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Postcards From New York City – Part 2

This is our last post from our time in New York.

We feel as sad to hit “publish” today as we did when we left the city.

To experience New York City for a prolonged period is something we never imagined we’d do. And we didn’t love it just for the amazing sights we saw or the friends we made – it was also thoroughly educational. It is the undisputed epicenter of western society and a microcosm of the world at large. We learned a lot about life as an American and had a glimpse into our own heritage as well. Every day we went beyond our front door we were pleasantly surprised with the big city’s quirks and charms, and were drawn to many beautiful displays of the human spirit.

New York – you have turned this small town couple into big-city-lovers. But we only have eyes for you….


What’s not to love?

Manhattan Lights




Okay, well, maybe your financial system could use some work.

New York Stock Exchange


But you’ve got lots of pretty things to keep us distracted…

Like all your gorgeous churches (seen here: Cathedral of St John the Divine).

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine


Riverside Church.

Riverside Church - New York City


Brooklyn Church




The architecture is so varied and stunning, there is always something to look at.

The Flatiron Building.

Flatiron Building


The Guggenheim Museum.



Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Station


The understated and iconic Empire State Building.

Empire State Building


The Empire State Building again, framed by the Manhattan Bridge.

Manhattan Bridge Framing the Empire State


It was impossible for us to pass by Rockefeller Center and not hum the theme to “30 Rock”.

Rockefeller Center


NBC Rainbow Room


There is only one Broadway.

One Broadway


Thank you New York. We hope we served you as well as you served us.


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53 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. Again, gorgeous. The one outside St John the Devine is so dramatic.

  2. I love the Grand Central Station photo – capturing both the clear stillness and the blurred movement of the people.

  3. Holy crap those are amazing photos! I wish we didn’t have just our point and shoot when we were there.
    Love the shot of the Empire State building being framed by the bridge!

  4. Inspiring photos–thanks!
    Lesley Peterson @lesleyflies recently posted..Are you a right-brained traveler?

  5. BEYOND AMAZING!!!!! The 1st one took my breath away.

    • Thanks Andi. I’m happy the way they turned out because of the effort it took to get them. I practically froze on the pier taking these as I had a 3 minute shutter and took about 30 different shots that night. The wind off the East River is COLD!!

  6. I love the warm tones you captured in the Brooklyn skyline, and in Riverside Church. Seriously kick ass job Pete!

  7. New York City is loved. Your photos make me sad not to be there!

  8. Beautiful pictures again guys, but did everybody leave town while you were there? Other than a sparse Grand Central, it looks deserted.
    Steve recently posted..Photobomb like Jagger

    • My thoughts were exactly the same. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get a good shot. But I set up the tripod at the top of the Apple Store and shot away. I even like how the guys with mobiles stayed still in the bottom of the frame.

  9. I’ve loved all your New York posts. It seems like you both had some pretty great experiences there, and isn’t that what travel is about?

    The photos are fantastic. So many creative shots, but I love that one of the Empire State Building and the Manhattan bridge.
    Alouise recently posted..What I’ve Been Up To and What I Might Be Up To

    • Thanks Alouise. Both Dalene and I try to be as creative as possible when it comes to the photography. And NYC didn’t disappoint us. And you are certainly right about experiences and travel.

  10. Incredible photos again. Love two of the churches in particular, the Brooklyn Church with the gnarly tree and the one with the angel outside. Great photos :)
    Laurence recently posted..To Barcelona! (Your input required!)

    • Thanks Laurence! That Brooklyn Church I think is my favorite. We were aimlessly just wandering in Brooklyn when we came upon this, lucky find…. If anyone knows the name of this church, let us know!!

  11. Great shots! The churches are my favs.

  12. Love the pics! Went to the top of Rockefeller Center (30 Rock!) and saw the whole city from up there.. pretty amazing place and a great view for sure!

  13. Beautiful Photos! Really enjoyed all your posts from New York and am looking forward to reading about Turkey.

  14. I just pinned this to my Photos I Wish I Took board!

  15. Aaah, these photos make me want to return to one of my favorite cities in the world so bad!! Great photos, Pete :)
    Dani recently posted..Kamphaeng Phet: The Thai town that tourism forgot

  16. Breathtaking pics. Wow. Thank you Pete and Dalene for sharing them with us.
    Laura recently posted..Going For A Bite Of Traditional Food During Las Fallas Festival From Valencia

  17. How in the world did they let you set up a tripod in Grand Central? Or did you spend the night in jail?!

  18. Nice photos – I like the Grand Central interior and the cathedral with the statue in front. If you get a chance to swing down to Philly, you should check out 30th St Station – amazing architecture.
    Don Faust recently posted..Girlfriend Getaway: Things to do in Charlotte

  19. Again such amazing pictures! I especially love the first one, beautiful!
    Ali recently posted..Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market in Photos

  20. I knew I would love part two before I even saw it. Now that I’ve seen it…well, no surprise that I think I it’s fantastic. Really glad you guys chose to go to NYC!
    Cherina recently posted..Pilgrimage, Wolves and Bandits…Oh My!

  21. You’re making me miss NYC again. Love that city, even though it made me crazy while living there.

  22. Great pics – love the one of Grand Central Station. New York is just such a photogenic city (even the gritty parts!)
    Wanderplex recently posted..Get some pre-flight R&R at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

  23. Great photos, as always.

    What do you use to make your “postcards”? I may or may not want to steal the idea… ;)

  24. It amazes me how much there is too see in this city, and i love finding posts like this which offer visual galleries of some of New York’s best features and things to do. My favourite place for art and architecture, certainly.

  25. Your shot of the Riverside church, WOW. You make New York look like an amazing work of art. Which it sort of is. Great job as always!
    Alexa Meisler recently posted..Organic Hair & Skin Care On the Go with Intelligent Nutrients

  26. My all time favorite place on earth!
    Seeing those (really great) pictures makes me want to go there again….
    yana recently posted..Where to Eat in Reykjavik: My top 5 places

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