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Scenes from Jordan


8 days.


9 stops.


Over 900 photographs.


Thousands of words waiting to burst out of my head.


And for the first time… 110 minutes of video.


We entered the country of Jordan with a mission. Not only were we going to give you a vast array of pictures and entertaining stories (including a couple of scandalous ones: almost chopping off my own finger and nearly passing out on a hill), we wanted to give you some active coverage of everything we saw and did.

So, here is the first of a few videos that we’ll be showing of our time in Jordan, and it is a sneak preview of everything you’ll see in the next few weeks.


(Don’t worry, we edited it down from 110 minutes to just three.)



We gratefully visited Jordan as guests of the Jordan Tourism Board. As always, all opinions are our own.


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  1. Fantastic job guys! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  2. Are you surprised that the camels are my favorite part?!

  3. You guys did such a great job on your first video! I was just saying to Cailin that I wouldn’t try video because it looks so difficult but after seeing this video it really does bring a place to life in a way that photos do not. It brought back great memories of Jordan.
    Ayngelina recently posted..My mother the assassin

  4. Just wow! I am so excited… I will be there soon! Even if I will have a slightly different itinerary. Great job with the video!

  5. I want a camel-powereed rickshaw!!!! (added to Christmas list)

    Great idea for the video trailers. Ha ha! Travel Trailers!

    (PS – if you make any money off that phrase, I get 70%).

  6. Nice job, guys! Can’t wait to read about your Jordan adventures.
    Amanda recently posted..Lots of Lighthouses

  7. Wow you guys….good job. I so enjoyed watching that & can’t wait for more. It truly does give a different tone to things.

  8. Loved the video, it gives a good summary. Can’t wait for the rest!
    Irina recently posted..Prague In Pictures

  9. We absolutely loved Jordan! Each place we visited we visited on our 8 day trip last March was unique and beautiful in its own right. Jordan is definitely a country we would like to go back to and see more of. Thank you for sharing your experience an helping us to reminisce on our own!
    Jennifer recently posted..Liechtenstein: Small in Size, Big in Beauty

  10. First video, really? You know you’re going to have to do more now, because this one is amazing!

  11. The Hecktic portfolio expands! Soon all forms of media will be Hecklified, and there will be no escape! I mean, well done, great video. Love the camels ;)
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: from the Facebook Page (Edition i)

  12. just got here thru a couple of pages on fb before i end up here.. you guys are awesome.. the thought of leaving everything behind to enjoy travelling the world is just amazing :) am sure you’ve experienced a lot of fun so far!
    am from Madaba, Jordan and just wanted to support you by making this comment.. hope you had a great time in Jordan!
    Monzer Sami

  13. Looks great! I so want to go to Jordan! Looking forward to reading more!
    Ali recently posted..Weekly Photo – Seattle Skyline

  14. So the best part of this video is cleary 0:43-1:00. I mean the other parts are cool, too, but you know…
    Phil recently posted..Travel Health Hypothetical: Getting a Massive Cut Without Access to Medical Care

  15. We’re headed there for an ecotourism-focused trip in September. Can’t wait!

  16. I cannot imagine trying to edit down video. I have enough trouble with my photos! Nice job ;-)

  17. Awesome video guys!! Make me wanna jump in the next plane and visit Jordan!! Love the music of the video!

  18. I don’t normally watch video…but I’m so glad I did!! It so reminds me of being there and of how glad I am that we went! Thank you.

  19. That was so fun!! You guys have done a great job of your first video. I would love to know how many hours of work went into the editing process. You have made me think I should be putting what we learned in our workshop to better use, Dalene. PS You look awesome on that camel :)
    Cherina recently posted..The Wilds of South Iceland In Photos

    • Haha, thanks! That was a fun camel ride.

      Hmmm…I actually don’t think the editing process was too bad. I think the whole video probably took ~12 hours (which I guess is a lot). The most painful part is finding the right music, everything else is quite easy. :)

  20. I love it. I’ve been there. And i fell in love with the country. Can’t wait to go back again. It has a beauty of its own. Actually every place has a has its beauty. But did you guys just go to the tourist attraction places?!! Because there’s a lot more to it. I love the music given to it. :D Made my day. Thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time and so stuck to the tourist places. We usually like to take our time and really get to know a place, but that will have to be done on another trip to Jordan.

  21. So amazing, you guys!! I wish I was doing all of that right this second. :) xo

  22. Well done guys!
    I’ve been trying to get better at videos but I always get stumped in the editing process… hopefully we’ll get some good footage this summer in Europe

    • Thanks Cam! I find the editing not so bad (part way through our trip I had a vision of how to do it based on the footage we were getting), it’s the damn music selection that stumps me!

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