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Postcards from Alberta


Is it vain to say that we’re proud of our home province for all it’s natural beauty?

It’s not like we had any part in creating it. We didn’t hand chisel the lyrical mountain ridges, or carve out the basins that glow with reflections of aquamarine. We’ve never scattered wheat seeds, or manicured fields at harvest. None of this is the result of our hard work.

(Up until this trip home, we shamefully never appreciated it enough either.)

So, no, maybe ‘proud’ isn’t the right word. So we’ll just use glad. Delighted. Elated. Happy. Thrilled. Ecstatic, even.

And this time, we know it.

This is our home, we are thrilled to share it with you…


Alberta Farmhouse


Alberta Wheat


Iron Horse


Alberta Patriotic


Alberta Gull Lake


Lethbridge Train Bridge


Open Roads


Waterton Cameron Lake


Banff National Park


Peyto Lake Panorama


Bow Falls Banff


Chateau Lake Louise


And the exciting part, for us, is that there are still some places in the province yet to be discovered.

Until next time…

Maple Leaf


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  1. Your home is beautiful!! The captures are incredible!! Wish to see more of your part of the town :)
    Arti recently posted..A Tourist’s Guide To Tokyo’s Subway Train Network

  2. Stunning postcards guys, as always. Can you send me one :)? Cameron lake is my favourite one
    Agness (@Agnesstramp) recently posted..Budget Travel in Sri Lanka: Galle, Pinnawala and Yala National Park

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I can see why this is one of the most personal of the series that you’ve done. And I think, perhaps for that reason, it is one of your best.

  4. Alberta looks just amazing. I wish I had Pete’s photographic skills so I could capture my home so beautifully.
    Mind you, I’m not really sure where home is anymore. If you guys are headed anywhere in Australia, I will claim it as home and meet you there for pics. Do we have a deal?
    Barbara recently posted..Saigon Street Eats — It’s All About The Food!

  5. I like the wheat picture…the 2nd one.

    Nah, I’m proud of where we live in the Pacific NW. There’s so much here and I love that we live here (for now).

  6. Thanks for the visit home! I’ve been away almost two months… I miss the beauty in the prairies and mountains :)

  7. amazing shots guys, coming to visit next time your home

  8. LOVE this. I think my favorite is the maple leaf barn :-)

  9. Well done! You make fellow Canucks proud. ;-)
    Of course, my fav is Cameron Lake… for obvious reason…
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..Photo of the Week: Frankfurt’s Futuristic Train Station

  10. I need to get back out west… a road trip is much overdo – but I think it might have to hold off until next year… I’m not brave enough to road trip this country past about September lol

  11. I am so obsessed with your photos!

  12. Wow, gorgeous post cards guys! Love the first one!
    Jarmo recently posted..How Beer is made – Tour of De Halve Maan Brewery

  13. Stunning photos. We hope to be able to explore more of Alberta!

  14. Well done guys! We loved Alberta. Made a trip up there in the spring. Here is a video we created from our trip:

  15. Stunnnnning! This might be my favorite postcard series yet, partly because I know how much Alberta means to you.

    Those first 2 images… wow. Making me want to go to Alberta like, yesterday!
    Amanda recently posted..Air New Zealand: The Airline With a Sense of Fun

  16. What a nice selection of photos. I discovered Waterton over Labour Day weekend and fell in love with the hiking there.
    Leigh recently posted..Conquering Fears, Conquering Canyons

  17. My favourite ones are the ones where I’m ‘from’ – Lethbridge, the ones up North…weird, huh?

  18. Beautiful shots guys! Looks like a gorgeous place…you should be proud to call it home.

  19. Wow, I have to get myself to Alberta. Beautiful photos guys!
    Lorenzo recently posted..San Pedro Hosts The Best Halloween Party In Belize

  20. Love your stuff and enjoy following your travels. Hey are you related to Ron Heck?

  21. What the others said… Just stunning photos. I think these are the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen from Canada!

  22. *SWOON*

    Love these! The colors are so awesome!

  23. thank-you for Sharing, but it would have been so nice to see a skyline of the cleanest city in Canada here also ……Calgary; maybe from out at Strathmore towards the three sisters. now thats a beautiful picture on a crystal clear Alberta morning…..

  24. You’ve made this Alberta girl proud. Love the first photo, something about old farmhouses makes me smile. That first one of Waterton is beautiful, and not at all how I pictured Waterton to look (just one of many places in Alberta I haven’t been to).

  25. This summer was all about falling in love with my home again as well. I can’t say Albany, New York can compete in terms of natural beauty, but I think every place deserves to have its residents fall madly in love with it!
    Alex recently posted..The Great Escape: Month 14 and 15 Roundup

  26. Gorgeous photos as always, guys! That light looks pretty special

  27. WOW – Gorgeous Alberta! I’ve been to Waterton Lakes NP and was in awe. Would love to see more of your province. Totally OK to be proud of it.

  28. You realize that you guys have some of the best photography out there right now. Nicely done!
    Raymond @ Man On The Lam recently posted..5 Quirky Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico

  29. I find your home incredibly beautiful too!! And as a northern Californian, I find my home becomes more and more beautiful, I notice more things that I never knew existed, and I seek to explore more of my own backyard every time I return from my travels. It’s become part of the whole experience for me.

  30. Alberta is so scenic. I remember driving from Calgary to Edmonton and remember the lush green grass. Amazing images of Alberta.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Complete guide to Mysore city

  31. Great iconic prairie photos – what kind of lens did you use for these?
    Jade – recently posted..Travelling With Children – Interview With Get In The Hot Spot

  32. incredible photos! so proud to call alberta home. we really have an amazing playground.

  33. Wow, every one of them looks like a postcard (and a better one at that then you could find in any store!). I’m in agreement with you on your love for Alberta.

  34. You guys do such a wonderful job of showing that you don’t need to travel in order to appreciate your surroundings! I love the pictures!

  35. Gorgeous! I haven’t seen much of Canada, but you sure do make it look appealing. I especially like the Cameron Lake photo, wow!
    Ali recently posted..Are You Afraid to Travel Alone?

  36. Great photos. We have a business close in 2012 and we thought our dreams of travel were gone, but then we come across house sitting. In 2013, we have travelled around Australia and all we need is Internet access for our jobs. In 2015, we intend to house sit in Europe.

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