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The Sights and Sounds of Quadding


It took roughly 15 seconds for me to be accosted on Facebook. And not just once, but three times.

All because of my honest admittance that I had never been quadding before. Which may mean nothing to many of you, but to my friends and family from the Peace Country, this apparently was a major crime. My three backlashers all said the same thing: “How could you have seen so much around the world but never participated in such a popular activity from ‘home’?”

To be fair (to me!), I haven’t lived there in almost twenty years, and the quadding phenomenon never really took hold when I was a youth. My immediate family also were not much for outdoor adventure, which may now explain my constant attraction to tramping in the wilderness, and why I sometimes find myself running off mountains and jumping down waterfalls.

But, I digress. And, I wanted to remedy this (apparent) egregious conduct of mine. It took some convincing, but my uncle finally agreed to take an afternoon off of work to take us racing around the countryside.

It wasn’t the mud-slinging adventure I had hoped it to be (is it weird that I was wishing for rain?), but such a day is still hard to beat – feeling like a complete badass while barreling through deeply pitted paths, venturing into the wilderness and roasting lunch over an open fire (even if we did forget said lunch in the vehicle and forced my uncle to return unaccompanied to get it while we indulged in the first round of beers. We may have been badasses but weren’t particularly astute that day).

It was one of those days that inspired pure joy and reckless euphoria, such that Pete hugged me particularly tight on one bouncy stretch and whispered in my ear: “I love our life,” to which I replied, “and my family“.


You know you’re in for some fun when, right off the bat, you break 3 of the 4 rules posted on the quad for the manufacturer’s legal protection from our misuse our safety.

Quadding warning label


Every badass quadding chick wears pigtails, right?

Quadding Tough Dalene


My aunt and uncle leading the way. It was hard to be disappointed by the lack of rain and mud when we were treated to all the gorgeous colours of fall.

Quadding Peace Country




If I wanted to be covered in mud, I should have ran alongside the quads with the sweet doggy Ali.

Tired puppy


We would have been entirely negligent to not strap on our GoPro camera and record the sights and sounds of that day. So we did! Follow us on bumpy roads and across rickety bridges…


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  1. I miss that sweet Ali! (and Auntie June and Uncle Cal, of course).

    Ya know, there are a few activities that I would label ‘quintessentially Canadian’, but I tihnk quadding is one of them.

    And drinking beer. I’m glad you did both.

  2. It was a great ride! I was also wishing there was more sludge!
    Ter, that was one of the things we missed doing when you were up! It is on the agenda for next visit. Miss you…

  3. Quadding is always a good day. But like you, I haven’t gone out as much as I should of considering where I live. It just always seemed…..cold and snowy out. haha.
    Chrystal McKay recently posted..Meteora: Monastery to Monastery

  4. I had never heard this before either, I just thought it was called 4 wheeling?
    Ayngelina recently posted..And this little piggy ran…

  5. Awwww Ali sits so properly, like my dog does. I hate driving all vehicles, from quads to snow mobiles, to off-roading cars, to whatever. But on the back, I want to go faster and faster! Glad you finally went. :)

  6. Ha! I didn’t even know what you were talking about at first! I had some crazy image of what “quadding” was in my mind, I’ll admit… =) I’ve always called it “four-wheeling” and my most memorable experience was when I was in Estonia visiting a friend (during June, when there was 20 hours of light), and her boyfriend took me on his ATV through the forest in the pitch black at about 2am all the way to the coast where the sun was already starting to peek up over the horizon. It was AWESOME.

  7. I’ve never been quadding either, but it looks like fun!

  8. I too am suprised that you haven’t been on a quad before! That’s one of the major highlights I remember from childhood up in the great white north! The more mud, the better!!

  9. That’s great! Quadding is a super fun time! We did some quadding in the Sinai desert, in Egypt, it was our first time. Glad you had such a great time!
    Fun video too.

    Love the Lucky Charms hat :)

  10. I’ve never done this either, though it’s also popular in Ohio… shhh, don’t tell!
    Amanda recently posted..26 Things Travel Has Taught Me

  11. I love this post, because I just went ATV riding for the first time too! It was SUPER scenic (on the island of Oahu in Hawaii) but not as much of an adventure… didn’t even get over 15mph!

  12. Did that in Nicaragua and loved it… Quadding is so much fun!! Love your video!

  13. I adore that he leaned in and whispered to you that he loves your life… while on a quad…tee hee hee…that is so wonderfully weirdly romantic! You have an amazing guy there Mrs. Heck, (and he has the amazing you). Reminds me of my guy. Who I worship. I know you know it but our guys are keepers.

  14. Oh and….I love your life too.

  15. I’ve gotta admit I didn’t know what quadding was at first (I think it’s just called four-wheeling here) – but it’s a wicked good time… although I will say I think I prefer snowmobiling a bit more!

  16. I love the badass photo! I went quadding in Costa Rica for the first time last year and couldn’t have been muddier :)
    Arianwen recently posted..Interesting facts about boobies – and other Galapagos residents

  17. I always wondered what the appeal was… thanks for the insight, it looks like fun!

  18. I did quadding in the sand dunes of Namibia, which was amazing fun – kinda like surfing.. but with an enormous engine between your legs (oo-er). I’ve also quadded in muddy Wales, which was just as exciting, if entirely different. Loved it every which way – delighted you guys enjoyed it too :D
    Laurence recently posted..A month in New Zealand–my perfect itinerary

  19. looks like fun! The picture of the dog covered in mud is so cute!
    Adela @FourJandals recently posted..Photo Essay from around Costa Brava

  20. My grandparents had four-wheelers when we were growing up, so we had plenty of mud slinging trips in the woods. While we had lots of fun, the grown-up me is far more inclined to stick with hiking – slower pace, quiet and bit more respectful of the land.
    Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Over Shanghai

    • I hear you, the thought did occur to me several times while out there too (the part about being respectful of the land). It’s not something I could see doing regularly, but we gotta try everything once. And it was SUPER fun. :)

  21. Yuck! May be a lot of fun, and I wish you fun on the roads, but too many people tear across country and make permanent scars on the landscape. Signed, the grouch.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..A Walk in Palestine Is an Adventure

    • I hear ya Vera, and someone else we know here was just complaining about that in southern Alberta. Where we were there are fortunately a lot of cutlines that are used for it, but it definitely isn’t the best thing for the landscape or the environment. That being said, it is a LOT of fun. :)

  22. Quads are huge in Texas as well and I’ve never done that!

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