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Ljubljana After Dark – in Photos

What a difference a few months make.

When we were here last November, a thick fog hung over Ljubljana and in the early evening sky, visibility was greatly restricted. It made our visit perfectly enchanted and memorable, to be sure, but so much of the city’s beauty was hidden from view. We were so happy to return and see abundant shades of green and spirited summer activity in the streets.

This is not a city where its inhabitants retreat to their homes after dark. The streets come alive as people enjoy sidewalk cafes and a constant stream of live music from several corners. And it is easy to see why…


Sunset from atop the Ljubljana Castle presents a capacious view of the city, complete with pink and golden hues from the fading sun.

Ljubljana at Sunset


Ljubljana’s center is bathed in soft lighting and the river is lit up green in spots.

Ljubljana river


A bridge on the east side of the city center is adorned with four large dragon sculptures and sixteen small ones. Legend has it that the dragons will wag their tails if a virgin is crossing the bridge.

Dragon bridge Ljubljana


We spent quite awhile reading inscriptions at the ‘love-lock’ bridge. This was our favorite.

Love lock bridge Ljubljana

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  1. Beautiful shots! It’s one of those places I always meant to go. Better get a move on!

  2. I really do miss living in Ljubljana! Such a pretty city!

  3. Gorgeous photos! The Dragon Bridge is my favorite bridge in Ljubljana.
    Jennifer Dombrowski recently posted..The Deserted Island in the Venetian Lagoon

  4. I love clouds so the first shot over the city is my favorite! I can see why you are so enamored with this lovely city.

  5. Great sample. I like esp the message of the fourth photo.
    Travelwriticus recently posted..A good travel photo is about emotions

  6. So much has been written about Ljubljana recently… It’s on my short list of NEXT destinations.

  7. I loved the view from the castle on the hilltop but didn’t stay for the evening views – stunning pics Pete!

  8. How the weather can make difference to our travels!! These shots are crystal clear, just loved them especially the first one.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Arti recently posted..A Panaroma of Colors Captured In My Travel Lens

  9. These are some gorgeous night shots! I especially like the details in the buildings and the clouds in the first image. I have always wanted to visit this city and now I want to go even more!

  10. Love it. Ljubljana is high on our list next time we visit Europe! Such a cool lock
    Gerard ~ GQ trippin recently posted..GQ trippin’ Turns 1 Year Old!

  11. It’s amazing – in just 4 pictures, you have sealed the deal: Tony & I will have to hit up Slovenia when we make it to Eastern Europe! Sitting here in hot & humid Tokyo, it looks like absolute heaven! ;)

  12. Been through on the train, need to stop and see more. The dragon bridge sounds pretty cool.
    Andrew recently posted..Dive into a Bächle

  13. Great photos! Funny how many cities have those love locks. We’ll make it there eventually, it’s just a bit of a haul on the trains.
    Ali recently posted..Weekly Photo – Ephesus, Turkey

    • It is somewhat of a difficult place to get to. The airport is 20km outside of town and they have no transit except for taxis that go there. And trains are quite infrequent. But it is definitely worth the effort…

  14. Ah, Ljubljana. You know how I feel about it now! Such a great place to be.
    Amanda recently posted..Euro Trip Week 7 Round-Up

  15. Great shots as always :) Did you notice the dragon wagging its tail at all?
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: from the Facebook Page (Edition ii)

  16. Wow these are AMAZING pictures! :)
    See you soon!

  17. Your first shot is outstanding!
    I was in Lublijana years ago but got out within hours of arriving. I barely remember the beauty of the place because my husband and I were recovering from the most disgusting 8 hour train ride of our life that we’d taken from Belgrade. That was in the days when it was part of Yugoslavia so I know much has changed.
    Leigh recently posted..Float Plane Ride: Anahim Lake to Laidman Lake Lodge

  18. I LOVE that dragon statue! Great job on all of the photos.. did you do multiple exposures?
    James Abroad recently posted..Contest: Win Trey’s Lightroom Presets!

  19. I just came across your blog.. For the second time actually.. Ljubljana is beautiful, definitely going back someday :D x

  20. Wonderful photos. I especially like the last one with the love lock. The city looks great by night.
    Cipri @Travelocafe recently posted..Autumn Vacation Destinations You Can’t Pass Up

  21. These might be amongst my favorite travel photos you two have ever taken!! The clouds in that first photograph! The dragon! The buildings and river at night! Love. Love. Love.
    Kirsten recently posted..Capture the Colour

  22. It looks stunning! I’m really keen to visit.

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