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Peaceful Destruction


With winter fast approaching, we knew we wouldn’t have many opportunities to enjoy kayaking on the lake outside our front door, but we were eager to get out as much as possible.

At first we glided along unimpeded, poking around corners and discovering inlets to further waters. We were unfortunately forced to return each time not by tired arms, but by the cold. Small patches of ice started to creep in from the shoreline, as did our disappointment at our tiny window of opportunity.

Little did we know, however, that the freezing part would actually be the most fun. On what we knew would be our last time on the lake, we certainly made the most of it.

Kayaking in WisconsinWe smashed like riotous youths, driving small cracks in the ice and then pounding again until water burst through and chunks broke apart. We took running glides at it, paddling with force until at the ice edge, then letting the nose of the kayak break through. Over and over we did this, ignoring our own frozen extremities, until we had made ourselves a small lagoon off shore with which to tranquilly float.

It was quite peaceful. We gently scooped our paddles in to the sparkling brown water and swirled the ice around us to propel slowly forward. The tiny fragments tinkled like wind chimes as they bounced off of each other.

We found exquisite beauty in our rampant carnage glistening in the sun, and deep serenity in the quiet and still waters when we momentarily laid our paddles to rest.


(Yes, we are 12.)


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  1. Very good read and I liked the serenity and smashing combo in the video. Nicely done, Hecks!

  2. Love it! Pete you look cold man! I will be ice free for awhile here in St George, NB….most amazing November ever! Great vid!
    Brian recently posted..Making heat….

  3. …like tiny gods destroying what ever was in your path, all while the sun shone down in blessing.

    Ter recently posted..Commonplace Books

  4. Beautifully shot! Well done guys. One thing you might want to do is trick youtube and embed it with the code that automatically plays it as HD, otherwise it does not and users have to select it.

  5. What a lovely video! REALLY well done. And – it looks like great fun! Happy Smashing! :-)

  6. Looks fun but I would not even attempt that. Whenever I get in a kayak, I just seem to go round and round in circles!!
    Natalie recently posted..Food from the Southeast of Turkey : Grilled Lambs Spleen, Sheep’s head, and an Awful Cook

  7. How serene and satisfying. LIke breaking the crust of sugar on a creme brulee.

  8. It looks cold but oh so fun! Such a beautiful and serene setting. :)

  9. Very beautiful video! I loved the sun in the background and the choice of music. It induces a very nice feeling to the viewer.
    Izy Berry – The Wrong Way Home recently posted..The Best New Years

  10. That looks amazing guys, but weren’t you worried about falling in? Brrrrrrrr!
    Sarah Somewhere recently posted..Back on the Road in Chiapas

    • We’ve been kayaking many, many times, and I have only fallen in once (in tropical waters, and I was trying to get out, so really, I was just speeding up the process). They are pretty stable, no need to worry.

  11. What a fun video!! Loved it and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Have a nice day :)
    Arti recently posted..Of… Love, Lights and Joy: Diwali Diya Memories

  12. I am a big fan of ocean kayaking… but only when the weather is so hot that I’d dying to be in the water anyway! I’m a warm water wussy.
    Alexandra Baackes recently posted..Photo of the Week 75

  13. Aw sounds so fun! I miss winter – it is burning hot here in Brisbane!

  14. I kept waiting for the calm music to suddenly scratch and cut to frenetic smashing! I guess this was the part where you were restraining your 12 year old selves :)

  15. Amazing the fun you can have doing such simple things. Must say I prefer the hot rather than the cold though.
    Nico recently posted..Exploring Lisbon in a Daze

  16. That looks cold! I’ve sailed on a partly frozen lake before. The hot shower afterwards was the best thing ever :)
    Laurence recently posted..Hanging out with Lub d in Bangkok: a review

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