what a fantastic area to be staying in.

  6. Harlem sounds like a must on my next trip to NYC!

  7. Housesitting takes you to wonderful places!
    jan recently posted..WALKING THE STREETS OF HANOI

  8. Nice photos, Whitney really is a legend. Nice presentation of the old and the new with these photos.
    Elise Walsh recently posted..Private Jet Travel, Not Just for the 1%

  9. Don’t know what made you give that “look”, effect or whatever the proper term is to your photos but it just looks so appropriate, they’re fantastic.
    Bodlagz recently posted..Only in Pattaya – The Worlds Longest Kiss

  10. Love Harlem! Hoping we can take my daughter there when we go to visit Mary’s dad (who lives in NJ) this summer. How long will you guys be there?
    Bret @ Green Global Travel recently posted..GLOBAL CUISINE: Healthier Greek Moussaka

  11. Wow gorgeous pictures, really need to move NY up my list of places to go.
    Claire recently posted..Funny Signs In Paris

  12. Harlem has come a looong way! I did a lot of my work during grad school on East Harlem more than ten years ago. I barely recognize the place now! Glad you’re enjoying it. Looks like you’re on the west side? Have you been down to the Columbia area yet? And then the express train right down to Columbus Circle… Man, I miss NYC!
    Abby recently posted..Chanel Fashion: Exclusive look at Numeros Prives

  13. I have visited New York several times but never made it to Harlem. How much time would it warrant? Is a half day enough to ‘see’ Harlem?
    John recently posted..The Marigny – A Walking Tour Through New Orleans’ Most Vibrant Neighborhood

    • Hey John – depends on when you could get to Harlem. If you can make it for a Wednesday, I’d suggest taking in Amateur Night at the Apollo; there are also a lot of cool jazz clubs for any evening; and on Sunday a gospel church service is a great experience. Otherwise, a wander down 125th street, a meal at Red Rooster, a stop at the Studio Museum and Big John’s, also checking out a few other cool streets could probably be done in a day!

  14. I love these photos. I stayed at a guest house in Harlem on my last trip to New York and I loved the area.
    Alouise recently posted..Road Trip Memories 17 – World’s Largest Oil Lamp in Donalda, Alberta

  15. I love Harlem – a couple of our friends live up there and we got to explore a bit last time we were in NYC – such a great area.
    Andrea recently posted..Greek, Turkish and What Knowing the Language Can Do For Your Travel Experience

  16. And not a globetrotter in sight! (That’s my entire Harlem knowledge used up). Great photos :)
    Laurence recently posted..Perigueux: what have the Romans ever done for us?

  17. Nice shots of a sometimes overlooked spot for travelers/tourists. I am pretty sure the Huxtables “lived” in a brownstone in Brooklyn. :)
    Lisa | LLWorldTour recently posted..Book review – Capturing the Journey: A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Travel Photography

  18. Very cool pictures! It’s eclecticism still resonates throughout the city. Thank you for posting.
    Alexa Meisler recently posted..Estiatorio Milos & Knave: A 5 Star Evening in New York

  19. I’m glad you are enjoying Harlem. I lived there for a year and live in Brooklyn now but grew up in Queens. Since I moved away just four years ago, Harlem has changed so much. If you like Harlem, I think you’ll like Brooklyn, too. You should head out here, too. Lots of great looking neighborhoods with lots of history. By the way, the Cosbys lived in Brooklyn Heights.
    Terri recently posted..ReWind – Balinese Temple Hopping

  20. Great shots of a great neighborhood. Harlem was a regular stop when I lived in NYC. So much good music and the best Senegalese and Ivorian food in the city.
    Phil recently posted..Want to Experience the Energy at Festival sur le Niger? Watch this

  21. The street art there is amazing. Your photos came out lovely!
    Maria D. recently posted..Vacation Planning Extravaganza

  22. Rent-free? Manhattan?? Now that’s pretty friggin’ sweet. I had heard that Harlem has gone through quite a bit of gentrification. I wasn’t really that big of a fan of New York. Kind of like the “cool place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here” kind of location. However, you have rekindled my interest. Cool blog.

  23. It is great to know there are places showing a lot of sympathy and appreciation for Whitney Houston. I just love what you did with the photos. It feels like traveling back in time. Thank you for sharing.
    Susan recently posted..DTS Home

  24. Great post idea – very little people venture North of Central Park, and apparently, they are missing out on a very cool neighborhood!

  25. Great shots! I’ve never been to Harlem, but it looks pretty gritty. I’d love to walk the streets for awhile.

  26. Love the antique look to the photos. I haven’t actually visited Harlem but your photos make me want to see it for myself! Also, great time to take photos after Whitney Houston’s passing.

  27. These photos are perfect! Love the way they capture the mood of Harlem. One of my fav posts yet.

  28. Thank you Stumbleupon…not sure how I missed this one to start! Great post…Love walking through Harlem. Feels sort of like “real” New York…

    • We were so fortunate to get to live in that neighborhood for six whole weeks. One of my favorite parts about our time there was just wandering and people watching in Harlem. And listening to all the great accents. :)

  29. Wow. Really beautiful. Harlem’s my neighborhood, and you’ve captured details I ignore everyday. I’ve posted a gallery on my site as well, with some of the same spots – Thanks for sharing Harlem.
    Jeff Dobbins recently posted..Great NYC Irish Pubs for St. Patrick’s Day

  30. Really excellent photos of my neighborhood. One of the few blogs to capture it so well :D

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