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A Blustery Day in Istanbul

This wasn’t our first documented run-in with inhospitable weather, and it was nearly as painful. A brisk wind cut right through us, and thus Istanbul photos were few.

With plenty of time left while we housesit in Turkey, we know we’ll be back for more…


The Blue Mosque


istanbul photos


Hagia Sophia


The Pink Umbrella at the Blue Mosque


Front of Hagia Sophia



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  1. Great Shots! (But they all make me want to go put on a sweater….)

  2. Amazing images. I was there in Dec/Jan 2009/2010. Sub zero weather and everything was packed. Would love to go back.

  3. gorgeous photo! makes me wanna go there (but not in that weather though) ;-)
    flipnomad recently posted..FlipNomad’s Photo Thursday – Headless Man in Paris

  4. I acutally like the chilly looking sky in the photos – it makes the buildings pop.

  5. Great photos, it’s so beautiful even in the bad weather. We were there 15 years ago!

  6. Loved the shots – and certainly enjoyed the area when i visited

  7. Gorgeous shots! Isn’t overcast weather a photographer’s dream? We were there a few years ago in October, so it was definitely warmer. Great to see those impressive sights again, and how wonderful for you to be house-sitting there… Enjoy :)
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..A Midnight Exit in Vientiane

  8. So beautiful. I’m that one person who loves gray winter days!

  9. I was there a week ago (9th-15th), looks exactly like weather I experienced.. Managed to enjoy anyway. :)

  10. You guys are great photographers. Love the two ladies sharing an umbrella, and that architecture is amazing.

  11. Beautiful pics. Never been there. The Blue Mosque looks so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing, looks blustery indeed.
    Arti recently posted..The Braj Bhoomi Yatra… Begins!

  12. Well, these are still great shots, despite the bad weather! You’re making me really excited for the handful of days I’ll be spending in Istanbul this summer!

  13. Wow! Beautiful pictures.. looks like an amazing place! I like the ‘bad’ weather.. gives character to the pics
    Derek recently posted..Earn Free Airline Miles From Current Deals

  14. Now I see where Mos Eisley was modelled on ;)
    Laurence recently posted..Travel blogging tips from the experts: Hecktic Travels

  15. Your photos make Istanbul so beautiful, even on a gloomy blustry day. Great shots, guys!

  16. Thank you for taking time for a shot for us on such a old day.

  17. Love the colors, and I’ve never seen the Blue Mosque look so beautiful. I happen to have gone there in summer, so it was interesting to see it in the dead of winter.

  18. Such the opposite of when I was there and it was SWELTERING. I think I’d prefer your way!

  19. I’m really not a fan of traveling in cold weather. I don’t blame you for not getting too many photos, I’d want to get inside quickly too!
    Ali recently posted..The Great Ocean Road in Photos

  20. Istanbul is a great place to visit. I love the structures and other spots which are very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing those photos. It’s beautiful!
    Karyn18 recently posted..New Weight Loss in 2012 – What Methods are Working

  21. Your shot of the Blue Mosque is perfect! It looks darker and more interesting with the weather like that. Even with the bad weather you still made Turkey look beautiful.
    Alexa Meisler recently posted..A Perfect Day Up North Down Under – Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia!

  22. I was in Turkey in October and loved it. Make sure you go to Goreme in Anatolya. Amazing scenery there.
    While you are in Istanbul, go hang out at Itsiklal Cadessi, the main street near Taksim, so much to do and see at night there.

  23. That second picture is amazing. Love your shots!

  24. The pics are still great even though the weather wasn’t so awesome. I love the one with the pink umbrella :)

  25. That shot of the Blue Mosque is amazing. I admit Turkey ain’t one of my top 10 places i would like to visit some day but these pics surely entice me somewhat.

    Great stuff as usual, keep enjoying the journey guys…
    Joe Wong recently posted..What to do in Bangkok Thailand

  26. Wow! Great shots for sure… rainy days sometimes make for the best pictures!
    Hogga recently posted..My Sleepy Fishing Trip

  27. That first picture of the Blue Mosque just blows me away… definitely on my list of things to see. What’s travel in Turkey like?
    Margyle recently posted..NEW MONEY! YAHOOO!

    • Travel in Turkey is really easy. The transportation is comfortable and fairly cheap, there are plenty of great hotels and the food is incredible. This is moving up the ranks as one of our favorite countries!

  28. My god! You have no idea how bad I want to come to Turkey.

    Sooo beautiful.

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