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Essaouira – If Only


Oh! Essaouira!

If only we had known about you before.

If only we had known about your quaintness and your charming, colorful streets. Your gregarious residents, your delicious food, and the gorgeous riad that spread rose petals on our bath mat.

We probably would have made crazy Marrakech only a quick stop and bee-lined it to you. We could have had more time to gently haggle with vendors, stroll on your expansive beaches and watch your Atlantic coastline sunsets. I could have spent more afternoons on a rooftop patio, listening to the mellow activity go on in the small streets below while I wrote, wrote, wrote.

Because I was inspired, inspired, inspired.



At dusk


Water front




Street scene






On our second last day in Morocco we spent the better part of the afternoon lazily strolling along the beach and somewhat dreading thinking about where we were off to next: New York City.

In the winter. NYC in the winter.

We finally left the beach because we were worried about getting sunburnt.



Did you hear that New York? We were worried about sunburns.

Please be good to us…

On beach

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  1. Fabulous pics! They made me feel like I was once again back in the incredible “Land of the Vowels” (Essaouira, I mean – 6 out of 9, surely must be some kind of record, no?)

    And yes, I too will take Essaouira over Marrakech any day!
    Dyanne@TravelnLass recently posted..Happy (Lunar) New Year (Tết) from Vietnam!

  2. Looks beautiful! I’m really looking forward to your take on New York City though. Even if you have to take every picture from a window somewhere to keep warm. I’ll bet Pete can’t talk you into jumping into the ocean this time!
    Steve recently posted..Entertaining the Non-Rider – Rides You Usually Skip

  3. Dang! Pete is getting AWESOME with those photos! If you ever ‘own’ a house again someday, how could you ever choose which photos to print and display? :)

    Not to say that we’re old, but do you think that because we’re older, we appreciate slowing down and soaking it all in more than we used to? I could totally relate to your “listening to the mellow activity”!
    Teri recently posted..A Very Biased Post

    • I think the solution to that problem is just to never OWN a house again someday! :) (Although, I do have to stake my claim and say that some of the pictures in this post are in fact mine!)

      I think I’ve always appreciated the slower, not sure how much it has to do with age. I mean, we grew up in a town of 100 residents (incl cats and dogs!), I think that’s very ingrained in me!

  4. This place looks AMAZING!

    I too, get SO frustrated when I stay in place that is just “okay,” only to move on a place that is well, “fantastic!”

    Maybe you could just apply loads of sunscreen while you’re in NYC. Sure, you might not need it, but perhaps your body might start to think that the UV rays in the winter are you know, kind of present.

    It’s all mind over matter, right??
    Sarah recently posted..Getting Scammed in the World’s Oldest City

  5. Is Essaouira in Morocco! Sometimes it feels as though it’s in a totally different country! Your great photos capture this feeling beautifully. I could easily return to Essaouira but have no desire to go back to Marrakesh.
    jenny@atasteoftravel recently posted..Udaipur Markets

  6. Ah, I fell in love with Essaouira too. I remember those old blue boats bouncing on the water. You are so right, it is worlds apart from Marrakesh and a much better experience. Looking forward to reading about your time in New York City!
    Cherina | Quiet Wanderings recently posted..The Road Less Travelled

  7. Fantastic pictures! You guys are getting good at this! Weather report for NYC 60F for tomorrow, not balmy but not bad either :)

  8. I’ll be interested in your take on NYC, too. It’s been a blast for me, and the weather’s better now than in the summer. (Granted, I haven’t just left Paradise.)

    Hope to see you soon.
    Kate Convissor recently posted..Lincoln Center, New York City

  9. Really nice photos. It seems I could spend a long time exploring that country. Much to see, and perhaps an abundance of “unexpected.”
    Kevin – The Mad Traveler recently posted..The Next Big Trip – Spring 2012

  10. Ah Morocco.. this series of posts is rapidly pushing it up my to do list ;)
    Laurence recently posted..Face off: five European cities duel to the death

  11. I wish I would have gone when I was in Morocco. It was actually the only place on my list to visit in the country and, sadly, the one place I never made it to. :(

  12. Essaouira – I know where to head when I am in Morocco!

  13. Beautiful pictures! I want to go, sounds amazing. Hope NYC is good to you!
    Claire recently posted..Le Père Lachaise Cemetery – Part 4

  14. Funny, as I was researching some of our dream destinations I came across Essaouira. I’m so glad to hear your first hand description of its charm- definitely our kind of place vs a big city. When we make it to Morocco, we’ll be sure to follow your advice and make a bee-line it there. Thanks for posting!
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted..Hot Off The Presses!

  15. Love these pictures! We can’t wait to finally visit Morocco.
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

  16. I didn’t know anything about Essaouira but I like the idea of getting away from more touristy Marrakesh. Like you, I would have needed to be careful of sunburns as well :)
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..Slovenian culture, geography, food, and people

  17. Lovely photos. I also loved Essaouira. Except for those seagulls by the port. Godamn…
    Phil recently posted..2012 Festival au Désert in Words and Photos + Update from Bamako

  18. Oh, I feel bad now! I could have told you…Wonderful place…Sorry…(But perhaps you wouldn’t have listened to me anyway since I also love London ;) )
    Abi recently posted..A Quiet, Snowy Village in Japan

  19. These are story-telling pictures. I love the diversity in style and composition.
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Smiling Local | Norte Argentino | Travel Photo

  20. Is that guy scratching his bum?
    Candice Walsh recently posted..How to deal with a storm in St. John’s

  21. This place looks absolutely exquisite. I wouldn’t have wanted to leave.

    And as always, photos are beautiful. :)
    cheryl recently posted..Plac Nowy Jewish Market in Krakow.

  22. Is this the place with all the blue? Morocco is on our list defintiely
    Andrew recently posted..Fiordland Park : Forests, Mountains and Waterfalls

  23. We spent 4 days in Marrakech. I didn’t really enjoy it. I wish we had gone to Essaouira instead!

  24. Such beautiful photos. How long did you get to stay here. I feel like I could just not get enough of this. I’ve dreamed about living in Morocco for years now. It is good to see that you didn’t have too much to worry about in NYC though. I’m glad you are really enjoying your travels.
    Elise Walsh recently posted..5 Free Things to Do in Berlin

  25. I LOVE Essaouira. I miss it so much! I lived in Morocco and it is def. one of my top 5 favorite towns there. The architecture, the vibe, the fish market…ahh, we’ll meet again!

    -Maria Alexandra
    Maria @ Travel The Middle East recently posted..Hitchhiking Israel solo: Tresspassing and Mount of Beatitudes (part 4)

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