Our First Contest, Sponsored By HostelBookers!

So, you may have noticed a change or two on the website (thanks to the talents of Chris Richardson and Sam Knott)! It has truthfully been a few months of hard work (and a fair bit of bickering) to find something that we would both finally be happy with.

And very happy, we are.


So happy, in fact, that we want to celebrate. So while we get all glammed up and head out for some beer and dumplings (we are simple folk!) we’ve got a little something for YOU to celebrate as well!

Hostelbookers.com is helping us kick-off our fancy new website with a giveaway!


You can enter to win a 200 Euro (approx. $250 USD) credit with Hostelbookers.com exclusively here!

We are BIG fans and users of hostelbookers.com and are so pleased to partner with them to give back to our readers in celebration of our new fancy look.

Amalfi patio

And did you know that Hostelbookers is SO MUCH MORE than dorm rooms? (Pete and I may be simple folk but we have only ever stayed in ONE dorm in all of our travels, and we use Hostelbookers lots!)

Remember that incredible guesthouse in Trapani, Italy where the owner picked us up at the train station (totally unexpectedly?) Booked that right here on Hostelbookers.

And our amazing room with ocean views in Amalfi, Italy? Hostelbookers again!

Find your own perfect little piece of paradise by entering to win the 200 Euro (approx. $250 USD) credit with our fun little blog treasure hunt!


How to play:

Search through our fancy new website and Hostelbookers.com blog to answer the following three questions:

1. In which country did Pete and I celeberate our 10th wedding anniversary?

2. In which country did we housesit a 10th century manor?

And, from the Hostelbookers Unusual Hotels blog:

3. In which country would you find a hotel that was once a jail?

**HINT** – using the “search” function on the blogs sure makes this contest easy!

Email your answers to [email protected] by Friday, March 2nd and all correct entries will be entered in a draw. The winner will be chosen by random by assigning a number to the order of entry and using random.org.


We will announce the winner on our Facebook page on Monday, March 5th. So if you haven’t liked our page yet, be sure to head over there and do so!



  1.  This Competition is open to anyone aged 18 and over

  2. This Competition is not open to employees of HostelBookers or HeckticTravels.com, their family members, HostelBookers’ agents, or anyone professionally connected with the competition.

  3. No alternative is available to the prize.

  4. The prize must be taken by the prize winner and may not be transferred to or taken by any third party.

  5. Accommodation stays must be booked no later than 31st June 2012 and stay must be completed by 30th September 2012. All stays are subject to availability.

  6. Participants are recommended to check the up to date position on visa, passport and health requirements, with the Supplier(s) concerned, Passport Office, appropriate embassy or consulate or your doctor as applicable in good time before departure

  7. HostelBookers act as a booking agent on behalf of our Supplier(s). We do not operate any of the services ourselves. For all bookings your contract will be with the Supplier(s) concerned. The suppliers booking conditions will apply to your contract and details can be obtained on request.

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  • February 22 2012

    Whew! That was fun! I actually knew the first two from reading your blog for awhile, and the third one just makes me want to travel there! Great contest.
    Andrew – The Unframed World recently posted..Holy Spiral Staircases!

    • February 22 2012

      Thanks Andrew! Good luck!

  • February 22 2012

    Um, I must be blind but I cannot find the search box on your site anywhere… :)

    • February 22 2012

      (Whoops! It’s there now in the sidebar!) Still tinkering with the new design! :)

  • February 22 2012

    First of all, I am LOVING the new design! Very snazzy!

    Second, this was a fun contest! A nice way to get people to explore your site a bit if they haven’t spent much time here before.
    Amanda recently posted..Photo of the Day: St. Kevin’s Church

    • February 23 2012

      Thanks Amanda!I’ve had this contest idea in the back of my mind for awhile, so glad that I was able to work with Hostelbookers on it!

  • February 23 2012

    What a great contest. And I love the new look. Definitely worth the wait.

  • February 23 2012

    Awesome new site design guys and great idea for the contest. Well done!

    • February 23 2012

      Thanks Travis! Good luck in the contest!

  • February 23 2012

    Nice contest, and nice design, but I must say I find the faded print kind of hard on the eye.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Travel Photo Thursday: Farmer’s Market

    • February 23 2012

      Vera – thanks so much for your comment on the font (we are still tinkering!) Can you tell me what operating system you use?

      • February 23 2012

        I’m on chrome. Checked it on Fox and it is marginally better, but still not wonderful for aging eyes. Thanks.

        • February 24 2012

          Okay, thanks Vera! We’re still tinkering and will try some new ones out. :)

  • February 24 2012

    The new site looks great!

    • February 24 2012

      Thanks Claire!

  • February 24 2012

    Cool new design, guys. Congrats :)
    Sophie recently posted..Winter family fun in Oslo

  • February 24 2012

    Oooh, oooh, I know!

    I still can’t believe you’re making us WORK for a contest, though. 😉 Love the site redesign, btw. Crisp and grungy at the same time.

    • February 24 2012

      C’mon! It’s a FUN treasure hunt! :)

      (We’re children of the 90s – we can’t shake the grunge style! :))

  • February 24 2012

    This a great idea to celebrate with a contest! The prize is definitely worth it in the end. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to the winner!
    Alexa Meisler recently posted..Las Vegas Travel Tips For First Timers

    • February 25 2012

      (Alexa – feel free to enter yourself! The credit can be used worldwide!)

  • February 26 2012

    Nice! Love the new site, too!!

  • February 27 2012

    :) Entered! Love the redesign.

  • February 27 2012

    Diggin’ the new design :) Nice job Chris!
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Las Fallas: March’s Biggest Party is Just Days Away

  • February 27 2012

    Great website. Well done on the new design, and keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration to all those of us who aspire to the freedom and fulfillment of the ‘open road’.

    Congrats on your first contest too!

  • February 29 2012

    Guess I have a bit of work to do tonight now!!! And we are really busy reving up for our own adventures!! Loved the old site and do love this one too…. :)

  • March 5 2012

    <3 Love the new site design !! I notice the competition closes today, so hopefully i am not too late :-)

    Duncan recently posted..Top Alternative Dining Locations In Central London

    • March 5 2012

      So sorry Duncan – the contest actually closed on Friday and we’ve already chosen our winner. Stay tuned though, I am sure we will have more upcoming contests! Cheers.

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