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The Eurail Blog Trail Adventure Begins!

Put the car in park. Forget about the half empty gas tank, collecting change for toll roads, or fiddling with that gawddamn GPS. No speed traps or road weariness to worry about. That crack in the windshield right at eye level won’t be bothering you this trip.

No need to rush to the airport two hours before a flight, either. Throw that extra pair of shoes in your bigger suitcase, don’t stress over size restrictions. No worries about your bags showing up in Paris when they should be with you in Venice. Don’t sweat turbulence, full body scanners, or being confined in an insanely small space.

Instead, sit back and relax in your comfy train seat. Gaze out the window as bustling cities and scenic coastline roll by. Walk around the cars at your leisure. Feel good about the fact that you are vastly reducing your carbon footprint to get yourself from A to B.


We are about to begin our train adventure with and are excited to take you with us


throught Croatia, Slovenia and Italy!



We will be stopping in 13 cities and towns over 34 days, starting in Split, Croatia and ending in Naples, Italy.

Along the way we will be swimming in the chilly Adriatic, going curling and watching hockey (how Canadian of us, eh?), exploring unforgettable sights, taking cooking lessons, and much, much more!

We expect we will have MUCH to write about, and so are increasing the amount of posts we do weekly so as to not get too far behind. This means long traveling days and even longer blogging nights! It’s a tough life, but somehow we’ll manage. :)

We are very excited to be working with for their Blog Trail Program and must make a note that we have been provided with complimentary Eurail Global Passes. With that said, we are completely free to write about the journey as we see fit and as always, all opinions are our own.


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  1. Waiting for your posts on the journey. Sounds like a lot of fun, some scenic countries to visit:)
    Have a fabulous time:)
    Arti recently posted..Miss You Ma…

  2. Hey! Just found you guys via Twitter, and love your site! Will you be in the Split/Trogir area soon or have you already passed through? (We are smack dab in the middle.) We’d love to meet up, say hello and grab a cup of coffee if you’re free.

    Cheers, enjoy Croatia, as we are!
    Dayna recently posted..Eat on a Budget: Frequent Local Markets

  3. Great to finally see some zigzagging on your map as well! Enjoy!

  4. Oooooooooh !!!! Let the adventure begin.
    Can’t wait for the blog posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are going to love Bled – One of the best places I have visited!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Photos of Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

  6. I know it’s a tonne of work, but this. sounds. heavenly. Train travel sounds so romaaaaaantic.

    And don’t be shy on whatcha learned in the cooking lessons, ‘specially in Italy, ’cause your fans want to know, k?

  7. I have planed Slovenia, Croatia and several other Eastern EU countries for next year. Looking forward for more posts from Croatia and Slovenia :)

    Have a great trip
    Shanky recently posted..Kanchanaburi – Forgotten Paradise!

  8. What fun! I’m curious–do you have Internet access on board?

    Maureen at Vaco-Vitae recently posted..There’s one foolproof way to know if what you’re doing isn’t right for you

    • Hi Maureen, the only place we have come across wi-fi on board is in the Netherlands (and it was only a brief trip). I think if it was offered on board everywhere we would be glued to our screens getting work done and not mesmerized by the scenery outside the window :)

  9. Can’t wait to see pictures!
    Traveling by train is the best way to go. Even photos taken from inside the train can come out fantastic!

  10. Are you going anywhere near San Giacomo? That’s my dad’s home town, he owns land around there somewhere. Wish my relatives could stuff your face with food while you’re there. Next time!!

  11. This itinerary rocks! I was in Bologna until 2 days ago, too bad we can’t catch up. I see you’re stopping in Foggia, what places are you planning to see in that area? I was there for 2 months during the summer and it’s amazing! (not Foggia itself though)
    And Sicily… wow, great great itinerary indeed. Enjoy!!!
    Giulia recently posted..3 weeks in Egypt, flight included: €500 – how to!

    • Too bad Giulia, we would have loved to meet up. Any other chance we could meet along the way?

      We plan on spending some time in Foggia itself and a few days in Vieste. We unfortunately don’t have too much time to devote to this region, but if you have any other tips of “must sees” send them over. We can always adjust our schedule if it’s worth it :)

  12. I am glad you chose this route. It will definitely be an adventure to remember. I can hardly wait for your posts.

    If you need some local advice on Slovenia from a fellow travel blogger, feel free to ask on my blog or through email. I’d be glad to help.

    Keep travelling and keep blogging!
    Marko @ Travel Photo Blogging recently posted..Slovenia voted top 8 travel destination

  13. Never mind that… I am also one of those. I still haven’t posted all the stuff about my summer trip to Greece.
    Marko @ Travel Photo Blogging recently posted..Slovenia voted top 8 travel destination

  14. Love train travel and your itinerary makes me jealous! Looking forward to sharing your adventure.
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Soulful Sundays: The Folkes Brothers

  15. Hi guys,

    Hope you the best. In the early 1990’s I went by train from Rome to Florence to Venice and on the return I went to Pisa. The train ride was comfortable and the vista was great.

    wish you the best.

  16. A little tip in Sicily.
    Skip Agrigento, it’s just two temples that you have to pay to see it closer. Instead you can go to Taormina and Cefalu, amazing places. ;)

    Enjoy your trips, and keep posting! =D

  17. I was excited to find your blog. I’m traveling in the fall of 2012, so am looking to find some tips & ideas.

  18. Hi it looks like you did the trip from Pula to Venice which involves going up to Ljubljana and Villach. I was just wondering how you found it because I’m aware it’s supposed to be a quite lengthy journey. And would you recommend trying to find an alternative route?? Does look like an interesting journey though :) I’d love to hear about how you found some of the individual places, namely Pula and Ljubljana :D

    • Hi Alice, we did do that route, but not all in one day (we stopped in Ljubljana for a few days). It would be quite complicated to do – you need to take a bus from Pula to Rijeka, then a train to Ljubljana, then a train to Villach, then a bus to Venice. :) It’s probably doable, but if you can, definitely give yourself a few days in Ljubljana, we LOVED it there! Pula was okay, probably our least favorite stop in Croatia, but still quite nice.

  19. I’m heading to these three countries in the next month or so and considering getting a euro pass. they’re such good value and the flexibility is really great. I will have to dig through your posts on Italy and Croatia especially as I feel so unprepared!

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