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Salzburg in Photos


Our train left Ljubljana early on a Sunday morning, bound for our 29th country visited together.  We had become quite familiar with the Alps in Slovenia, but were excited to see and experience them from across yet another border. We were on our way to Austria!

As our train rolled along Dalene slept, and I watched out the window as we became enveloped by the mountains. The sad feelings of leaving Slovenia were somewhat dissipated as our train rolled through the beautiful countryside into Salzburg’s central station.

Not only is Salzburg the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it was also the setting for the popular movie “The Sound of Music”. To top it off, the city is a mecca for hiking enthusiasts and is considered a jewel of the Alps.

So what’s the first thing we did? Well, grab our camera and go strolling, of course.

And one thing we discovered…Salzburg sure is pretty.

Salzburg from Above


The best way to see the city is from above.  Paths line the hill above town and you can get views of the old-center, the spires of many churches and the famous Hohensalzburg Castle.

The Fortress


Salzburg Cathedrals


One can enjoy a solitary and peaceful walk through the cemetery located just outside the Inner Old Town.

Outside Salzburg Cemetery


Salzburg Cemetery


Built in Baroque style, the Mirabell Palace Gardens attract quite a few photographers.

Mirabell Garden


There are plenty of cafes to rest in, and watch life pass by.

A Salzburg Cafe


And the city certainly will not let anyone forget that it’s the home of one of the most famous composers.

Mozart Statue Salzburg


Despite the hoards of tourists walking around, we managed to find some solitude and enjoy the beauty that Salzburg has to offer.


Our stay in Salzburg was kindly provided by Wimdu. A review of our experience can be found here.

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  1. What kind of camera do you use for travel?

  2. I have wanted to visit Salzburg for a long time. It certainly does look like a jewel. I look forward to the rest of your posts on the city! :D
    Chrystal McKay recently posted..Hiking the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

  3. As a HUGE “Sound of Music” fan, Salzburg is high on my must-visit list. Plus, it looks gorgeous! That photo of Mirabell Gardens is stunning!
    Amanda recently posted..Ice, Ice, Baby – Glacier Hiking in Alaska

  4. OMG, Austria is love! I just love these photos and the palace gardens is an awesome place to snapped for the day.

    I can stay here forever enthralled.

    Cheers :)
    Wends of Journeys and Travels recently posted..My Letter to Dr. Jose

  5. Yes, Salzburg is fantastic! I’ve only been to 2 places in Austria—Vienna & Salzburg—but Salzburg was by far my favorite. Even though it rained almost the entire time I was there, it was too pretty to hold that against it!

  6. I was just in Salzburg last March – it sure is prettier with blue skies but I agree, it’s a stunning city! I loved the little shopping street and pretzels on every corner.

  7. Only you could make Austria look appealing, I’ll admire these photos from afar as I know I’ll never go.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Keeping it weird in Portland

  8. I was in Salzburg in my early twenties and remember a huge chess board in a square. I love the sound of music – you must find a green hill to run on singing “the hills are alive”! Maybe indulge in a little yodelling on the side? Have Fun

  9. I kind of feel sorry for people living there. Most Europeans have never seen Sound of Music in my experience, so it ends up being a foreign thing of people wanting to see specific mountains and random churches.

    I have been several times to Salzburg and it really doesn’t grab me. I like Vienna so much better.

    Is the castle open to go through? I have never been, but I don’t remember exactly why.
    Andrew recently posted..Turkish Food – Beyond the Döner Kebap

    • Well we’ve never seen the film either if it is any consolation (and we didn’t jump on any SOM tour).

      It didn’t really grab Dalene either (make sure to read tomorrow’s post to find out why..)

      Yes the castle is open to go through, but like everything else in the city, it is pretty expensive and from what we have heard, not really all that worth it other than the view. Although, I think the views I got from “free” spots were pretty good.

  10. Salzburg was cold and grey and damp when I was there years ago, but I still loved the city. Great snaps!
    Raymond @ Man On The Lam recently posted..7 (More) Habits of Highly Ineffective Hotels

  11. Fantastic pictures! Been ages since I was in Salzburg…

  12. Pretty, indeed! I’ve heard that Salzburg is wonderful to visit during the Christmas holidays, too.

  13. I haven’t been to Salzburg, but it looks like a nice city to check out. I’m beginning to like mountainous countries more and more lately.
    Ali recently posted..What If You Don’t Speak the Language?

  14. I love that shot of the Palace Gardens – so colorful! I’m sure the bright blue skies didn’t hurt the views either.

  15. I’m still staring at that first picture waiting for the vonTrapps to come bounding over the horizon.

  16. Love the photo of the Mirabel Garden with the Palace?Monastery? in the background. My favorite photos are of people taking pics back. It always reminds me that we are all background at one time or another! Salzburg looks stunning. I’ll have to add it to the list!
    Susan recently posted Dubrovnik-Romantic Medieval City

  17. What amazing captures! It certainly looks so pretty! I especially loved the first shot.
    Arti recently posted..An Interview With BlogAdda and A Food Feature

  18. Really great pictures! I would love to visit the city soon, but I will wait for a better weather :)
    My Travel Affairs recently posted..Guest Post: Times Gone By – Heritage & Culture in York

  19. Stunning shots. Austria is like a storybook!
    Cristina recently posted..Where to Eat in Barcelona: Cerveceria Barnabier

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